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Found 18 results

  1. Hey All, Welcome to another video!!! Havent been able to get out since our last video, due to weather and other commitments. We have been neglecting the crabs quite a bit this season so we decided to give the kingfish a rest for abit and see if we cant get a nice feed of blue swimmers. Whilst waiting around for the crabs we had planned to target Flathead and Flounder with our usual method of drifting with white bait. The wind and tide was in our favour that day so it turned out to be fairly productive on the fishing front, although the crabs werent as productive as previous years maybe du
  2. Jeez, havent the kings been firing lately in the bay, We went out on 2 separate trips on the first trip we caught a total of 7 kingfish keeping 5 with the largest going 83 Then on the second trip we caught a total of 6 kingfish keeping 3 with the largest going 85. We have been fortunate enough to avoid the plagues of rats with the majority of the fish being over 75cm. Live Squid ofcourse outperformed all other livebait by far, roughly 4 - 1 when compared to live yakkas. Both days we managed fairly high numbers of calamari first day catching 6 and the second day catching 9. Around 3 hou
  3. Hey All, We headed offshore for another day of bottom bashing for Flathead. Simple Paternoster rig with Salted Slimey Mackerel done the trick and outfished all other baits on the day. We were very active in finding the Flathead constantly moving. If your not catching legal flatties within 5 minutes of dropping it's best to up and move until you do. After 3 hours of fishing, we decided to head back with 14 fish biggest going 50cm. Its good to be able to stock the freezer again and have flatties cant wait to get onto the crabs!!
  4. Started early morning collecting live slimy Mackerel for a chance at a good kingfish and to stock up on slimy fillets to salt. Then headed offshore to try and find the deep sea Flathead. We headed north out of Botany Bay towards Coogee and started searching for them in 30 meters of waters being plagued by Sargent bakers and red rock cods we bounced around eventually working our way out to 50 meters by then we were only just north of Cape Banks. Where we found the patch and boated 6 within 20 minutes by then the wind had picked up and we were forced back inside the bay. All in all, we end
  5. Hey guys we headed out to make the most of the great weather on Saturday and Sunday. On saturday our plan was to fish the high tide for an hour or so then head over to towra to see if there were any crabs about. Unfortunately there were no crabs but the kings were out to play only taking live squid. Ended the day with 1 hookup and one bust off catching 1 fat king at 78cm. Sunday was pretty much the same, except we wanted to solely target kings for the high tide. We had difficulties catching the live squid only managing two, and we had 1 hookup and 1 bust off again!! We left with another
  6. Hey guys, we headed out on back to back trips to stock up on some Flathead, our last 3 trips we have a managed a solid feed of flatties. First trip was 3 Flathead all over 45 and one fish going 53. Our second and third trip is what you see here in this video. First day we managed a 65 and 55cm Flathead. To follow it up on the third day with a nice mixed bag of fish with the standout being that stonker whiting!!! Flathead, Slimy Mackerel, Calamari, Tailor and Kingfish are all starting to fire within the bay. There have even been reports of pan size Snapper being caught.
  7. Story Time Hi Raiders… here’s my report. Applied for leave and it was approved. Decided to take my boat out of Sydney for the first time and tow it up to Port Stephens for a small break, took the partner and my mum up as we all needed a little break from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. Shopped around for accommodation for 4 nights and found a place that would accommodate a small trailerboat for a comfortable price….it was about a 12-minute drive to the boat ramp I was planning on launching from, Soldiers Point which was acceptable enough for me to endure for the money
  8. We headed out to Botany on Good Friday the 19th for one last crack at the crabs, we managed 4 good sized blue swimmers and we also had a productive day of Flathead fishing. We caught 5 flatties in total all in the low 40's. We then headed out on Easter Monday solely targeting Flathead it was a much more productive day we caught 5 flathead in total and the biggest coming in at a very fat at 65cm caught on 6Lb line it was a great fight! We also caught a rat king at 63cm again on 6Lb which was an even better fight. All in all we had a great day out Caught a nice feed of Flathead and h
  9. Hey guys i recently made a video on how we rig our live squid just a simple snell rig through the tip of the hood and one near the head. So what i wanted to know was how everyone else goes about rigging their livies and what hook size you use.
