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Found 23 results

  1. New member looking for some advice. I’m a pom living in Sydney on a working holiday visa, Fished in the UK but doesn’t come close to fishing down under, I’ve had reasonable success over the past few months catching bream, flathead and trevally mostly Fished with baits, Over the past few weeks I’ve swapped over to try fish with lures, and really enjoying trolling from my kayak. The advice I’m looking for is to try catch some new species, specifically Jewfish or Kingfish. Does anyone have any tips for trolling a kayak for these fish? Also any spots to recommend? Iv been successful with slow trolling deep diving hard bodies catching some good flathead but not really sure how to start targeting kingfish or jewfish, any tips are appreciated.
  2. Hey, I need some help on setting up three overhead combos without breaking the bank. What would you recommend in terms of a level wind or lever drag? Combo: Reel: TYRNOS 2 SPEED 50LRS Rod: Shimano Backbone FR 37kg Reel: PENN® FATHOM® II LEVEL WIND 50lrs Rod : Penn Ocea Assassin 37kg FR Any other recommendations?? Targeting Marlin, Sailfish, GT , Mackerel
  3. Hey, I need some help on setting up three overhead combos without breaking the bank. What would you recommend in terms of a level wind or lever drag? Combo: Reel: TYRNOS 2 SPEED 50LRS Rod: Shimano Backbone FR 37kg Reel: PENN® FATHOM® II LEVEL WIND 50lrs Rod : Penn Ocea Assassin 37kg FR Any other recommendations?? Targeting Marlin, Sailfish, GT , Mackerel
  4. How do I fish the Sydney harbor moorings specifically for kingfish? What will the typical live bait rig be looking like for kingfish? Should it be on a float or a light sinker, padernosta vertically or casted out, trying to get my first kingfish this holiday.
  5. Heading out on my kayak hopefully b4 the school holidays start, looking to target kingfish. Planning to have my kayak on the beach and ready around 4:45am while I'm on the wharf catching some lives. As for bait, will LIVE SQUID AND YAKKAS outfish CUBE PILLIES? I was looking into slowtrolling the baits around mooring edges and casting a few deeper into the moorings aswell, as for trace will the usual mulloway rig from the tackle shop work or will you need fluerocarbon? How will the sinker be placed or is there any sinker at all? I was going with this, 20lb braid to 30lb fluero double smelled setup with a small bean sinker sliding above the 2 hooks. ( sinkers would probably vary from a pea size sinker to a 2 ounce pebble)
  6. raiders new stock has arrived at last and were fully stocked for the year a new addition is our carbon fiber two peace 6 meter poles we will always give fishraiders a great deal that is not advertised so if you need anything to do with outriggers check out our web site and then give me a ring anytime on 0438264388 or email cheers gary bricknell
  7. Hey all long time fisho new forum member just want to get some advice on trolling for Marlin I'm from Wollongong and do a lot of land based game fishing for Marlin off the stones at Jervis Bay but have never gone out in my boat and trolled I am still eagerly awaiting the currents to push them down this way I will be fishing of Wollongong and if this season is anything like last they will be in close but until then if anyone has any advice on the subject would be greatly appreciated anything from rigs to trolling speeds lures live bait dead baits the whole shebang I only have a 4m boat so my spread will be limited to 2 -3 rods hope to hear from you soon happy fishing
  8. Hey Raiders!!! Mate and I are planning to hire a tinnie from Como and looking at maybe boating down and around Woronora system and Georges. As I am normally a non-boater angler, I was hoping to reach some more secluded spots or boat-only access areas which hold a good day of fishing. Just wondering if anybody has had any experiences or know of any consistencies in these systems who would be willing to share/point me in the right direction, and any advice on what type of gear/bait I should use. Ill most likely be armed with 2 roads, Raider with 2500 sienna, and Shimano Sahara with a 3000 reel, both with under 10lb line. Happy Fishing ktan3235
