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Found 8 results

  1. Good morning, I am looking for a good trolling lure for Kingfish can you please give me some recommendations on specific models. Thanks in advance! R
  2. Had 2 trips in the last couple of weeks, Dolphin Fish and Stripped Tuna, at least 12 fish each time out most around 70-90 cm. We keep around 4-5 dollies for dinner and release the rest, we are not out there to F*cK it up for everyone so we always let most of our fish go. One of the days was horrible, 2-3m swell, 20kt plus winds, raining, but we still managed to pull fish and it did calm down later in the afternoon. All the fish we kept had their stomachs full of Garfish and small Squid. So logically we filled our lures with Garfish and Squid and those lures got hit more than the others, go figure huh. Also the red/black lures look like a small squid so that worked particular well on the Striped Tuna.The lures with lights in them seemed to get hit more on the overcast days We haven’t seen any Marlin in our last couple outings and the underwater cameras confirms no Marlin up on our spread, they don’t always appear on the surface you know. Anyway, about 5.30pm about 4 NM, NE from Sydney Heads, we spot something harassing a whole bunch of small flying fish and garfish that were showering the surface to get away from whatever it was. Hoping it was a Marlin, I drove the boat so that the long rigger lure would pass over the top of it. The lure got the fish’s attention and I could just see a fin following the lure. It was bit overcast and late afternoon so it was hard to make out what it was. I was thinking it was a Marlin or a really big Dollie. The rigger clip cracked open and the 24kg rod keeled over with the line screaming off, so I gave the boat a bit of a gentle squirt to set the hook. I saw something jump out in the distance and I got a glimpse of a white underbelly, so I was still thinking a small Black Marlin. Reeling it in, it had a bit of weight around 40kg I guessed, it went for the occasional run and the runs where headed towards the surface as if it wanted to breach just a like marlin. So I was still thinking it was a marlin. As it got closer to the boat, I guessed wrong, it was around a 30kg plus Mako Shark on one of our trolling lures. Not a Marlin but still bloody exciting and kind of better, I have landed small beakies before but this is my first Mako Shark on a trolling lure. It was a solid fight even on heavy tackle. We took some photos, videos, then cut the hook off and let it go. We got it on one of our Small Ballyhoo Slant Head lure filled with Garfish and fresh Stripped Tuna inside the bait chamber. We might have got a bit of the fight on our underwater line camera, will be checking our camera in the next couple days, fingers crossed we got it. There are a few videos on the way, solo marlin caught, we got another one of a dolphin fish than we ran into a fish trap which is pretty interesting, and now the shark footage. Pretty busy ATM with my real job so I will post them up just whenever we get time. If want to try our lures then go to Lure packs are ok value and we deliver within 2-3 days to Australian customers. Put it this way one of lure packs are about the same price as one lure from a tackle shop in Sydney. Have a good one Peter - SB Lures
  3. Hey Raiders, We got out there twice in the last couple of weeks. Landed around 8 Dolphin Fish each day, a couple of Skipjack Tuna and 2 Marlin hook-ups but unfortunately they didn't stick. Dollies are getting nicer, most around 80cm plus now. Daniel (ozzydan) come out with us on one of the trips, unfortunately we didn’t hook any Marlin that day, but we saw a big free jumper late in the afternoon, still it was good fun he was kept pretty busy with hook-ups most the day on dollies and tuna. Big Tony from the marina came out with us on the other trip. We ran our underwater cameras as per usual and we got one of the Marlin hook-ups on camera. We have lots of videos now that we'll get around to posting on YouTube in the next couple of months. Check out the photos of the Dolphin Fish punching above their weight, some small Dollies took some pretty big lures. Saw a massive water spout of there as well. Sydney is in the background in few of the photos so you can see we weren't very far out, around 4 - 7 NM miles out. We got dollies all over, some around the FADs and others just anywhere. There were quite a few times there were schools of Dolphin Fish that were chasing and hitting the spread behind the boat, they literally followed us in patches. If you want to try our lures and teasers, go to Lure packs start from $99.99. Click here to view all the photos. Peter SB - Lures