  10. Hi all, Had the pleasure of spending a week hiking through the Western Lakes in Tasmania stalking browns on fly. Long story short, the fishing was hard with numbers down on last year. The guys I was with reckon we saw 50% less fish than any other year. Happy to take their word as they have 30 years of annual trips between them. Low water levels following a hot, dry summer appear to be a factor as we found a few almost dead fish in some of the higher, almost dried out tarns. All fish caught on dries (adam's parachutes) though we did fish wets early in the trip as it took 3 days befor
  11. Hi Raiders, I hadn't been Kayak fishing in a long time, so decided to dust off the kayaks and head to the central coast. With uni starting again, it is hard to find the time to fish, so any chance i have to get out is cherished and enjoyed. Left the house after the morning traffic had subsided a bit and made the journey to central coast. Got there and started setting up and rigging up. I was using a mix of baits and plastics to target some flatties. I used either squid or pillies on a paternoster rig and also worked some squidgy bloodworm wrigglers and some berkley gulps. I drif
  12. Hi Raiders Took the boat out a couple of nights ago and went to target some bread and butter species around middle harbour Caught 3 fatties with one going 60cm. Caught 2 legal Bream as well. Flatties caught down deep on a paternoster rig with squid Bream was caught on lightly weighted pillies and prawns. Threw a live yakka down but the tailor kept biting it to pieces. Ended up hooking one but lost it boat side. Would of been about 45-50cm So not too bad for a couple hours fishing. Caught a lot of those spotted big eyes again. Once we started burleying, they
  13. Hi Raiders, Went out for a fish a few days ago but didn't post a report straight away because I wanted to make a video as well. Fishing with my brother as per usual and we launched the boat at Tunks just before sunrise. Tried to get a few squid but no luck, but did manage to get a few yakka. Plan was to try and target some kings with the live bait. We went near north head and managed to hook up a bonito on one of the yakkas but spat the hook near the boat, apart from that not much else was happening. This was until we saw heaps of birds working a patch of fish about a cou
  14. I wanted to try my luck on luderick and fly in the east, but Nick was on a short leash and desperately needed a quick bend in the rod so we opted for an early start in the inner west in between downpours. What's fishing without mates, eh? Despite a negligible tide and fresh dirty water, it wasn't long before we got stuck into bream, flathead, a thin whiting, a legal tailor (my first from here) and a fat salmon. Definitely felt like winter had arrived, with a few less fish than normal but much better quality (bream to 36, with a healthy late-20s average). The sambo went 52cm and gave
  15. The rivers close this weekend! Finally got around to making a vid from our visit in May. Or if you prefer a thousand words, here's the original report. Tight lines
  16. Had a few sessions in the last month at our usual spot around Hen and Chicken. Gotta say, the fishing still feels like summer. Not a heap of action on surface (we rarely have much success on surface lures here), but you couldn't stop them from smashing our plastics. As usual, Zman Grubz in Motor Oil, Gudgeon & Bloodwoorm with a smidge of S-Factor on a light head did the trick. Had some love on the hardbodies, but the plastics were far and away the winners on every occasion. Overall the fish have been small, with only a handful of legals caught per outing, though we're not complaining
  17. Hi all, Had the absolute pleasure of being invited down for my workmate's annual Tassie fishing adventure to target the summer browns on dry flies through the Chudleigh Lakes system on Tasmania's Central Plateau, along with another fur'n'feather guy who came the year before. The route was planned based on Greg French's work and I was in experienced hands to assist with the hiking and fly fishing as I'm relatively new to both. My fly rod (G Loomis Pro 4X 6wt) and reel (Daiwa Lochmore SLA) arrived a fortnight before (how do I cast this thing!?) we were due to fly into Launceston on Feb
  18. Heres a video of me and the old man getting into some salmon, took the go pro and made this short video check it out Cheers!
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