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  1. Easter Saturday I took my family for a day trip to Soldiers Beach near Norah Head. A beautiful sunny day for beach. While my 3 yrs old Son and my wife was playing with waves and making sand castle I thought to cast a line in the water, but I only had a 6 ft long Rod setup with an old Abu Garcia reel (12yrs old) that I kind of use to catch live baits with a small long shank hook and a tiny little sinker. I thought to myself I won’t get anything with this setup as it’ll be absolutely impossible to cast any farther then a meter or two from where I was standing. I had few sand worm in a zip lock bag and a small bucket in the car. I didn’t have anything else with me ( left my tackle box at home , this is what happen when you don’t wanna upset your partner with your fishing plan but you still have a plan with a small ‘incase’) Looking at the beach and there’s people everywhere but not a single beach fisho. But I still wanted to just have some fun time. So I started , 1st cast I couldn’t feel anything as my line was pushed towards me with the wind and waves, so I started reeling and bang! I feel a little tension and a nice little whiting. Let it live another day. 2nd cast almost the same thing and got a 28cm whiting, now I was super pumped as 2 cast 2 fish only happened in my dream before. Filled up the bucket with water and kept the fish in the bucket. My 3yrs old son was super excited to see a fish and ran to me screaming “ pishinggg daddy ; I wam (want) pishingg”. So I cast again and gave him the rod to hold and to my surprise he started reeling the line like a pro. ( I guess he saw me watching plenty of YouTube videos) and then the biggest surprise he actually got a 32cm whiting ,probably the biggest one of the day. Rest of the day he was busy with his fish in the bucket and let me fish. We end up 8 legal size whiting and let go plenty almost legal sizes. A great day with my Son’s first ever catch.
  2. Hi All,I had been waiting for the covid windows to open to revisit this amazing area. They aligned, and off I set on the 2 1/2 day drive. Two night time stopovers and I’m there early afternoon on the third day.I had both border passes needed, no check point going into Victoria and a quick check at the SA entry. I stayed at arguably one of the best designed and appointed caravan parks in Oz. The bay is known for its King George whiting, blue swimmer crabs and calamari.The boat is now a 370 Quintrex Dart, still with the 15HP Yamaha, also an electric has been fitted. Like most areas, fishing is dependant on the wind, and it can be windy here, but there were ample days to fish. Mostly acceptable weather, one wet day, and a couple of 40’ days thrown in for the three weeks I was there. Launching for most boaters at this park is at a firm sandy beach about 1 k away.No need for a day by day description, but I managed to find the whiting schools and you can pull in 5 or 6 in one spot, but then sometimes just the one, and sometimes several moves are needed to find any. Find the sand patches, and a slow retrieve does it. Size isn’t huge in this bay, a good one is 380, typical is 320-350. Standard rig used, 12 lb trace, but what may be different is I use a K/L 1/0 black magic circle hook.Blue swimmers are abundant, there are several professionals working the bay, but the crabs are in near plaque proportions, with 3 drop nets you can get your 20 in 3-4 hours, all male and full. Or, as your fishing drop a net over the side. One day I watched the crab move onto the net, before pulling it up. 3 times. Calamari are plentiful, although I only caught them for bait, 1/2 a small squid will get you 10 whiting. But they make up the third part of my crab, whiting and squid pizza. Razor fish (razor clams) are in the shallows, and I had never tried them before, I had heard mixed opinions, but I enjoyed them, a bit like a scallop.Snapper are protected in SA at the moment, and of course as my luck would have it I had to catch one whilst whiting fishing, released. Proof of just how good the circle hooks are, shown in the pic.I also did a day trip to Smoky Bay jetty for the gars and some local oysters from Smoky Bay oysters. That probably sums the trip up, trip back home was again 2 1/2 days with stopovers on the The Murray and The Murrumbidgee. Happy to get some unleaded fuel at Mildura for just under a dollar a litre.Cheers.