  9. Hey fellow Raiders, With such great weather, we decided to go fishing a couple days ago off central coast. There is 2 parts to this report and it included a day of many firsts. We usually drift for flathead but decided we would do something different and troll around in our small boat to see if we could entice anything. Had 2 lines out, one with a halco twisty and the other a skirt, Within 30 secs of trolling we caught a mac tuna and then a bonito caught on the halco twisty and the skirt respectively. This was my first fish caught trolling. We then caught tailor and salmon, when ever we caught a salmon, several of his friends would follow him to the boat. We then threw out a plastic and bang we were on. All the salmon were in the 60-70cm range and VERY fat, they were feeding on schools of yakka. Then for a 10 min period a massive school of salmon were feeding on a school of yakka right underneath the boat. the yakka were literally jumping out of the water and into the boat to get away from the salmon. It was a very surreal experience. I'm not sure if this picture will do it justice. They were taking anything you put in front of them, I literally caught my first fish on a blade, my first fish on a floating minnow, my first fish on a deep diver, my first fish on a popper. All those lures you have in your tackle box and wonder if you'll ever use them were all catching fish. We kept one salmon and gave some to kayakers who were watching us catch the fish and they were really happy. After a BBQ and a break we headed off to the beach at sunset to have yet another crack (after many doughnuts) at some beach mulloway. It was a beautiful sunset and even more beautiful with a rod in the hand. We found a very jewie looking gutter and casted out. We caught a lot of bait sized tailor around the 35cm mark and I decided to fillet one to use as fresh jewie bait since the squid baits were getting demolished by pickers. The fillet went onto 2 snelled 7/0 gamakatsu circle hooks and just as the sun went down the rod buckles over and goes for a run. I set the hooks and bring the beast in. Called it for a jew and in the next wave came up a nice silver ghost. High fives all round , as we picked up a 93 cm slab of beach jewfish. (Another first for me) We also caught another one on a squid shortly after. The jews died down but the salmon kept going and we caught heaps of salmon. At one stage I caught 2 salmon on my paternoster rig which was another first for me. All in all it was an amazing day and an unforgettable fishing experience with many things being ticked off the bucketlist. The highlight of the day being the Jewfish which was my first legal Jewfish, a first off the beach and a great accomplishment. I think the jewie deserves a spot on the Catch of the month competition and will be submitting it in. Thanks for reading .
  10. raiders were putting a special outrigger package together for xmas just for fishraiders the outrigger package; carbon fibre 4.5 two peace poles 21 spline mirror finish 316 stainless bases full rigging kit 5 inch and 7 inch bird teasers 10 pack off double hook rigged pusher lures [2x10 inch 2x8 inch 6x6 inch] 6 pack off single hook rigged lures [6 x 6 inch pusher lures ] 1 x tracing gloves thats everything you need to start game fishing and we'll also chuck in a shotgun pole thats around $1000.00 worth raider price $750.00 and i'll deliver with in the sydney metro area and help with the setup freight cost on request but be quick raiders as it's looking like for the first time we may well sell out off stock by xmas cheers gary ring anytime on 0438264377 SOLD OUT new stock late feb
  11. Hi All, Scored a Thursday off and decided to head over to the Hawkesbury for something different. (usually fish Port Hacking) Tried to catch the run-out tide to pick up some Flatties off Patonga Beach but we were a bit late. Still managed a 2 keeper Flatties, 2 Whiting, and a Blue Swimmer. Tide changed and all went quiet. dropped my mate off to grab some fish and chips from Patonga and just relaxed in the boat. Threw in a soft plastic while i was tidying up a bit and realised the rod was bent over. Big flattie that was barely hooked got off at the boat - no biggie as it was over 70cm and i would've released it anyway. (wasn't even going to tell my mate as he'd never believe me, but i had back-up from a kayaker!) Anyhow, dropped the same plastic back in and continued moving eskies etc to make room for lunch. my mate was hading back to the wharf so i started the boat to collect him and my fish and chips! Bang, another good Flattie. This time landed and on ice, 50cm. Had lunch and the drifting didn't produce anything over the 30 mins we ate. Decided to troll around the Island and within 20 metres had a double hook-up of Bonito. Threw one back kept one for bait. Trolled again and ended up hooking another 8 or so in 30 mins. I was getting over it (yes i know....) and then we hit a school of Tailor and a double hook up. The two fish were carrying on and jumping like crazy. Got both on board and measured 50cm and 47cm. I know not huge but my PB Tailor at 50cm. Another troll in the same spot and another big Tailor, with it's last jump spat the hook. Much more fun than the Bonnies. Anyway all in all a great day out, plenty of sun no wind and fun fishing, I can't ask for more than that. Well maybe I can... There was one more hook up while trolling and this thing was taking line heavily - not a Tailor and not a Bonito from the strength and line it was taking. Any ideas on what it might have been? I'm thinking Kingie or Shark? I got the lure back by the way so it may have been barely hooked. Anyone reckon it was a decent Kingie?? Thanks!
