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Found 17 results

  1. Hi My names Daniel, I've been fishing trout for years at Lake Eucumbene on bait and had great successes, But the time has come to challenge myself and boy what a challenge it has been. i would really love some help with the following Your Location: Tarago NSW but will travel Fishing technique: Trout on fly in creeks Availability: ill make time :) Preferred location: Around Braidwood or goulburn NSW the snowys i don't mind Provide your own gear? Yes I've enjoyed fishing my whole life and with a kid on the want i would like to learn as much as i can to pass this great past time and passion on to the next generation. Also need to get in as much fishing as possible before bub comes in Feb. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Daniel
  2. Hi, This is my first post. I love spinning for trout and finally get a chance to spend a few days up near Ebor, NSW before camping with friends further up on the Nymbioda. My fiancè and I only have a few days so hoping you fellas can help us find some good spots. I get that some spots are treasured secrets and that may require permission from the land owner, but any general tips or advice on where to start would be greatly appreciated. I wouldn't even know where to start on asking a land owner for permission to catch and release on their property. Here's a brown I caught on Thredbo River last year the weekend I proposed to my lady. Safe to say she know loves fishing for trout ;). Cheers, Alex.
  3. Hi all, a mate and I are heading to Lake Eucembene for 2-3 days on the weekend of the 1st/2nd of December (2 weeks time). I've never been there before so just after some tips, advice, recommendations on fishing trout or other species, tackle, clothing, times of day to fish, accommodation etc. This is a dedicated fishing trip. We went to Thompson Creek Dam back in July but the trout were all spawning, so no love (for us anyway). I dont have access to any fly fishing gear and would prefer to stick to my spinning gear. Happy to rough it out, in fact i'd love to camp by the lake, but dont mind paying to get some accom close by either. We're atleast Intermediate fishos and have been trout fishing before. Any questions, feel free to ask Thanks, Horsleyboy
  4. Hi all, Had the pleasure of spending a week hiking through the Western Lakes in Tasmania stalking browns on fly. Long story short, the fishing was hard with numbers down on last year. The guys I was with reckon we saw 50% less fish than any other year. Happy to take their word as they have 30 years of annual trips between them. Low water levels following a hot, dry summer appear to be a factor as we found a few almost dead fish in some of the higher, almost dried out tarns. All fish caught on dries (adam's parachutes) though we did fish wets early in the trip as it took 3 days before the first scale was turned. Some of the sight fishing was awesome if not infuriating, with the biggest fish of the trip around 5lb with some bigger fish lost. While the fishing hurt sometimes, the scenery more than made up for it with plenty of wildlife to make up for the fish. Here's the highlights:
  5. anyone know of any decent streams close by to any train stations in the blue mountains?
  6. Hi all. I’m keen to head into the Blue Mountains to try my luck on the local trout streams. With a combination of drought, carp, blackberries, etc, is it even worth it? I’ve heard mixed reports about the quality of the recent fishing. I’m happy to trek and camp to get to some isolated spots, but would like an idea of whether there will be fish there before I head off! Not asking for your secret spots or anything, but would appreciate some thoughts about the current state of fishing in the area. Thanks in advance.
  7. Last week we headed up to the Nymboida full of confidance that we were going to hit some fish. As soon as we pulled up I knew we were in trouble the river was up not by much but it only takes a 6 inch rise to make the Nymboida basically unfishable. After the mandatory swear words plan B was formed and a quic phone call and it was off to chase some trout. The trout creek was also up a bit, but atleast it was fishable It certainly is a magic looking spot The fishing started slow and I mean worryingly slow but after some persistance casting the runs a decent rainbow came from nowhere and smashed my lure I nice 30cm fish good sized for the creek with a bit more confidance kept working my way up the creek with some hits and dropped hookups and finally the hoos stayed in again for another rainbow apologies for the crappy picture quality I kept hooking fish but couldn't keep the hooks in the hits were far between so dropping the fish was frustrating, nearing the top of the property with only 2 fish on the board I pinned the hooks in something more solid the fish didn't flail around like a rainbow and sure enough out came a nice brown a prize capture in this creek measured up at 32cm a new pb and a quality brown for this area not a lot of fish landed and wored hard for them but avoided driving 2 hours for a doughnut and a new pb on a tough day always feels more satisfying cheers fro reading Dave
  8. HI All, Hopeful to find a few trout streams to flick around in the Southern Highlands area. Have been looking at the Wollondilly and the Wingecarribee on google maps and some of their feeder streams. Just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggested locations before I head out exploring? I know I'll probably end up with carp and redfin but thought it was worth a shot. I'll just be fishing on foot with some smaller hardbodies and maybe some plastics. Cheers