  4. We went offshore Sydney for our mandatory game fish session. Finally a day that wasn’t that rough, maybe because we actually went out a bit earlier before the wind picked up. We caught 8 Dolphin Fish and 1 Yellowtail Kingfish. We high speed trolled to the Whale Fad going about 12-15 knots from Sydney Heads. We got to the Whale Fad at around 11am which had about 6 boats sitting on it throwing lures and baits, couldn't see anyone catching anything, so we trolled straight passed it and went to Manly Hydraulics. That also had about 6 boats around it as well, we trolled past it and got a nice kingie, we didn't see anyone get a hook-up around there, so we decided to just head NE even though we got a fish, we wanted toget away from the other boats. Water had a bit of a greenish tinge, not quite blue, around 22.5 degrees on our NE heading towards the shelf. We started getting dollies just inside the Bait Station. We managed to get some underwater footage of the strikes. We lost a bigger Dolphin Fish that looked like it would have gone 3-4 foot long about 15 metres behind the boat. Also interestingly we hooked a couple of dollies including the biggest one trolling at only 3 knots. We also got a hook up on a sinking lure when we were pulling in another Dolphin Fish. We used a couple 6 inch lure chains, a six inch red/black lure, a 9 inch purple lure and 12 inch pink mackerel coloured lure. We had various baits inside the lure, pilchards, slimeymackerel and tuna. After we got a few dollies we swapped all the lures out to bigger 12 inch lures looking for a marlin or a much bigger Dorado, but no such luck. We also got some Kite-Pro footage and pics, another one of our Go-Pro experiments. Basically we attach a Go Pro onto a kite. We clip the kite to one of our jigging rods and let it fly up,you have to do it heading into the wind for the kite to work properly. Got some good shots, it also helps us work out how far back we need to set our shot gun lures so they are swimming in clear water. From that aerial shot that’s about 10-12 boats lengths for us, which is about 80 metres back. It’s good to get a lure out there in the clear, wash-less water. Often fish like Yellowfin Tuna, Stripped Tuna and even Dolphin Fish are a bit gun shy of the boat and will only hit the lures that are a long way back. The Plug: If you want try Scent Blazer lures and products go to We also sell other Game Fishing and Fishing accessories, Replacement Skirts, Lure Bags, Hooks, Rigging Sleeves, Teasers, Bait Chambers, etc. Happy fishing, and if you see us out there in our Caribbean 26 give us a yell on channel 22, our call sign is Happy Hooker II. Peter Nice little Yellowtail Kingfish. Scent Blazer Trolling Lures we used. Kingfish on 6" Trolling Lure. Dolphin Fish on camera after a hook-up. Little Dolphin Fish caught on trolling lure chain. Nice Dolphin Fish around 80cm. This little Dolphin Fish took a sinking trolling lure, the boat was stopped when it took the lure. Aerial Go Pro shot, the prop wash on our boat goes back about 10 to 12 boat lengths so we know to set our shot gun lure about 80 metres back to get it into the clear water. Go Pro attached to kite photo. Scent Blazer Store items.
  5. Hey Raiders, James Ibrahim used our Scent Blazer trolling lures in Samoa on a recent trip. The Scent Blazer lure that he used out-fished the other trolling lures in the spread by a long way. James wrote us a great report and sent over some pics. He used the lures the exactly the way they were meant to be used with the bait chambers full of bait so the lures tasted and smelled like a real bait fish. In his report he mentioned that he caught a fish cut it open, took out its stomach content which was small fish and placed it inside the bait chamber of the trolling lure. That’s perfect James, that’s exactly what we do, that way you are 100% matching the hatch and pelagic fish in the area will aggressively take the lures because the lures contains the actual fish type the fish are feeding on. He also mentioned that the lure was still catching fish even after the skirt had been mangled by the toothy fish he had caught which says a lot about the value of having bait inside the lure. Read the full article and view the pictures at: Link to the lure he used: Happy fishing! Peter Scent Blazer Lures
