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  1. Went out with my mate John, fished out of my boat on Friday 30 April. Hawkesbury Park boat ramp at 8.00am and anchored close and south of Captain Cooks Bridge Botany Bay side Day before pumped about 50 nippers at at Sandringham. Tied was last two hours moving to high In the first half hour hooked 4 bream undersized... We only wanted to fish for a couple for hours so did not want to move ... burlyed up more and added a tin of oily sardines, a left over from one of my lunches days before I chucked in the freezer. Next hour I landed 2 bream largest 30cm and a
  2. Tried to escape the wing hit the piers in Walsh bay with bread and pilchard caught a few decent trevally on Pilchard and bread, consistent burley and leaving the bail open drifting unweighted baits in the trail worked best a lot of takes from yakkas or smaller trevally I presume. Wind made it extremely hard but we still managed
  3. So I went for a quick flick this morning in the bay and caught a nice trevally. When I got it home I put it in the sink and noticed something in its mouth moving slowly. I pulled it out and saw another bigger one in its mouth. I googled it and found out they are a crustacean parasite that eat the fishes tongue, then continue to suck it's blood and it then replaces the fishes tongue. Ive never seen or heard of anything so disgusting, it's put me off eating the fish! Has anyone else came across them and nearly vomited? https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/phenomena/2013/02/28/tongue-
  4. There are a few gutters at the northern end of Wanda beach that are good for fishing at low tide. The only thing is you need to arrive a bit late at somewhere after 10 am so that you won’t be harassed by the hundreds of dogs enjoying the free run. (Leash free time). This weekend, I made a mid day trip each on Saturday and Sunday. About 3 hours fishing each day finishing about 2pm, just before high tide. Generally fishing is good when water is low and gets slower when water is higher. All up for the two trips, I caught 5 good Flathead (ranging 40-50cm), 7 tailor, 1 bream of 3
  5. Hey everyone, just recently me and a mate went fishing at a beach in Mosman, whilst we didn't catch many fish it was a great day. So we aren't very experienced at fishing from a beach of any manner, we have tried surf beaches before with no success, so you can see why the day before when we were planning this trip we were doubtful about how this expedition was going to unfold. We decided that if we were going to catch fish we must wake up early so as planned, the next day our alarm went off at 5 am. We tiredly gathered our stuff and made our way to the relatively calm beach. It was a hor
  6. Would a rogue blue point 12ft 2 peice combo be good for beach fishing for species such as bream, flathead, shovelnoses, salmon, trevallies or even kingfish? cheers - pugz
  7. Howdy guys Hit the hacking with my brother and father yesterday to test our luck. Launched my tinny at yowie bay at about 5.30. Ramp was packed already so im guessing everyone wanted to get a good fish in before the wind picked up at 11ish as did we. First thing off to south west arm. Drifted from the ruins down the edge for abit. My brother and father are just bait fisherman so they just had a prawn and a pillie on a paternoster rig while i flicked plastics for nil. The pinky snapper were everywhere as usual but no legal fish couple at 27-28cm. At around 8 tryed the other s
  8. Hi guys, this is a two day report from the weekend. Part 1: Saturday Sydney Harbour - boat Great conditions forecasted though the morning wind at home suggested otherwise! Glad dad and i went out, as conditions became truer to forecast as the morning woke up. We worked the stretch between Grotto Point all the way to Cremorne Point - no bustups, a few sitting birds and a nice encounter of some big swirls - resulting in soft plastics missing their rear end and lots of frustration. Time to move on! Based on previous reports of Goat Island kingies, we headed towards the Harbour Br
  9. Hi Guys, Recently new to Fish Raider but loving all the on hand information and help given by everyone! I recently decided to go for a evening fish where Balmoral Boat shed is, the wharf there has a lot of foot traffic but l just set up and had a small little section right at the top of the circular wharf there and ended up being a great little evening. I decided to set my rigs down near some boats and set up 2x Rods using lights Gear, I used pilchard on one rod and prawns on the other (6-10pm) HT of (1.62m) - 13 Degrees Surprising the pilchard was the one being smashed up by the f
  10. Gday Raiders Starting a Thread about the Gold Coast Seaway as i fish it a lot recently for kingys and wonder if any other Raiders fish it? Anyone get jew on the Surface there before? Tracking Kingy's? Anyone target the massive Tuskfish i see along the rocks all the time? Should i be throwing sinkers at the boats that have no courtesy for shore fisherman? haha jokes yeah but comment with your catches and recommendations please! Any locals who havent yet check out what comes through there on youtube there is always vids going up
  11. How better to relax on a Sunday afternoon than a session with rod in hand. After meeting with Pompom we headed to Balmain wharf east. We set up with light gear and paternoster rigs. Squid as bait. No joy at Balmain apart from no jokes, a starfish each. It's becoming apperant to me that the harbour is over run with starfish. After a swift move to Blackwattle Bay, we cast out again with squid. First cast Pompom hooked in to a ripper. Out from the depths, or not so at low tide. Good old Trevally(silver) appeared. He got it to dry land and it measured up at 39cm. Nice work!! Later
  12. Just wondering what light braided lines everyone uses for their estuary fishing. I've been looking for a while now at some light braided lines for my Daiwa legalis 2000 as the braid I have on there at the moment doesn't have the best castability on it and I'm looking for something get it spooled up with on less windy days. I will be keeping the current braid on it though In case it's very windy and I don't want to be getting wind knots