  9. Feels like I haven't been catching fish lately, largely because I haven't. I've been getting more and more hooked on fly since picking up the wand 10-ish months ago, and the last few months has seen an increase in donuts commensurate with the amount of dust building on the spin gear. Nevertheless, goals are beginning to get kicked - here are the highlights of a few outings in the last month or so. First, a trip past the mountains to the Coxs and surrounds. Long story short I dropped a few small browns, including one on the bank whilst being schooled by my mate-come-guide. Nick had most of his 10 (9 browns, 1 'bow) on dries. 2 of my 3 encounters were on a home-tied woolly bugger. A good reminder that fly actually works. I was starting to lose hope after a string of fruitless attempts in the salt. A few more fruitless trips targeting the suddenly elusive flathead around Sydney and the opportunity arose to chase bass on the canoe. Yes please! Using a borrowed Sage Bluegill and donated stealth bombers, it wasn't long before the first came on board. My three for the day were all on the small side, but I wasn't fussed. Don't get to do a lot of bass fishing anyway so the scenery, company and the absence of trebles made for a great day. Nick, as usual, showed us how it was done. This freshwater thing feels like a breeze. On the way home, we stopped to persuade a python to get off the road before becoming pancake. He wasn't thrilled with the suggestion or the canoe paddle but an agreement was reached and we all made it home. Our (my) kindness was repaid by the snakey fish gods. Eventually. A couple more frustrating trips around the harbour (Rose Bay is a great place to go if you like to look at big fish ignore lures), and a trip out to the old faithful inner west produced the goods. First, a chopper tailor on a home-tied crazy charlie-ish fly taken on a very quick strip. Not a first, but encouraging in the salt. Then. Finally. Flathead. I downsized to another home tied fly - the BMS hammerhead variant. Couldn't get my hands on BMS dubbing but the guy at the shop suggested angora goat hair as an alternative. I suppose it works. Lost my lie detector but the ferule to which the flattie runs measures at 41cm. I'll take it! Fly. As rewarding as it is frustrating.
  10. Hi all, Had the absolute pleasure of being invited down for my workmate's annual Tassie fishing adventure to target the summer browns on dry flies through the Chudleigh Lakes system on Tasmania's Central Plateau, along with another fur'n'feather guy who came the year before. The route was planned based on Greg French's work and I was in experienced hands to assist with the hiking and fly fishing as I'm relatively new to both. My fly rod (G Loomis Pro 4X 6wt) and reel (Daiwa Lochmore SLA) arrived a fortnight before (how do I cast this thing!?) we were due to fly into Launceston on Feb 18th, so after a quick stop to pick up some flies (nymphs, adams parachutes and red tags), I found myself standing by Middle Lake, in the snow, watching thousands of duns break the surface whilst being molested by rising trout who were all well out of reach. The fishing began relatively slowly, with Nick managing the first fish after a day and a half. After a couple of days of wind, sleet, snow and rain, we finally caught a break in the clouds and the super clear water began to turn it on, with Nick braining 5 good fish in a short space of time during our session at Nipps. Peter had managed a fish the evening before and dropped another that day whilst I was still working out the best way to avoid bushes behind me ("you're still dropping your cast!") Day 3 rolled around and I was quick to get out of bed before the sun, thinking "this is the day I open my account". The morning was still and the fog heavy. Nick and I began stalking our way around Halkyard looking for tailing fish in the shallows, coming across a few, but only once we'd spooked them. Incredible how fish that size can be invisible in water that shallow - nothing but a subtle fin or steaming bow wave to give them away. Anyway, we work our way around to small backwater bay off the main lake and Nick spots a rise close in, to our right. "This one's yours" he says. I creep down to the water's edge and start working my fly out in increments - not gonna line this fish! The fish rises again a few metres away, a further to the right again. I place a silent cast a foot or two to the fish's left and let it sit as per Nick's instruction. The fish turns slowly and a bow wave heads to the dun imitation sitting in front of me. The heartbeat gets louder as everything bar the wave and the fly fade into the background, then, finally, a head appears and sips my fly below the surface. I wait for the instructed "1-2-3" / "God-save-the-Queen" / "Don't-f&&&-it-up" before striking.... only for the fly to come back at me. I'd missed the bloody fish. Spooked another fish that morning and struggled to land one the rest of the day. Depression was beginning to set it. Nick and Peter continued to enjoy success with fish taken at Dead End by both. Finally, on day 5, we made it to the appropriately named Snake Lake where we came across the first tiger of the trip. The wind was howling and polaroiding was proving difficult given the incredibly patchy sun. After almost doing a lap of the entire lake, I found myself on a rock with the wind flying from left to right. I opted for a speculative cast along the rocks & down the wind lane, like I would for bream back home. I began retreiving my dry to re-cast, only to hit what I thought was a snag. "Hang on, dry flies shouldn't sna-..." ...and off swam the rock. After a few minutes of tripping over my line, I landed my first fish on fly, a healthy brown at 48cm. Stoked, I made clear that I didn't care if I caught nothing for the rest of the trip, as long as I had my first. I doubled my catch for the week while polaroiding Lucy Long and dropped another in a stream on our way back to the car on the 7th & final day. Average fish for the trip went 50cm with the largest hitting 60, and a couple of smaller models in between. Grey and brown adams parachutes accounted for most of the fish, with one taken on a stone fly pattern. Muddlers worked well in the evenings, scoring one fish for Nick, one for Pete, and an unconverted hit for me. We saw some snakes, hundreds of wallabies and almost every lake had a platypus in it. The fishing really was a bonus! Sorry for the long read - if you can't tell, I'm excited and can't wait to throw a fly at something else!