  12. Hi All After 5 years of fishing the harbour, and getting the boat out past the heads several times, i think I have enough confidence and know how to move to the next step. I will shortly install an VHF Radio and aquire an Epirb, and other needed equipment to go past the 2 mile zone. Since it would be the first time, my question is where is the closest reef to the sydney heads where I could go on my first mission.
  13. we managed to get out yesterday for around 6hrs trolling. Water was good from about 6 miles out, blue, 20.5 and rising the further we went out. We trolled from inside the 12 Mile out to about 10 miles inside Heatons. We got a knock down on the lure on the rigger early afternoon about 5NM NE of Browns in 21. I was driving at the time and I was looking forward when the fish hit. When I looked back I couldn't see anything breach so I thought it was Dollie so I didn't pump the boat to set the hook. I looked at the troll pro footage the next morning, it was a Marlin. So I should have pumped it to set the hook, bummer Peter - SB Lures
  14. Hey all, we went off shore last week for a quick afternoon trolling session. Did our usual route Whale Fad, Manly Hydraulics then we headed North East. We couldn’t find Manly Hydraulicsagain,itmust drift a fair way off its mark at times. Water was really blue and warm just 200 metres off North Head, so we put the lures straight out, the fish could be anywhere in that water. Ran a couple of our Scent Blazer trolling lure chains, a couple of bigger trolling lures and one small pink prototype lure which we are currently calling an“Atom”, it’s only about 3 inches long. We put pilchards and skipjack tuna in the bait chambers of the lures’, we got a skipjackon our last outing that we kept for bait. We were sounding schools of bait the entire trip. Hooked a few a Dolphin fish, between the Whale and Manly Hydraulics on the lures chains, but they kept coming off, so we changed down to smaller trolling lures to try and get a better hook up. I even cut the skirt off one of the lures to make it look smaller and I put a few mismatching beads inside and called it “The FrankenLure”, just a weird looking thing. We finally ended up catching some Dolphin Fish, they were really, really small, 1lb or less. We got around 6 hook-ups in the entire session and landed 3 very small Dolphin Fish. 2 of them were caught on The Franken Lure. We also got another hook-up on the lure down rigged on the Troll Pro but it couldn’t break the rubber band off. That Dolphin Fish looked a little bit bigger. We got to use weaker rubber bands when we down rig on the camera ?. We got excited when we saw a free jumper about 3 miles directly North from Manly Hydraulics around Long Reef Wide, it was about 500 metres in the front of boat. We trolled towards it but no hook-up, it may have been full of small Dolphin Fish. One notable thing we found when we looked at our underwater camera footage this time. Only single Dolphin Fish were coming up on the spread, in the last month or so, there where big schools of Dolphin Fish up on the spread. We also go some underwater footage of a massive school of what looks like some sort of small trigger fish(leatherjacket) while the boat was stopped toreel in a small Dollie. Some of Dolphin fish we have been catching in the last month are sometimes full of small trigger fish, maybe we should use leather jackets fillets inside the lures to match the hatch. Does anyone know what kind of fish they are? Peter – SB Lures
  15. Decided late in the morning on Saturday to make the most of the weather so called up the boys, setup the boat and trolled from Sydney to Palm Beach and back. Put the spread out as soon as we hit 80 fathoms. Water was blue, 22 degrees and bait balls were everywhere between 10 and 40 fathoms. Had only been on the troll for 20mins when the shotgun started screaming - was so loud it woke up one of the boys who was out cold after an entire night out prawning. After a good 5min fight and a last minute dart under the boat we landed a nice 70cm stripey tuna. Continued up the coast for the next couple of hours for zeros and then at about 4pm - bang - the dollies came on. Were so thick we couldn't get a few hundred metres down the coast without hooking up - at one stage we had a triple hook up which made things interesting with only three on the boat and 5 lines and 2 teasers out the back - thank god for autopilot. Finished up the arvo having landed 9 dollies, ranging from 50 - 65cm, 3 stripey tuna, ranging from 50 - 70cm, and a number more fought and dropped. Kept one tuna and a couple of dollies for feed and sent the rest back to fight another day. Hopefully this wind starts to die down so we can get out there this weekend and chase some beakies.