  13. Hi everyone, 1st time post here. I'm here to learn from others and hopefully become a better fisherman. Haven't fished much in the Shire, went down to Gymea bay baths on pontoon with my 2 teenagers at 5am yesterday, weather was great, warm, still, with a few sprinkles of rain. Was using prawn n chicken guts, got bites on the prawns, landed a few small bream, all undersized, so tossed them back. Bites had dried up by 9am, and my 2 teenagers, 14 and 18 who know how to catch fish on a video game but can't cast, tie a line or stand the smell of prawns n gut baked by the sun, got 'tired' from
  14. Guest

    Rocks Session

    Hi Raiders, Finished work early and cashed in some hard earned marital currency to go fishing this afternoon. Arrived on scene an last hour of the run in tide. Good light and had the spot all to myself, gotta love winter! Had my trusty 12 foot rod and 5000 reel, 30lbs braid to 150cms 30lbs fluro. Then 3 way swivel to a star sinker and 1/0 suicide hook. Bait was ridiculously expensive servo pillies. For the first hour caught 8 just undersize squire. Didn't take photos, pretty keen to get them back in the water quickly and unharmed. Man those little fish pull hard! Just after tide change la
  15. So the misus recons I have been neglecting her of late.... And she may have a point as we have been having plenty of boys boat trips since I bought Baysic. Why don't we go for a nice picnic I say..... Let's take the boat have a little fish and beach it at towra point for lunch and a swim.... So off we go... Start out at the runway see some surface activity.... Which is gone by the time I tie a metal on.... We head off instead to the oil wharf try the east side for a bit with little success then realising the tide is running out we head to the west and Berley up with pilchard cubes.... We st
  16. G'day Raiders, Had a cracking morning out on the water at Botany last Saturday. We woke early and hit the ramp at foreshore drive just on first light... The plan scout out some surface action then try for squid at watts reef before hitting the west of the oil wharf.... And maybe hit up the drums... So we looked around the runway first cast of the bumper bar hit a tailor way too small... With my mate pulling in a juvenile tailor too we decided to head for watts. Disaster strikes and the outboard an old 79 70 Hp will only do 7 knots rather than the usual 28..we stop have a flick at one of t
  17. G'day everyone, Now that I've settled in after my recent move to QLD, I've started having a look at a few land based spots that I can try until I get a few things sorted with my boat. I must say that my fishing form has dropped of considerably since coming up here, hopefully that's just due to the fact that I'm still learning the area. Anyway, the Mrs and I gave the Gold Coast Seaway wall a go twice over the last week. Reports that the wall is incredibly hard to fish due to the fact that the rocks extend a long way out and strong tidal flow didn't deter me and were somewhat exaggerated. It's
  18. G'day Raiders, With the day off work and a leave pass from the missus for the morning I got up at sparrows and headed for a fish. Off to tempe to fish the cooks. After baiting up the first rod and throwing it in, I'm in the middle of getting the other rod ready when tap, tap, tap. In comes the first flatty of the morning going 38cm. Shortly after, in comes another one at the same length. Things then went eerily quiet -no bites no anything. So i moved down the river a bit and after a few inquiries in comes flatty #3 at 33cm. Again things went quiet, so I decided to head back to my spot on t
  19. Headed out this morning at 7 to fish the run out tide for some sashimi to cut up for dinner. Rugged up and arrived on location and began burleying up. Since the water is cooler and the fish are more timid, I just fished 4lb today to give me the best chance possible. The usual nuisance fish turned up stealing baits but managed to pick off 4 bream in quick time ranging between 25-29 which were all released as I was after sashimi. After ALOT of burl eying I finally started getting the distinctive Trev bites. A few baits later the line went tight and the drag was buzzing. Dodged around a couple
  20. G'day Raiders, This is a few trips in one as I've been too flat out to post so my apologies. Went to Stockton Breakwall a few times over the last few weeks, all nighter for Jew one night, chased pelagics one day and gave my gun winter Bream spot a run on Sunday. Frigates - There's still a lot of bait in the water but it's tiny. 3-5g metals will do the job but take a bunch. There are Macs and Watsons Leaping Bonnies mixed in and some are quite big (60+cm). They are still hanging around, mostly off the very end. Jew - No luck for me but everyone else seems to be getting them. I was catching
  21. Hey Raiders, So after training my client today, I went out with a friend who was busting for a fish after his international marketing exam. I picked him up at about 2:30pm and head off to Wally's to have a flick. When we pulled up at Wally's the whole place was filled with trucks and boats working on a new pontoon/repairing the old one, i think? So the whole area was off limits. Thus we head off back up the hill and move on to lilli pilli. Upon arrival, we saw an old greek man pull up a few big black leatherjackets and trevally so we were keen to have a flick ourselves. I started by picking
  22. Hi Raiders, During the week the boys kept bugging me as to where we should go for the weekend. Clearly, not working hard at work at all. Usually, we hit the hacking because of the pristine waters and calm waters as one of the boys has extremely short sea legs, if none at all :hug:It's okay Adrian, if your reading this. Hacking usually produces a good number of kingfish, bonitos & mackerel for us so we decided to hit the harbour for a change. Felt like a bread & butter session targeting bream, trevally & flathead. Launched at Gladesville ramp at 5:00 and motored out to Clif
  23. hi, can someone please identify this fish. caught at the carpark(port stephens) while catching bait. thanks in advance.
  24. Hi Ladies and Gents, Thanks for the add by the admin team. I thought I would post up a report on my first boat outing in a while and contribute to the forum. I was lucky to get out for a fish with my brother in law on his boat on Saturday. The plan was to chase kings so after a late shift and 3 hours sleep, I met up the Dan at 4.15am. We stopped by for some fuel and a supply of bait in case liveys weren't co-operating. We managed to hit the water at around 5.30am and conditions were great with the bay glass like and a zephyr of wind blowing on our way to Dan's favoured squid ground. Hopeful
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