  3. Hey legends, I'm after some sandflats to surface fish around Sussex inlet/St George's basin? Any worth looking at and times? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey guys, we headed out on back to back trips to stock up on some Flathead, our last 3 trips we have a managed a solid feed of flatties. First trip was 3 Flathead all over 45 and one fish going 53. Our second and third trip is what you see here in this video. First day we managed a 65 and 55cm Flathead. To follow it up on the third day with a nice mixed bag of fish with the standout being that stonker whiting!!! Flathead, Slimy Mackerel, Calamari, Tailor and Kingfish are all starting to fire within the bay. There have even been reports of pan size Snapper being caught. Feel free to ask any questions and ill be sure to answer!
  5. Went out to the Crooked River today at Gerroa on my kayak to go for some flathead and whiting. Pumped some nippers the evening before and kept most of them alive for the trip. It was blowing 25km winds NE at 9am which made things tough. First spot produced one little whiting which went back in. The wind was driving me insane so I paddled into a nearby creek to escape the wind and to see if anything was biting. Nothing was there to eat my bait. I decided to try and fish between the two bridges but I had a gut feeling that I should fish on the flat at the second bridge which was also a little bit protected from the wind. After around 10 minutes of fishing the flat I caught another little whiting and then another the next cast. While trying to adjust my anchor and position of the kayak my rod buckled. I was onto a decent fish and after a few short runs I had a 33cm whiting at the edge of my kayak. After that fish the bites slowed down and the wind started to get worse and worse. I dumped my remaining nippers and paddled back down stream against the chop and wind which was a little tough but I got there eventually. Can’t wait to get out again and hopefully get some flathead and some more whiting.
  6. Last week I went fishing in Sydney harbour targeting whiting. I used a packet of berkley gulp bloodworms that I purchased six months ago and hadn’t opened yet. To my surprise the plastic fell apart quite easily and fish were able to pick the lure easily off the hook. Had many many nibbles (assuming puffer fish) but no luck with any whiting. Has anyone else had issues with the lures falling apart/ breaking/ etc off the hook? Or do I assume it was a faulty packet?
  7. Hi All, I watched a fishing show on tele on the weekend they were catching Whiting using Razor Fish as bait. I know there are Razor Fish in Lake Macquarie, i have been lucky enough not to find one the hard way yet ie stepping on them, so im wondering where i might find them? Cheers
  8. Well after reading everyone's reports over the past few weeks, I'm finally adding my own (also first time posting!). Been over to Stockton Beach on occasion over the past couple of months (mainly in the late arvo till dark) with nothing to show for it other than some good snaps of the sunset. There always seemed to be too much swell and never seemed to get even a bite trying a number of different baits. Sunday 3rd March High tide (0722am) just seemed to line up perfectly with sunrise and I'd heard the whiting were starting to bite so I set the alarm early. I was at the baitshop at 6am for some live beach worms (I'll learn how to catch my own one day!) and after a little car trouble, made it beachside by 7am. We went on at the Anna Bay end and found a nice hole approx 3kms along. I baited the first rod for my husband (he doesn't go much for fishing bit he tries for my sake). It felt like mere seconds after casting the first line in that there was a fish on the end and a nice little bream was in the Esky. I hadn't even managed to change the hooks on my line to have a cast before the whiting started. They were biting pretty consistently until around 0930am. Threw back a few smaller ones and went home with 6, the biggest around 35cm. Wednesday 6th March I sent the hubby to work today and took my mum with me instead hoping to catch another feed of whiting. High tide was predicted at 0916am and we were on the beach around 0830am. Found a nice hole around the 2km point and fished for a couple of hours with not a single bite. We used beach worms and pipis and I even threw in some sp and lures. Moved up the beach a couple more clicks and still no luck. Packed it in around 1200. Saturday 9th March So I'm on night shift tonight but snuck in an early morning run to see if these whiting would bite again. Figured we got the bites early last time and maybe they weren't biting with the tide. By 0630am we were on the beach, hunted around for a few pipis and found a nice hole again around the 3km point. After an hour without a bite and a fair bit of weed around, we moved up a couple of clicks. Still nothing and it was getting around 1000am with high tide due at 1132am. My plan was to be home by midday and in bed for a nap before work so naturally the fish started biting. Definately not the sort of bites we were getting last weekend but still bagged 4 good size whiting and another bream before the wind picked up too much and we called it a day! In conclusion, I have decided that whiting just bite whenever they feel like it! The water out there is beautiful at the moment and so clear you can see the schools of fish at times. Also seen a huge pod of dolphins and a gorgeous sea eagle