  16. Went for a troll on the 23rd January 2014, 5 of us on-board, we took my friend’s son and my son for their first game fishing trip. Unfortunately the conditions weren’t ideal for their first trip offshore, it was quite lumpy and swelly, so the boat was bobbing around a quite a lot, but the kids to their credit handled it really well. We rounded Sydney Heads around midday and put the lures in straight away. We had 3 Scent Blazer lures chains out as well as an 8 and 12 inch lure for something bigger. We put pilchards inside the bait chambers. Water temp straight of Sydney wasn’t real hot, about 21 degrees. About a mile out we came across dolphins feeding on slimey mackerel, we caught one trolling. Slimey mackerel that is, not a dolphin, LOL! Poor thing couldn’t pull the line out the clip and it was probably on there for a little while before we noticed it. It was dead and its neck was snapped by the time we got it in. Anyway, good fresh bait, so we cut it up and put it inside the bait chamber of some of mackerel coloured lures to match the hatch. We trolled NE towards the Whale Fad, hooked up a on a few small dolphin fish on way. We kept and hooking up dollies around the Whale Fad and then we trolled NE towards Manly Hydraulics, hooking up on the way there as well. More dollies caught around MHFad then we decided to troll NE looking for something bigger and warmer water, warmest water we found was 21.8 and we just kept getting more dollies, they were probably following us. Around 4.30 we started trolling back, on the way back we hooked up on what appeared to be a biggest fish of day. The outrigger clip cracked open and the rod bent over really hardwhile the line was peeling off on the tight drag, the line was singing in the wind under all the tension. Excited, we started clearing the gear. The kids were experts by this stage, helping us wind in all the rods and clearing the other lines out of the water. We left the rod in the holder and the kids had turns winding it in. I was thinking it was a really big dolliebecause it was not budging and kids were struggling to get a wind on it.As it got closer to the boat I saw from the fly bridge it was just a fouled hooked fish. It was hooked in the stomach. Still bloody exciting and a nice fish to end the day, it went around 70cm. We let the kids wind in all the fish on the day and we landed around 15 dollies in total and lost a few as well, most of them were just under size, 5 fish went over 60cm which we kept for dinner, nice little haul and good fun. I am predicting that over the next few months if the dollies continue to hang around in close and the water temp rises in close that the marlin will be in amongst them. So you won’t have to go a long way out to hook a marlin. P.S. we also got some troll cam footage, which I’ll post later. At times there were more than 50 dollies behind the spread. If you want to try our SB lures, you can get a lure pack for $99 + delivery. Happy Fishing Peter Scent Blazer trolling lures we used. First fish of the day trolling, slimey mackerel. Nice little Dollie. Dollies kept coming in all day. Bit bigger Dolphin Fish. They will get bigger over the next few weeks, they grow really quickly. Game fishing school. Lesson 1: Don’t stop winding! Great colours when they get out of the water. Dolphin Fish Galore! Dolphin fish taking a Scent Blazer lure caught on troll pro. Lots of dollies behind the lure before striking the lure.