  11. Looking for any good spots up there to fly fish and bait fish. Had some success around the junction pools area. Looking for any advice or tips?
  12. Had a nice few days flicking dry flies, and had good success. So enjoyable, first brook trout i've caught
  13. Hey Raiders, Finally getting some time to myself since our baby girl was born, I met up with my cousin and we drove out to Thompsons Creek Dam for the first time. Due to commitments, we didn't leave Sydney till after lunch and arrived at about 3.30pm. Having only fished freshwater less than half a dozen times and my cousin never fished freshwater previously, we had very little knowledge between us - but thanks to all the fishraiders and their advice, we felt like we knew exactly what to do!! Even though we watched a few huge browns cruise in close to the dam wall, after chatting to a fisherman we weren't very optimistic as he told us how it's been slow lately. We walked about 1km or so down the west side of the dam, having frequent casts along the way with no luck. We kept coming across huge rainbows in pairs, but they weren't interested at anything we threw at them. After no success, nor a follow and with the sun almost gone we decided to turn around and walk back with some pace to safely find our way to the car. Spotting another teasing school of large rainbows, I decided to have one last cast and my Tassie Devil (Colour: Pink Lady) was taken after 2 winds but not by the larger fish. Not caring at the time, and a little while later I land my first NSW rainbow trout at 34cm. The walk back to the car was extremely hard barely seeing a few feet in front of us. Sorry about the lack of photos, but it just wasn't working out with the lack of lighting. Overall it was very exciting, and I hope to return again in the coming weeks and try and land a larger model and maybe the fish are in a more corporative mood. Thanks again to all the advice from everyone, really appreciated.
  14. Had a few days off work and had a deer hunt planned, but the trout obsession kept nagging. Being out of season there were only a few options besides lakes so I had a 3 day hike into the lower section of the coxes river instead where it isn't general trout stream. there were a few good rainbows in the river most in spawn mode so I manged to snag a few with glow bugs. It was fantastic just to be out there solo and the fishing was the icing on the cake.
  15. Hey folks, I have rediscovered fishraider! Turned out I even still have an active account. Thought I'd share a short video of my trout fishing holiday I had with the Mrs. We packed simple light gear, few celtas and rooster tails. And went flicking some mounatins streams on both sides of the mountains. besides the fish it was a great chance to enjoy and explore the high country. One good 44cm rainbow was landed on the thredbo, and we caught another 10 on the streams, an even mix of rainbows and browns which was a lot of fun. Heres a quick youtube vid if you have a moment to watch.
  16. Hi Raiders Just wondering if there have been any catches of trout since the latest let out of water from Warragamba? Ive been down the weir a couple of times with a week in between but haven't seen a fish!!! I did hear one report that some had been landed (Unconfirmed) but I won't believe it till I see it personally. Cheers PJ
  17. Over the last 2 weeks or so the itch to have a fish has been getting the best of me. I finally got my car back from being repaired and on Saturday night I thought bugger it... I'm going for a fish tomorrow (even though Diesel's missus wouldn't let him out to play). I woke up at about 4am on Sunday morning nice and tired, walked outside and was greeted by a sky full of clouds and drizzle. I was ummming and arrring as to how the conditions were going to be but thought stuff it, I am going. I am glad I did as when I got to Katoomba I was above the fog and the clouds were thinning. By the time I got to the dam the weather had come great. There was barely a cloud in the sky and all was looking promising. I wanted to give the waxwing a run after seeing a report on someone catching one on one a couple of weeks ago so I rigged up my 68mm silver one and away I went. I was flicking around for about 1 1/2 hours walking all the time and then it happened. At about 7.30am I was on. The fight went for a couple of minutes on the 2-4kg T-curve loaded with 4lb braid and 6lb leader on my 1000 stradic I purchased from squidboy. It was a lovely little rainbow hen which came in just under 50cm but was nice and fat. Unfortunately after I unhooked her for a couple of pics I dropped her on the hard clay which ripped off quite a few scales so I thought I would take her home for a feed. I kept fishing for a few more hours for another hookup but dropped it mid fight unfortunately. I wasn't too phased though I was happy with the first one and any day fishing is a good days fishing, especially if you manage to catch one of those wiley trout. I saw a couple of nice bows swimming in the shallows but they weren't interested in the half a dozen different things I threw at them ranging from minnows to plastics, I am guessing they were a couple of late faux spawner's. I ended up leaving at about midday rather happy that I managed to do what I set out to do with the lure I wanted to test and it coming up trumps.