  9. Just a short report on my quick session before work today. I've been itching to get out there, but quite honestly it is tough going among the holidaymakers (not a complaint - everyone should be encouraged to get amongst the outdoors!). It just means a little more walking to find a quiter spot. Anyhow - I had one worm that survived my home curing attempt and looked passable. I found a little corner spot at the (Nobby's) breakwall where I could cast to a patch of sand. A few 'silver biddies' (herring?) came on the bite right away. That was followed by a small whiting, then these two fish in two casts. I have never caught a morwong before - I thought I'd hooked a drummer as it certainly gave a good account of itself on the whiting rod! After landing these two, a crowd of fishing lines magically merged from further down the wall to be in very close proximity to me - so it was time to pack it up. Both fish measured 37cm caught on preserved worm, #4 long shank hook 8lb line with a very small (pea size) running sinker. In at 6am done by 7am. If anyone has some advice on how to best preserve beach worms I would be keen to learn more. This was my first time doing so (with methylated spirit in a jam jar) and I don't think it quite worked out - are they better to freeze in some newspaper? Or is there a knack to curing them?
  10. Decided to brave the holiday crowds this morning as I had a later start at work. Headed over to Stockton to find the beach as heavily trafficked as I can remember seeing it - must have been a fisherman every 25m as far up the beach as I could see. In any case there were still fish to be found on the upcoming tide, I kept 5 whiting for the table, ranging between 35cm-40cm. Also caught a few chopper tailor, flathead & dart which were released. All fish were taken on pipi baits (which were just rolling up on the beach with the rising tide). Paternoster rig, 10lb trace to a #2 long shank hook. You don’t need to cast very far for the fish, just over the whitewash is plenty - I cast right on to the sandbars when the tide is up, the fish seem to like feeding there. Whilst there were heaps of people fishing, not many of them seemed to be catching anything - just folks out enjoying their holidays. I have found a good system of using the crowds to my advantage, I look for a small group fishing together using pilchards for bait. They are effectively just creating a steady burley trail as their baits break up, so follow the current down to the next sandbar from them & pick the fish up there! If you’re heading down to a beach, don’t be afraid to fill up your bucket with plastic/garbage on your walk home! We can all do our bit to help keep the beaches clean during these busy periods.
  11. Hi all, When I began fishing seriously I joined the Fishraider site and found the members very helpful with advice and tips. In the past couple of years I have been concentrating on targeting whiting from the beach. I’m by no means an expert (we are always learning!) but I thought some rookie fishers might find what I’ve learnt interesting – and hopefully useful. I spend most of my time fishing beaches between the NSW Central Coast and South Coast with 80 per cent of the time at Sydney beaches. Reels There have been some questions about the future of Alvey Reels, but they are my choice due to the simplicity of use and functionality. They are more expensive than spinning reels, but with a bit of care they will last forever. I use a size 600. If you prefer a spinning reel I would recommend a size 400. Rod With an Alvey you need a low-mount rod. If you’re a beginner I would recommend a 10.5 foot model with soft-tip. A rod this size is easier to control. I now use a 12 foot model, again with a soft tip – it enables me to cast further, keep the line above the waves and handle larger by-catch (Australian salmon, flathead) which you will get. For spinning outfits, again 10.5 and 12 feet in length are the way to go. Line For Alveys you must use monofilament line. Three kilogram breaking strain is enough to handle the whiting and I have landed a number of 65cm plus Aussie salmon and my PB flathead (97cm) on this weight line. I love Platypus Lo-stretch for its feel, however for a beginner I’d just go for a good quality monofilament as the Lo-stretch can be pretty unforgiving if you get it tangled. For spinning reels, if your reel is for all-rounder use then braid of similar breaking strain is probably best. If you are able to have a reel just for whiting, again I would recommend monofilament. Tackle Hooks. Size four long-shanks. The size means you won’t pick up under-size fish and they are also big enough to catch other species. Mustad saltwater baitholder (92647NP-BN