  17. 1st trolling session of 2014, Kingies, Dollies, Marlin Strike – Sydney Offshore Hey Raiders, Happy New Year. First game fishing session of 2014, 3-1-2014 and we're off to good start. We arrived at Sydney Heads around 3pm and as you might have guessed by now we don't get up early, we sleep in and fish afternoons. Water was a little choppy and only a small swell. Nice blue water around 22 degrees was only about half a mile out, so we put our lures in. Our spread consisted of four 6 inch Scent Blazer Nano Lure chains and one larger 10 inch purple lure for a marlin or something that’s interested in a bigger lure. The lures chains have been working really well, they look like small bait fish schools and get the fish biting, so why change. We trolled north east towards the Whale FAD, when we got there, there were 2 boats casting lures around it so we kept a wide berth and just kept trolling NE. About 30 minutes later about half a mile from Manly Hydraulics we hooked up on nice Kingie, which went around 15-18lb. Kept trolling around the area and kept picking up kingies, all different sizes, 6lb, 4lb, 2lb and one small Dolphin Fish as well. It went quiet for a little while before a sprinkler (Stripped Marlin) showed up behind of the one lure chains, we hooked up and it peeled about 200 metres of line off before settling down. Only 2 of us on-board so I left the rod in the holder and I cleared the gear to get ready to back down on it, by the time gear was cleared unfortunately it had thrown the hook, still its bloody exciting. Just a tip, even if you are trying to target big fish I would always run a small lure somewhere in your spread. In the last few weeks every fish we kept had its stomach full of pilchards and small slimey mackerel, I am guessing the Marlin would be feeding on those baits at times as well. Quite often Marlin will take the smallest lure in the spread. Think about it, if you are hungry you going eat a big meal if you are not you will have a snack. You don’t know what each fish out there has just eaten, it could be full or famished. We kept trolling a little while longer around the area then started trolling back towards Sydney Heads, we got 2 small dolphin fish on the way back. One was hooked only about 1 mile from Sydney Heads. Have a successful 2014 of fishing and if you would like to try Scent Blazer Lures for yourself you can get a 5 lure rigged pack which is ideal for Dolphin Fish and Small Marlin for only $99.99. Happy hook ups for 2014 Raiders! Peter Scent Blazer Lures Leaving Sydney Harbour for afternoon trolling session. Trolling lures we used. We’ve been running Scent Blazer trolling lure chains with great success. They look like a small school of bait fish and the pelagic fish have been striking them like crazy. Put pilchards inside the stinger lure of the trolling lure chain to make the stinger the most appetising of the 3 lures in the chain. Nice Yellowtail kingfish for the first fish of the day. Another nice kingie. Kingie caught on Scent Blazer trolling lure chain. Even the really small kingies couldn’t resist our Scent Blazer lures. Caught a couple of Dolphin Fish during our trolling session as well, only small but still fun to hook.
  18. Hey Raiders, Couldn't resist one last afternoon trolling session for 2013, 30-12-2013. We arrived at Sydney Heads around 3pm. Water was pretty choppy with about 1.5-2 meter swell. Not great, but f*@k it, it wasn’t going to stop us. Water was really blue and around 21.5 degrees about half a mile out from Sydney Heads so put the lures in straight away and started trolling directly east. Our spread consisted of 6 inch and 8 inch Scent Blazer trolling lures loaded with pilchards inside the bait chamber to give them our trademark fishy taste! In our spread we ran 3 lure chains pretty close together so they look like small bait fish school and not very far behind the boat, around 15-20 meters back. First hook up on a small Dolphin fish in about 40 meters of water, only about 1 mile east from Sydney Heads. We kept trolling east into 100 meters of water and kept hooking up all the way. There were couple of double headers and one triple header on Dolphin Fish. The fish weren't very big, around 2-3lb average. We kept 2 fish around 5lb which were the biggest of the day The lure chains we used which consisted of 3 Scent Blazer Nano lures with pilchards loaded inside the bait chamber of the stinger lure. The Dolphin Fish were smashing them, we couldn’t keep them off the lures chains. An engine died on us on the way back so we limped back at 9 knots, we kept 2 lure chains all the way back and hooked nice sized tailor in Sydney Heads and another smaller one under the Harbour Bridge. Hope 2013 was good fishing year for everyone and if you would like to try Scent Blazer Lures for yourself you can get a 5 lure rigged pack which is ideal for Dolphin Fish and Small Marlin for only $99.99. Happy hook ups for 2014 Raiders! Peter Scent Blazer Lures Pretty rough, but it wasn’t going stop us! Lure chains, only put bait inside the stinger trolling lure, that’s the one you want the fish to strike, the other lures are there to make it look like a small school of bait fish. Double hook up on El Dorado! Multiple hook ups on Dolphin Fish the order of the day. 5lb Dolphin Fish. Found small whole pilchards inside the stomach of the Dolphin Fish we caught. We cut it up and put it inside the bait chamber of the Scent Blazer lures, can’t match the hatch any better than that. Tailor caught trolling at Sydney Heads.