  6. 1st trolling session of 2014, Kingies, Dollies, Marlin Strike – Sydney Offshore Hey Raiders, Happy New Year. First game fishing session of 2014, 3-1-2014 and we're off to good start. We arrived at Sydney Heads around 3pm and as you might have guessed by now we don't get up early, we sleep in and fish afternoons. Water was a little choppy and only a small swell. Nice blue water around 22 degrees was only about half a mile out, so we put our lures in. Our spread consisted of four 6 inch Scent Blazer Nano Lure chains and one larger 10 inch purple lure for a marlin or something that’s interested in a bigger lure. The lures chains have been working really well, they look like small bait fish schools and get the fish biting, so why change. We trolled north east towards the Whale FAD, when we got there, there were 2 boats casting lures around it so we kept a wide berth and just kept trolling NE. About 30 minutes later about half a mile from Manly Hydraulics we hooked up on nice Kingie, which went around 15-18lb. Kept trolling around the area and kept picking up kingies, all different sizes, 6lb, 4lb, 2lb and one small Dolphin Fish as well. It went quiet for a little while before a sprinkler (Stripped Marlin) showed up behind of the one lure chains, we hooked up and it peeled about 200 metres of line off before settling down. Only 2 of us on-board so I left the rod in the holder and I cleared the gear to get ready to back down on it, by the time gear was cleared unfortunately it had thrown the hook, still its bloody exciting. Just a tip, even if you are trying to target big fish I would always run a small lure somewhere in your spread. In the last few weeks every fish we kept had its stomach full of pilchards and small slimey mackerel, I am guessing the Marlin would be feeding on those baits at times as well. Quite often Marlin will take the smallest lure in the spread. Think about it, if you are hungry you going eat a big meal if you are not you will have a snack. You don’t know what each fish out there has just eaten, it could be full or famished. We kept trolling a little while longer around the area then started trolling back towards Sydney Heads, we got 2 small dolphin fish on the way back. One was hooked only about 1 mile from Sydney Heads. Have a successful 2014 of fishing and if you would like to try Scent Blazer Lures for yourself you can get a 5 lure rigged pack which is ideal for Dolphin Fish and Small Marlin for only $99.99. Happy hook ups for 2014 Raiders! Peter Scent Blazer Lures Leaving Sydney Harbour for afternoon trolling session. Trolling lures we used. We’ve been running Scent Blazer trolling lure chains with great success. They look like a small school of bait fish and the pelagic fish have been striking them like crazy. Put pilchards inside the stinger lure of the trolling lure chain to make the stinger the most appetising of the 3 lures in the chain. Nice Yellowtail kingfish for the first fish of the day. Another nice kingie. Kingie caught on Scent Blazer trolling lure chain. Even the really small kingies couldn’t resist our Scent Blazer lures. Caught a couple of Dolphin Fish during our trolling session as well, only small but still fun to hook.
  7. No thats Friday the 18th! The day started at 10:30 with a soft ride out of Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson). The water in the harbour was a light blue and clean. We rigged our Scent Blazer lures with bait, and with a nice backdrop and blue skies we were then ready to start trolling. We shot out of the heads and headed south east with Browns Mt mapped and marked on the GPS with 20 degrees water temperature. We trolled at high speed with a heavy weighted Scent Blazer bullet head lure and just at the Australian shelf slowed down to set a full spread of trolling lures and teasers. Kept pushing past Browns Mt south east and found a temperature change to 22 degrees and came across a large flock of Petrel. DMS S 34:04:6.907 E 151:40:25.545 Decimal -34.068585 151.673762 The Petrel were in a flock of around 800 birds in a large band from north west to a stream of birds running south east. We did see large schools of fish, some just breaking the surface. We couldn't identify the species - this made us all very sad... moving on. We trolled for quite some time with no hookups, we tried everything. Swapping lures, changing teasers etc, not a thing, just a lot of birds and fish in deep water. Just before Browns heading north west on our way back we did have a notable occurrence. Our shot gun got smashed. It was quick and very big and heavy. The line broke only a few metres off the rod tip. We didn't see very much, but we did hear the rods recoiling and hitting the radar case with a large smack sound and a scarred radar case. Maybe the drag of just a very big thing in the water. Well now that thing has a small Scent Blazer lure and a hook with 90 meters of good line stuck in it, Oops. We did note looking back to Sydney that the bushfires were making the sky look very red. Gave a nice golden glow to the water. Note: 25% discount for all Fishraider Members. Promotional Code: fishraider Thank you for supporting an Australian Company and products.
  8. Hi Members, Many thanks to all members for your support. We have stated to take Scent Blazer worldwide, with alot of success. We had a research team in Mexico and they sent us back this video testimonial. Note: 25% discount for all Fishraider Members. Promotional Code: fishraider Thank you for supporting an Australian Company and products.