model) is my choice. The baitholder style really helps keep soft baits on the hook. Leader A good quality 4.5kg (10lb) breaking strain fluorocarbon. Sinkers I never go bigger than size 2, and if conditions allow I will go down to size 1 – the lighter the better. Swivels Rolling swivels to suit line-breaking strength of 2-3kg. If you use an Alvey you MUST always use a swivel otherwise you’ll end up with a shocking twisted line which will end up in a bird-nest tangle. Rigs I use two rigs. The first is straightforward and I would recommend it to start with. I also go back to it if there is weed around as there are less parts than rig two. Rig 1 Gear: 35-40cm leader, two hooks, swivel, red or orange plastic tubing (you can get this at tackle or craft shops), size 2 ball or bean sinker Step 1. Tie a hook to the leader. Step 2 Slide a 4cm piece of plastic tubing onto the line and down to the hook. Step 3 Thread the second hook onto the leader so it sits on top of the tubing. This hook is not fixed; it can slide up and down the leader. Step 4 Tie the swivel on to the leader. Step 5 Thread the sinker on to the main line. Step 6 Tie the main line to the swivel. Rig 2 This is the rig that fishing guide Alex Bellissimo designed, so I can’t take credit for it. If my instructions are unclear you can find a video of him explaining it on YouTube. Gear: 160cm leader, two hooks, two swivels – one that has a snap attached, bomb style sinker size two. Step 1 Tie the swivel without the snap 40cm along the leader (this is the swivel you will attach to the main line). Step 2 Tie the swivel with the snap attached 40cm along the leader from the opposite end. Step 3 Tie first hook on one end of the line. Step 4 Tie second hook on the other end. Your rig from top to bottom should now have – hook, top swivel 40cm down the line, bottom swivel with snap 80cm further down line and then second hook. Attach the top swivel to main line and attach bomb sinker to the snap on the second swivel. Bait I’ve caught whiting on live pipis, nippers, bloodworms, but my favourite bait is live beach worms. If your beach has them (and you can catch them!) then that is way to go. Catching beach worms is another art and I’m sure there are some “How to” posts on the Fishraider forums. If you can’t get live worms then good quality frozen will work. If you can get some live worms and want to preserve them, the best way is to freeze them for an hour so they die humanely. Then put some metho into a plastic takeaway food container and add a few drops of red food colouring. Drop the worms in for 30-60 seconds. The metho toughens the worms and helps them stay on the hook and food colouring gives them a colour that attracts the whiting. They will keep in the freezer for six months in this condition. To use, thread the worm onto the hook headfirst and push around the bend of the hook and right up to the eye of the hook. Leave about 1cm of worm off the end of point, but ensure the point of the hook protrudes from the worm. Technique Learn how to read the beach – this is something that can only be done through experience. Find the gutters (deep water) and target them. A swell of one to three feet is the best conditions – I rarely fish when the surf is bigger than three feet. I like to fish on a rising tide early in the morning (if you’re keen an hour before sunrise is best time to start. It also makes practical sense fishing Sydney beaches, as they are less crowded at this time.) Cast your line into the water – try and time it so you are not casting into a breaking/broken waves. Give the reel a couple of quick turns so your line is tight (loose lines you won’t feel the bite). Slowly, slowly retrieve the line – you want the sinker on the sand, this is where the whiting feed. If there is a current washing the line along the beach, it’s best to try and ‘walk’ down the shore with it – you want the line to be as perpendicular to the shore as possible. When you feel a bite, don’t snatch the rod tip or start to reel in frantically. Slowly lift the rod tip, or slowly give the reel a couple of winds to set the hook. That’s all the pressure you need, a fast movement of either rod or reel will just pull the bait from the fish. Once the fish is on, again, don’t panic! Let the rod do the work, keep the line taught and smoothly reel the fish into the shore. I hope this helps some rookie fishers – a feed of whiting you have caught yourself is the best! Cheers
  12. Hey guys, Long time lurker first time poster, I've been fishing out at the sand bar at grays point chasing whiting on poppers but 2 sessions down and still no bites, My current set up is a Shimano Raider Bream Spinning Rod 7ft 2in 1-4kg with 6 pound braid and a small 4cm storm gomoku popper. I've read online the ideal retrieve is fast and straight for whiting but I can't seem to get the straight part sorted out. The vibrations in tip of the rod seems to cause the popper to dart to one side on the retrieve. My old rod is another graphite rod with a 2-7kg rating would switching back to a less sensitive rod correct the issue? Cheers for the advice!