  19. Finally headed out yesterday after long run of bad weather. Went straight to 12 Mile and immediately upon arriving a big 1m fin broke the surface 20m in front of the boat. Was plenty of bait from 50-100m showing up on the sounder and a number of larger fish underneath and on the sides. After no luck trolling 12 mile for an hour we jigged and caught a few slimmy Mack's (obviously what the fins were feeding on). Changed up the lure colours we were trolling with to those that had the closest colouring with a slimmy mack and continued to the south. Shortly after bang double hook-up - two good sized tuna. Unfortunately the 2 crew by this stage were asleep so by the time they got out on deck the short corner was tangled in the teasers and the shotgun was tangled with the long rigger - ultimately dropped both - soul destroying. Untangled all the gear and continued to the south and within 10mins bang short corner went off - wasn't anywhere as big as the other two but was a nice 5kg striped tuna. Continued to work the area for a couple of hours after that for zeros and then called it quits mid afternoon. Didn't get a chance to drop the slimmys on a reef of the way back - ran out of time - but would have been dynamite for kingies
  20. No thats Friday the 18th! The day started at 10:30 with a soft ride out of Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson). The water in the harbour was a light blue and clean. We rigged our Scent Blazer lures with bait, and with a nice backdrop and blue skies we were then ready to start trolling. We shot out of the heads and headed south east with Browns Mt mapped and marked on the GPS with 20 degrees water temperature. We trolled at high speed with a heavy weighted Scent Blazer bullet head lure and just at the Australian shelf slowed down to set a full spread of trolling lures and teasers. Kept pushing past Browns Mt south east and found a temperature change to 22 degrees and came across a large flock of Petrel. DMS S 34:04:6.907 E 151:40:25.545 Decimal -34.068585 151.673762 The Petrel were in a flock of around 800 birds in a large band from north west to a stream of birds running south east. We did see large schools of fish, some just breaking the surface. We couldn't identify the species - this made us all very sad... moving on. We trolled for quite some time with no hookups, we tried everything. Swapping lures, changing teasers etc, not a thing, just a lot of birds and fish in deep water. Just before Browns heading north west on our way back we did have a notable occurrence. Our shot gun got smashed. It was quick and very big and heavy. The line broke only a few metres off the rod tip. We didn't see very much, but we did hear the rods recoiling and hitting the radar case with a large smack sound and a scarred radar case. Maybe the drag of just a very big thing in the water. Well now that thing has a small Scent Blazer lure and a hook with 90 meters of good line stuck in it, Oops. We did note looking back to Sydney that the bushfires were making the sky look very red. Gave a nice golden glow to the water. Note: 25% discount for all Fishraider Members. Promotional Code: fishraider Thank you for supporting an Australian Company and products.
  21. Hi all, ive been lucky enough to get some more time off work so the brother and I are heading up to the hawkesbury tonight. Were thinking of having a little bait fish around juno and flint & steel. Followed by an early more troll out around the heads and maybe a sneaky squid fish in and around palm beach. Its been a while since we have been up that way as we had to cancel our last trip we had planned up there. just wondering if anyone had any little tips or hints to help us land some fish on the boat mainly for tonight bait fish? were thinking of putting outs some fresh squid and maybe some yakkas. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thankyou!
