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Found 2 results

  1. By no means am I Blacktiph but I have filmed a few youtube videos documenting a lot of fishing. Here are some tips to get started filming, editing and uploading your videos. And by reading this I hope you are inspired to start filming and uploading to youtube so that fellow raiders can get more depth to your reports and see the fish. We can all share so much more when we add a video to it. To get started all you need is a camera an editing software like Imovie or some internet a google account and something worthy to film. In terms of gear. The Action cameras that are waterproof are the absolute best because of the fact that they can be washed and have the smelly fish blood and scales removed. They also won't break if you happen to get hit with spray or have a fish splash around boat side. The Gopro series of cameras fit this set of requirements quite well and they are what I personally use. The newer models are also slightly better because they can be run without a case and have more control of the recoding settings. To get good footage while your fishing takes a little bit of practice but having a large SD (32 GIGS +) card in the camera helps so that you can have a better chance at filming the hookups. Getting good shots of the fishing environment that captures the widest possible angle while filming at the right times is crucial. I always film around just taking general shots of the lead-up to where you are going fishing which ads a little story to the video. Then film your first casts or drops, most fish come off the first cast on a snag or spot so make sure you film that. After a lot of filming it is good to shut down the camera but be ready to hit record straightaway if anything happens that gives you an inclination that you are about to hookup (Gopros turn on and record from their off status when you hit record which is another reason why I recommend using Gopro cameras). For example when I see some fish moving in on the sounder, sight cast, feel a bump, see ripples, see something chase or flash near your lure/bait, see a bust-up or when you just have that feeling my arm goes straight for record because getting the hookup on record is a much more entertaining and rewarding part of the video to watch because it replicates some of the feeling that you get when fishing. Sometimes you hookup before you hit record which is still fine, just train yourself to go for that record button like as quick as you can. I have even been fishing and gone to hit record even though I had no camera. When you are filming your fishing outing it is also a good idea to talk to the audience on what you are doing or the reasoning behind what you are doing. Film yourself catching the live-bait, film the walk or drive or drift to your spot. Film the sounder and film the baitfish underwater. Just try and film interesting things to add size. A single clip video of you landing a fish is fine but some long well edited videos that have more of a story and capture your day are great. the Ideal length In my opinion for a fishing video is 7 minutes to 15 minutes. If you are below that don't worry. If you are above make sure you don't have too much footage that may be scenic and interesting but more of a waste of time. If your 20 minute plus video is just jam packed with action or has a really good underlying story don't change the video just to satisfy the length. For camera settings I run my Gopro at 2.7k, 60fps. For youtube I recommend filming in 60 or 30fps and around that 1080p + range but not all cameras can do that and If you can't film with that sort of quality, that is fine just do the best you can. Another reason why I like Gopros , and I know other brands do this is that you can use a chest mount which sits the camera right next to your hands capturing the rod and reel plus what you are doing when trying rigs and baiting hooks. The Gopro head mounts and hat mounts are also great but they are harder to set at the perfect angle but I do prefer these for kayak based videos since a chest mounted camera sort of just films your legs. For the camera quality settings and angle adjustment the main way is to film something and check it and keep refining your art, I am stil doing this and will always do this. Now to edit your videos (This may seem daunting but its easy once you get the hang of it and its not hard). This takes a bit of practice but try not to make it hard for yourself, no need to overcomplicate things. The usb connection from camera to computer is better than putting the SD card in the computer because the data transfer is quicker and higher quality. If you have trouble importing your camera clips and google google google. Make sure when you are fishing not to film videos that are too long. Importing is a tough process and If you are like me with a small laptop you will be importing for a long time if you film something longer than 5 minutes. Remember that I film in 2.7k and 60fps which means a much bigger file. I can import a 10 minute clip of 720p 30fps footage but a 7minute 2.7k 60fps video just causes my computer to crash. So if you need to record longer just reduce the quality a little. 1080p still looks great especially if your camera has a clean shot. Once your photos are imported It's time to open up your editing software. I use Imovie and if you have a mac this is what I would recommend simply because of the ease and the editing process. But if you have anything else by all means use it, filmora is a good alternative. Expensive software like Final Cut pro and adobe premier pro are not necessary for fishing videos because there isn't anything difficult. The editing consists almost entirely of camera cutting. To setup the clips so they can be imported takes a bit of fiddling around so google about anything that gets you stuck. Imovie lets you import each clip as you go from the photo library of you computer but regardless of any software, drag/import your clips in chronological order and do this with every clip and watch them over even if you think its not a good clip, you might see a cheeky shark do a backflip or something so don't discard without taking a good look. Camera cut your clips to the desired length that be the cast before you hook up, or couple casts before hook up or 20 seconds before your rod buckles. What I mean by this is don't just cut your clips so it's hookup and casts left right and centre, slow it down. If a shark did