  13. Hey guys, just wondering what rig/s I should use for whiting off the beach. I've just got some size 6 long shank hooks and I am using pipi's and sandworms as bait.
  14. First up, this is my first fishing report so I'll see how I go. So I'm not too experienced at fishing, however, I've been reading up on everything about how to catch fish and today I feel like I finally did some stuff right. So me and a mate headed down to my local wharf armed with servo prawns and a dread of not catching fish ,I have caught fish before but before this never 2 in one session and it is rare that I large fish (I think this is because of a combination of bad bait, improper use of lures and poor reading of locations.). So we dropped our lines in and fished for almost half an hour without so much as a nibble. At this point things were looking down. It was now that my mate tried his luck with a few casts to pylons near the wharf and was getting some nibbles, I quickly sent a cast to where he was getting bites. On my second cast, I felt a nibble and quickly sent another cast out after failing to hook the fish. Once again I failed to hook the fish, I then tried to thing why I was hooking it and I decided it was because it was pulling the bait of the long shank hook rather than sucking it all in. This time I put only a little bit of bait on the very end. This worked and I was amazed to see a massive whiting on the end of my line. It measured in at 37cm. I continued fishing and caught 2 bream 1 snapper and another whiting, however, unfortunately, they were all very undersize apart from the whiting which was barely legal. Still, I was very happy with this session. Sorry if this report was too long. BTW I was using I think size 6 long shank hooks with a sinker running right down to the hook which had a little bit of prawn on the end. I use these small hooks because they can catch both whiting and small bream, however, I would love to start catching bigger bream so if this is the wrong set up or you have any advice please let me know.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm going to sunshine in Lake Macquarie. I was wondering if anybody knows some good spots for bream, flathead or whiting around there and how to fish them (I'm only going as a once of so I won't take your favourite spot ?). I was also wondering how you guys would go about fishing a jetty/ wharf for bream, I am pretty new to fishing, however, from what I've gathered a running sinker down to a size 1 octopus hook with a bit of servo prawn on it would do ok if not the same caliber as some live poddy mullet suspended under a float, etc. Please put any advice about bread and butter species in this chat and if you feel like it share your PB bream.
  16. Hey guys, going to Narrabeen beach at around 12:00 in a few days. I haven't gone beach fishing before and quite obviously, I want to catch fish. I was just wondering how can maximise my chances of actually getting fish and perhaps scoring a feed.