  22. Good Morning Fellow Raiders, a nice little window of opportunity has come up for my brother and I both managing to score the day off tomorrow. so what better way to spend it than trolling a few lures in and around the Hawkesbury. lately we have a pretty good success out around Barren joey heads with some fairly big salmon and tailor but were looking to land that nice size Kingy! currently we have been trolling lures down around the 3-5 meter mark at around 10-8 km/h out off barren joey heads. Just wondering if anyone would be able to help us out with some tips, hints or ideas on helping us land some fish. We are also thinking of trying the heads off the to left hand side of the bay as you are driving out to sea. just wondering if anyone has tried out there before and whether or not it would be worth our time trying it out. We tried off to the right hand side of palm beach last time with no success. Any advice would greatly be appreciated Thanks All !!!!
  23. With the weekend’s weather, particularly Sundays weather being so awful we decided a mid week trip was the go. A quick look at the weather sites, BOM, Seabreeze and Buoy Weather they all said the same thing, great weather!! Now there was only one more thing to check, the Sea surface charts!! A quick look showed a few temp breaks on the other side of the shelf. Our plan was to run out to the Botany Wide FAD, work that area to see if we could pick up a few Dolphin fish and then head to the shelf, drop a few different size and shape Scent Blazers out and run southeast in search of Mr Stickface… After picking up the crew from north Sydney we made a quick stop to fuel the boat and then hit the big blue!! Rounding south head there was hardly a ripple to rock the boat, it was simply perfect and the further southeast we travelled the better the conditions and water colour/temp got. It started out green and 23.8 in close and within a few miles it changed to blue and 24.6 degrees. Things were looking up with only 2 miles to the Botany Wide Fad there was a slight north to south current of 1 knot and good, clean water. After receiving our Trollpro and bits and pieces we decided to set it up and run it in the long corner in front of 2 Scent Blazers, one in the long corner and the other off the rigger. Firstly we tried running it off the rigger but its to heavy for the rigger at 8 knots. Troll Pro being ready to be run and Troll Pro on the rigger pulling some serious pressure at 8 knots!! So we rigged up a little system with a spare fixed head gaff and this worked a treat!! Our Troll Pro set up, far to heavy for the outrigger at 8 knots! We then put the rest of the spread out, 2 Nano’s one bullet head purple frigate and the other a pusher head in sardine then a Small Evil pusher head and a Small Lumo Slant head. With the spread set we made our first pass, a double hook up on dollies with both fish smashing the Nano’s but they didn’t stick. The second pass was similar with both lures getting hit but again a failed hook up, what’s going on? Small fish is our guess. After dropping the two fish the other dollies went off the bite so we headed east to the shelf, 0.5 of a mile inside the shelf was a very distinct current break glass like conditions on one side and half a meter of chop on the other. The temp difference between the two was 0.2 degrees so we swapped the lures for bigger Scent blazers, An X-Large Yellowfin Slant head, a Large Green Luminator slant head and left the two on the riggers as they were, we then worked the edge north then south, zig zaging in and out of the current but with no joy we decided to cross the shelf and head south on the outer side of the shelf. Check out that Scent Blazer Teaser smoking away!! As we crossed the shelf the temp dropped the 0.2 of a degree and stayed 24.0 flat the whole way down the coast, lots of current breaks but no fish!! There were no birds, no bait and no dolphin, barren!! We continued south for another 12 miles but the water and fish condition wasn’t improving so we decided to head into 250fathoms and make our way back up the coast. By this stage the radio chatter stopped and seems we weren’t the only boat noticing the lack of anything fishy… Short Corner- Scent Blazer X-Lagre Yellowfin Tuna Colour Slant Head As we made our way over the shelf and that current change had pushed away but the water was far bluer inside the shelf. The decision was made to head to the Botany Wide FAD and see if those dollies were still around but on our arrival the current was pushing up the coast, south to north and was fishless! As we trolled our way back to Sydney the sun was falling and the light was disappearing and by the time we got through the harbour it was gone, complete darkness… A windy Sun Set over Sydney's Skyline The fishing off Sydney and up and down the coast seems extremely hit and miss with a lot of ground needing to be covered to find the fish. The currents seem to be changing daily if not hourly. What’s your thoughts? Do you think it will be a late season or is it not going to come at all? Check out more pics and video at Until the next bite… Tight Lines Andrew SBC