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Found 4 results

  1. PB pike. Short report about my PB pike. We went yeastarday all family on cruising on lake. Swimming ext ext. Allso ate some ice creams on shore. Was 6pm when we arrival back to harbour. Saija, Veikka and piki dog drive to home, but i call to Shappo00 and asking him fishing for short time with me and Vili. I pick up Shappo and drive back to harbour. We drive slowly to ”hotspot” and fixed gears ready. First Shappo fishing baitfishs for us. One roach was small and he want put back in river, but i sayd that i can use it. Last time was big bait= big fish and now should be small bait= big fish. We catch 7 roach for bait and slowly drive to rusty sign. Same spot where i catch last time my pb zander and Vili catch pb pike, and Shappo catch allso big zander. We locket i pilot and i sayd to Vili that he can start fishing with softplastic and i start made ready bait rods. Shappo allso start casting with softplastic. I tuc that smallest roach and put line on river. start fixed Vili´s baitrod, and looking why my rod ”shaking”, test but didnt feel any fish there, so i loose more line on river. Start again fixed Vili´s rod, but still my rod shaking, but reel didint give noice. So i put brake tight, waind loose line in and pul fast. ”Fish on” i sayd and could`nt belive, same spot again, and igain something big. I ask Shappo if he can made video again. I remember, that i allmoste lose my pb zander, becouse brake was too tight, so i did try assembly brake enought tight, but not too tight. I was quite calm, if fish escape, it escape. So fish pull, i pull. Its coming closer and ipromise to Vili that he cant try use net. Net use was more complicated that normal, becouse we had only short handle and smaller net, allso stream make it difficult. I pull fish near to boat and we did try get it net first time. Didnt want go and fight continue. Finally fish was enought tired and Vili get it head on net, and i sliding end of the net around pike. I was sure, that it was my PB pike. Shappo had measure and we check it 90cm and scale show 5.45kg. What a fight and what fish, biggest fish what i have ever catch in Finland. ”Wohoo” i little smile, least allmoste. We still continue fishing and change spot once, Shappo had bite on softplastic but nothing more anymore. So drive back to harbour, stop take one more picture pike with me and Vili on sunsed light. Then back to home, and then cleaning fish. Today we again ate fish and ships finnish version. Sorry my english, i am too lazy use google translator. I put some pictures and wait when Shappo send me video clip and put it then here. Jani
  2. Hi all, Managed to get Tuesday off work to fish Woy Woy with a mate. The plan was to try our recently purchased Sugapens on whiting. Until now I'd had very little luck with my surface luring attempts. I've had follows, misses, hookups and a few dropped fish but I can't recall ever really ticking the box properly. We hit the flats at the top of the tide. I tied on a shallow Fat Dog and Nick had his trusty Towadi, prospecting the surface. It wasn't long before I'd dropped a solid bream and Nick drew fish blood with a snook of all things. We were surprised initially, but the snook proved to be the order of the day. We had a number of bream, flathead, tarwhine and juvenile reddies fall prey to our plastics and hardbodies, but the only players in the surface division were the masses of angry, hungry snook who proved to be very obliging targets. They weren't fussy about the retrieve, sometimes hitting it during a rip and other times on the pause. Once decided they like the look of the lure, there was no stopping them. The Sugapen thankfully lived up to its hype, with fish taking a swipe on the first cast and hooking up shortly after. All up we would've landed over a dozen snook each, the smallest going 30-35cm. I wouldn't call them hard fighting for their size, but the visual aspect was awesome fun. Fish of the day was the snook which took us by surprise, falling victim to the Sugapen 7F like his smaller friends. This thing cleared the water on its first swipe, missing the lure twice more before finally nailing it on the pause.
  3. Fished the usual area around Concord with the usual buddy for the usual suspects & ended up having quite a good little session. Armed with our light spin gear (I was fishing 3lb fluro straight through, Nick had his 6/4 braid/leader) and a few plastics, we found the water to be clearer than we ever remember seeing it. Coupled with a weak tide & little to no wind, we weren't sure how much joy we would have. Ended up with 7 bream between us (28-36cm), 3 whiting (31, 39 & 41cm respectively), 2 flatties (to 50cm) and a half decent flounder, all caught in less than a couple of feet of clear, cold water. The salmon were nowhere to be seen. On tackle - the Zman grubz proved the winners again, despite me trying a few other options (gulp crabbies, 3 inch nemesis, hard bodies and a soft vibe). I like the nemesis, but compared to the zmans, it takes a lot more to get the tail swimming. Not ideal when you need to slow things right down. Anyway, here are the moving pictures:
  4. Fished the Colo with a retired workmate last Friday, spending a lot of time on the river flats, targeting shallow, shady snags. Mullet were everywhere and plenty of rat bass were caught on shallow divers in the channels near the banks, often in a foot or less of water. Largest went to Chris and guestimeasured in the late 30's but the average fish would've been low 20's. The clear water made for some good visual fishing despite the cooler weather deterring a strong surface bite. Highlight(s) of the day were us spooking a couple of healthy plate sized duskies right up in the fresh. Even managed to get one on film.