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Hi Fishraiders

To help all other members and guests find their boat ramps in the future.

You can post a ramp here and it will be moved into the appropriate area.

Could you use the following setup in your post please and a picture if possible

AREA: south coast/north coast etc

LOCATION:Insert your text here

CONDITION OF RAMP/ACCESS: Insert your text here

PARKING/FACILITIES: Insert your text here

Thanking you the Moderating Team and Administration

Also if you wish for Changes to be made to Ramps by adding photos etc


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If anyone wishes to add more ramps to the section post away, And they will be added in the appropriate section by ADMIN OR MODERATORS.

Also if you have pics that may help from a different angles or there are none posted for that ramp add them here and they will be added.

Also if any people know ramps are closed or under renovations you can post that and it will be added into the relevant ramp post.

Thank you to everyone we are starting to get a good Library of known ramps with their conditions so

we all know what to expect.

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LOCATION: Shaving Point, Metung, Gippsland Lakes

CONDITION OF RAMP/ACCESS: Good. The Ramp was re-done about 12 months ago. It can be a bit slippy further down - we recently had a 4WD and trailer end up going for a swim backwards. But the ramp takes two trailers at a time and has a couple of jetties each side.

PARKING/FACILITIES: Heaps of parking. BBQ and tables. Fish Cleaning Table with water. Toilets. Can fish off the point if you don't want to put the boat in!

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Far South Coast

Brierley's boat ramp

Moruya River

The ramp is at the North Head of the Moruya River, just after the intersection of Bruce Cameron Drive and George Bass Drive, before you get to the airport. Nice 2 lane concrete ramp with parking and fish cleaning tables BUT ... once your boat is in the water there is nowhere to moor it or beach it. Other than on the ramp itself or on the rocks on either side. Might be OK at low tide as there is probably a bit of a beach then. So to use this ramp you need 2 people. One to drive the boat off, one to drive the car. And then there would be a bit of wading. There is a large sandbank between the ramp and the river but there appears to be a channel running east that connects up with the main channel.

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