do a backflip in the corner of your video dont cut 2 seconds before and 1 second after unless thats how long your video was. Also edit your video so that everything runs smoothly. Delete things that are not necessary and potentially add a clip out of chronological order if it makes the video look better. Once you think you are done editing. Watch your video a few times and make any minor improvements. For video structure It is a good idea to look at some videos from some well known channels. The channel I mentioned prior "blacktipH" has very high quality and filmed videos that with all due respect to all fellow raiders aren't possible to replicate in your own style because he has a whole team who improve the videos incorporating drone shots. More individual Youtubers like Cavy, Lawson Lindsey, 1rod1reel. Film their videos on their own or with a friend in a way that can help us get better at understanding how to produce this type of video. Now google how to render or save you video into a desktop file. With Imovie you just press a share button and select save as desktop file, set the export as the same quality of you camera. Now all you need is to either log in or sign up to youtube which is free. and then press upload video. then drag you file in and wait. It should slowly upload and then process, any issues here please google it. If the estimated time says something ridiculous like 2 days we need to take a step back. You need to get a program called Handbrake which reduces and compresses the file reducing the size by 70% or even more. Handbrake is hard to setup and get right and done well will still make your video have a lower quality. Google how to use handbrake for the best result but trial and error will be the best here. Compress your video and have a look if its good try and upload it. If it is still taking a long time go back to handbrake and reduce the quality a little more and repeat those steps. please remember uploading to youtube requires good internet so if you are struggling in that department just reduce the length of the videos in general. Once uploading and processing is done mind you, you can do this while the uploading is in process. Write up your title and description. Put a good title that represents your video. Dont say something that does not match what actually happens in your video, saying "Almost spooled by giant fish" when you lost 50m of line from a mediocre sized fish is called clickbait and is frowned upon and will also reduce your audience. Write you description of your video just generally outlining or summarising your video. Dont worry to much about description but do add a link you your buddies Youtube's if they were with you and also link other videos that you have previously posted. The tags are also important. Just write keywords that regard your video words like "fishing" "fish" And "sydney" if you were say, fishing in Sydney. The tags will help you get more audience, when people are typing in certain keywords that match your tags your video has a better chance to come up and get a view. Your video thumbnail is also important Just take a screenshot of something inside of your video with your rod bent over or the fish you caught that day and and then select the file in the upload thumbnail section. If you get something come up that says file to big. Google how to reduce the file size of an image but what I do is put the photo into a photo editor and then export the same photo with reduced export quality. Once your video is ready after your title, description, tags and thumbnail is done and the video processing is complete you are ready to upload your video. Now feel free to promote your video for either educational purposes like in a report. Show your friends and let everyone know on instagram and facebook about your new vid. Once you have started your channel and uploaded a few videos. start doing your own thing. Everyone is different or has a preferred style of fishing. Do something that makes you unique. If you like fly fishing do that. My channel is about doing different things. Write a description about your unique ness in the about section fo your Channel page. My description is "From fly fishing to down rigging". This is because my channel is about trying different methods and catching different species like fly fishing for mullet and down rigging for kingfish. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I hope you're gonna get out there and film some great videos! Feel free to correct or add your tips and tricks as there are a few of you here that can add to this. Also comment the links of videos that you may have recently made or will make due to being inspired by this writeup.
  2. Hey all went out last Thursday and posted "Botany Bay mixed bag and lost the big one" So we headed out today again in search of some larger kings inside the bay but also with the idea in mind of still catching a feed of fish. So we headed to our usual squid grounds where we caught 5 nice sized squid I was really tempted to keep some for a feed but decided to send them out live. We then bounced around the bay trying to find the baitschools and in-turn the Kingfish we tried the drums and molineaux but it being a weekend there were 22 boats, 4 kayaks and a team of divers there with a few seals on the break wall. Caught 2 or 3 leatherjackets and decided to up anchor and move, we headed to our favourite kingy spot near Bare Island and managed one legal king. All in all seemed the overall bite wasnt as hot today as it was on thursday which was later confirmed at the boat ramp by other fishos we weren't successful. Even though this trip and our last wasn't succesful and we didnt get our 'big' King i'm still happy that on both days we managed a feed of fish. PS. Turned last Thursdays feed of leather jacket into a seafood risotto and was one of the nicest meals i have had. I wanted to get some feedback for my youtube channel currently im of the mindset to ensure that the videos i upload have better content and contain better catches, but the downside to that is that i dont upload as frequently. So would you guys as the viewer prefer this current format as stated above or would you rather a more casual approach where the videos are more of an update on the day of fishing so you guys as the 'average fisho' know whats going on in the bay? Let me know what you guys think would to hear back from you https://www.youtube.com/user/m1croe
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