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Found 10 results

  1. Gday guys, finally off on my next overnight fishing adventure (pending auntie Gladys giving us the ok). Looking at heading down to Tumut before season closes. Anyone got any good spots worth flicking a line or any rivers to focus on? Would love to find some really beautiful smaller water but with some deeper holes. We will just be walking and wading. Any tips on rivers that are going well recently would be great too. Thanks!!
  2. Hi My names Daniel, I've been fishing trout for years at Lake Eucumbene on bait and had great successes, But the time has come to challenge myself and boy what a challenge it has been. i would really love some help with the following Your Location: Tarago NSW but will travel Fishing technique: Trout on fly in creeks Availability: ill make time :) Preferred location: Around Braidwood or goulburn NSW the snowys i don't mind Provide your own gear? Yes I've enjoyed fishing my whole life and with a kid on the want i would like to
  3. Hi, This is my first post. I love spinning for trout and finally get a chance to spend a few days up near Ebor, NSW before camping with friends further up on the Nymbioda. My fiancè and I only have a few days so hoping you fellas can help us find some good spots. I get that some spots are treasured secrets and that may require permission from the land owner, but any general tips or advice on where to start would be greatly appreciated. I wouldn't even know where to start on asking a land owner for permission to catch and release on their property. Here's a br
  4. Hi all, a mate and I are heading to Lake Eucembene for 2-3 days on the weekend of the 1st/2nd of December (2 weeks time). I've never been there before so just after some tips, advice, recommendations on fishing trout or other species, tackle, clothing, times of day to fish, accommodation etc. This is a dedicated fishing trip. We went to Thompson Creek Dam back in July but the trout were all spawning, so no love (for us anyway). I dont have access to any fly fishing gear and would prefer to stick to my spinning gear. Happy to rough it out, in fact i'd love to camp by the lake, but don
  5. Hi all, Had the pleasure of spending a week hiking through the Western Lakes in Tasmania stalking browns on fly. Long story short, the fishing was hard with numbers down on last year. The guys I was with reckon we saw 50% less fish than any other year. Happy to take their word as they have 30 years of annual trips between them. Low water levels following a hot, dry summer appear to be a factor as we found a few almost dead fish in some of the higher, almost dried out tarns. All fish caught on dries (adam's parachutes) though we did fish wets early in the trip as it took 3 days befor
  6. anyone know of any decent streams close by to any train stations in the blue mountains?
  7. Hi all. I’m keen to head into the Blue Mountains to try my luck on the local trout streams. With a combination of drought, carp, blackberries, etc, is it even worth it? I’ve heard mixed reports about the quality of the recent fishing. I’m happy to trek and camp to get to some isolated spots, but would like an idea of whether there will be fish there before I head off! Not asking for your secret spots or anything, but would appreciate some thoughts about the current state of fishing in the area. Thanks in advance.
  8. Last week we headed up to the Nymboida full of confidance that we were going to hit some fish. As soon as we pulled up I knew we were in trouble the river was up not by much but it only takes a 6 inch rise to make the Nymboida basically unfishable. After the mandatory swear words plan B was formed and a quic phone call and it was off to chase some trout. The trout creek was also up a bit, but atleast it was fishable It certainly is a magic looking spot The fishing started slow and I mean worryingly slow but after some persistance casting the runs a decent rainbow came from
  9. HI All, Hopeful to find a few trout streams to flick around in the Southern Highlands area. Have been looking at the Wollondilly and the Wingecarribee on google maps and some of their feeder streams. Just wondering if anyone had any tips or suggested locations before I head out exploring? I know I'll probably end up with carp and redfin but thought it was worth a shot. I'll just be fishing on foot with some smaller hardbodies and maybe some plastics. Cheers
  10. Feels like I haven't been catching fish lately, largely because I haven't. I've been getting more and more hooked on fly since picking up the wand 10-ish months ago, and the last few months has seen an increase in donuts commensurate with the amount of dust building on the spin gear. Nevertheless, goals are beginning to get kicked - here are the highlights of a few outings in the last month or so. First, a trip past the mountains to the Coxs and surrounds. Long story short I dropped a few small browns, including one on the bank whilst being schooled by my mate-come-guide. Nick had mo
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