  17. So decided to have a flick after a birthday dinner with mates. Picked up some nippers to see if the Luderick or Bream will bite under the Balmoral wharf. Was pretty busy when I got there and two mates where already having a fish waiting for their delivery of nippers. Apparently weed and bread dough wouldn't entice... Was a very slow night, we had some Koreans whom were fishing for yakkies, they pulled in about 20ish for the night. Wasn't anything exciting. Another fisho got busted off with something big, he went home with a few Trevs fishing under a float, dont know what bait though as he was to far from us... First cast i landed the massive whiting as you can see below, after that got some yanks but no proper bites. Mate pulled in another whiting as we started to wind things down. He took the nippers home and left me with a couple too play with. Last nipper I got a hit with another whiting but it dropped off as I was reeling it in. l
  18. Hello raiders! I've been seeing some reports lately of some big juicy winter whiting being caught off the beaches and am determined to give it a red hot crack. Trouble is in my 3 years of fishing - from trevs to blackies to kings and jews - I have never had much luck or any kind of consistency with whiting. Any areas or general tips on targeting these guys? I'm not great with finding gutters but willing to put some time in. Also have a nice long noodley rod for the beach paired with an Alvey. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hello raiders! so I've recently started surf fishing for whiting. My first couple of attempts was somewhat successful, as I managed to get on to some fish (mainly targeting whiting/bream). On both occasions the fish were biting but I had to cut both outings short as I was shivering in the cold being wet from the waist down. Even today while I was fishing from 10am-12nn I couldn't fish for much longer as being wet plus the cold wind made it unbearable (was just wearing short pants and shirt + windbreaker jacket for the top). What sort of clothing do you guys normally wear when surf fishing in winter to keep warm (I know it's not really winter yet, but I plan to fish the surf in winter too to avoid the crowd). Any thoughts/experiences on noeprene waders with gum boots or wetsuits? waders seem a bit bulky and wetsuits might be good but your feet will get wet too? thanks in advance for any input.
  20. Hello raiders - a combined report from a few morning trips this week. Some big tides have washed a lot of weed & garbage up on to the beaches, but it hasn’t deterred the fish at all. The whiting have been the pick, most of them 40cm+ and not very fussy! Most beaches have have been producing, and tide seems to matter more than time of day. Fishing the upcoming tide seems to be producing the goods. Live/fresh bait is key, and contrary to most beach fishing - fish AWAY from the gutters! I’ve been having most success fishing right up on the sand bars, right where the waves are breaking. There’s some nice bream & dart in the mix, and also some stud flathead - although this time of year through March those are mostly really big jenny’s that we’d do well to release. Breaks my heart seeing some of those big flatties being kept, they are our breeding stock & there’s no shortage of “plate sized” fish to keep for a feed. Tight lines all, it’s a lovely time of year to be out fishing!
  21. Hey raiders just wondering on how to catch bloodworms or sandworms I’ve watched a few clips on YouTube but was wondering if anyone had a debrief on how to do it or had some tips for me on where to get started cheers
  22. Recently caught at the mouth of Elimbah Creek off the bank using blood worm, full of roe so let her go to do her thing. MSB
  23. Hi Raiders It's been a while between posts however thought I'd share a great morning's fishing. Headed out about 7:30am armed with a dozen king worms, not knowing what to expect as the seas have been massive the past week. Plenty of action with almost a full bag of whiting between 29cm & 40cm by 9:30am decided to call it a day. They were biting on then the smallest piece of worm which is strange in my experience - must be hungry! Same old rig as always with a large ball sinker - 3ft trace down to a No.2 baitholder hook. Another point to mention, I've been buying the rather expensive vanish fluorocarbon 10lb leader. Today for the first time I tried the vanish fluorocarbon main-line as my leader with one rod and the usual on the other. Didn't seem to be any difference and it's roughly 4x cheaper by the metre. It was great with minimal knots and twists. I guess the leader line must be more abrasion resistant or something?? Anyway they're both 100% fluorocarbon and invisible under the water so I'm happy - just upped the strength to 12lb which should counter-act the loss in abrasion resistance hopefully. Cheers, James
  24. Just a short report from a few sessions. Newcastle beaches holding good numbers of fish - and bigger numbers of fisherman! If you can find a little gutter away from the headlamps & noise - you’ll find enough dart, whiting, flatty and tailor to keep you on your toes. Whiting are hitting really nicely, averaging about 40cm. Interestingly - I’ve not caught a bream in weeks, though have seen a few reds landed at Redhead & Stocko - not sure if there’s any reason or just coincidence. Yabbies / pipi / beachworm the go, I’ve been fishing 5-7 am or pm.
  25. Went down port stephens for a change and got some nice whiting along with a flattie and bream. Using Nippers for bait. And 6lb flurocarbon leader
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