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Found 1 result

  1. Hello fishraider fam! *LONG READ AHEAD* So yesterday me and krause set up a trip for yakkers with a solid turnout of us two hahaha. Here's how the day went. Neither of us could sleep so we were both up at 2:30am LOL. I made it down to La-pa at 4am hoping to get into some squid. Being the first time I've tried to properly go for squid this was going to an interesting morning to say the least. When krause got here, we casted out jigging and waiting and after a solid 20-30 casts and we were striking up a cracking convo I felt a heavy weight at the end of the line and thus that was my first squid! Bloody beautiful creature, unfortunately to be turned into a livie in about 2 hours. Hooray to $2 cheapie jigs (time to buy a hell lot more). By 530am we were both on the water after a successful beach launch in yarra bay (very important that it was successful because I have a poor experience with beach launches, krause can confirm). We spent the next 1-1.5 hours searching for yakkas and more squid before heading to moli point. Seeing good reports the day prior but also a bit hesitant because of the big ass shark report. Regardless we went up to moli point where a few boats were already waiting. Upon arrival we start our first drift and hear one of the tinnies shout "^*&% it's a SHARK", you can imagine our faces and the chatter on the walkies after that. The other boat had hooked up to a rat and was taken by a shark (not sure what species) He proceeded to fight it for a good thirty minutes and was towed out in the bay. Regardless we fished on, my livie harassed, now dead but relatively untouched. I picked up a nice 42cm trevally, very fat and great fight on the light outfit and then things slowed down for a bit. Krause picked up a rat to 62cm on a live yakka and then I picked up a 55ish one on a microjig with the gomoku (my fave fishing method right now). From there things really slowed down until another guy on a tinnie picked up a rat which was circled by ANOTHER SHARK on the way up... well okay then that kind of explains the lack of action for the day. Moving on, we moved on towards the drums where things got interesting... It was lovely seeing the big ass seals that lived on the drums, I love me a bit of nature. We went over our spot for a single drift before things got interesting. Krause yelled out to me to turn around and as soon as I do I see a bloke fall off a small 3m tinnie. The tinnie proceeds to tilt 45+ degrees into the water and takes on a ton of water, I was expecting it to flip but amazingly it righted itself. The lip of the tinnie now sat 5cm off the surface of the water and with the wind chop picking up, things didn't look good. I paddled over immediately to see if I could offer any assistance shortly followed by Krause. To my surprise it was two old blokes in the boat, easily 60+. The one in the drink hadn't even had his life jacket done up properly, it was unzipped and just floating around (ALWAYS WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKET AND WEAR IT PROPERLY). By now the currents picked up and the wind had picked up. The one in the drink could not get himself back into the boat and that was probably for the best seeing that the boat was almost a submarine... He slid down to the back of the boat and held on whilst his mate drove the thing towards the drums. This whole time whilst we were trying to instruct them, old mate in the boat was making jokes about his mate "hows the water?", "great day for a swim isn't it", "hahaha you fell in the water", "haha this is why you never fall off the boat", etc etc clearly not helping with the situation. At this stage, the one in the drink was panting heavily and clearly stressed out. Eventually we get to the drums and now hes holding onto the rope there for dear life. Old mate gets out of the boat and tries to deadlift him out of the water (not smart), so krause decides to give a hand whilst I look after the gear and watch over the sitch. He jumps onto the drums and lies in all the seal faeces and vomit and fish remains to clip up the guys life jacket (Krause is a legend, a poop and fish covered legend). Now we realised our biggest problem. The bloke was atleast 120-140kg... so getting him out of the water was pretty much impossible. After 30 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to get him out of the water another fishing vessel had just anchored up for a fish. Also can I just mention, the bloke in the drink did not co-operate with krauses advice and instruction and would not try to get himself out of the water all in the meantime he didn't trust his lifejacket. Anyway so I paddle over to the boat and ask for assistance, he rushes over and tries to get the bloke on board asking him to swim 2 metres to get onto the ladder of the boat. He didn't want to so he was thrown a rope to get pulled onto the boat, still wouldnt work with us, now hes clinging to the boat for life and needs to get around the outboard, he slips and he still wouldn't swim (starting to think he can't swim) and was drifting away from the boat, luckily he somehow mad it to the ladder, but he wouldn't try to climb it properly. The guy in the boat tried to deadlift him out but being the PT I am, his form would have lead to slipping a disc or hurting himself badly, so I told him to not pull him out for now and just try to get him to get himself out. Eventually after several attempts he made it out of the drink into the boat. Clearly exhausted and covered in cuts from the drums he rested. Problem 2 was the half submerged tinnie. It had now been caught behind the drums by the current and I tried to push it with the yak, but there was no success there. Krause then jumped in to bail out the water as the old bloke couldn't do it himself. HERE IS THE DAMN KICKER. They were keeping undersized fish in the boat..... AFTER ALL THIS... they were keeping undersized fish. But our problem wasn't that at the moment and after several minutes of bailing, old mate jumps back in and takes control of the boat. He drives over and tries to get his mate into the tinnie, which is obviously a stupid idea because it was still underwater, luckily the bigger boat offered to take him back to the boat ramp. Now that everyone was safe and sound the one in the boat floors it literally 2 metres in front of me, almost capsizing me in the process without offering any thanks to either of us and almost lost control of the boat as he bent over to pick up something. The boat was now sitting 2cm above the water as he sat down and put his weight in the back. ANYWAY after the successful rescue mission we headed back to the sailing club ramp which took a solid 30min fighting a ton of wind chop... not fun. After that we went and grabbed burgers near by and tried for some more squid with me picking up 2 more and krause picking up and dropping 1 I can safely say I am now addicted to squidding and will be getting out more to practise!!! LOVE IT. At the end, I had 2 squid and 1 trev for dinner! Quite an eventful day I guess and fairly relaxing I guess. A quick dip in yarra bay was a fair highlight of the day. Here's a summary of the day incase that was too long a read: 1. Always wear a life jacket and wear it properly 2. Know your limits and know your boats limits 3. Please don't ever get to a stage where you are 120kg+, there are people out there that will help you avoid this or help you recover from this such as myself. It's not even just the weight, it's even more so losing control of you body and the inability of making your body do what you want it to do. 4. Don't ever risk your life for a fish, especially not undersized fish (DON'T EVER TAKE UNDERSIZED FISH)