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120hp Force Replaced By 115hp Evinrude Dfi

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Hi all

I just wanted to say thankyou to Craig and his team from Huett Marine at Cowan.

About a month ago Chris55 and myself were happily fishing off Port Kembla

and actually catching fish :1prop: when the motor decided to have problems

starting and running and only got worse as the day went on.

Got back to the ramp and pulled the boat out of the water and took it home ,

some investigation later showed low compression in 2 cylinders and the head was

removed and showed 2 damaged bores. :05:

A few calls later and things were starting to look not so good,cost wise.

A call to Craig at Huett Marine was made ,Craig answered the phone and was very helpful

(even tho he had no idea who I was) he made a few suggestions and gave me a rough quote

to repair the damage based on what i had described ( his quote was $1000 to $1500 cheaper then others).

I live in Helensburgh , North Wollongong so draging the boat all the way to Cowan was not just a

short trip. I decided to make the trip and get the boat to Cowan . When I arrived after my journey across Sydney ,Craig had a look and noted that a third piston was damaged.

After some discussion it was decided to leave the boat there and have the motor striped down

and a quote done , as we walked through the show room we stopped at a couple of second hand motors

on display ..one was a 99 115HP Evinrude DFI, a bit more talking and I asked Craig to give me a quote

on fitting this motor as well as repairing my Force.

Off i drove back home without the boat ,I only went a few Kms down the road and decided to go back and get the price on fitting the Evinrude. The price all up was very tempting as part of the fitting meant that the transom had to have a aluminium sleeve made and fitted to take the extra long motor.

The deal was done and the boat left to have the motor fitted, everything was organised by Huett Marine and all I had to do was pick it up and take it for a quick test run in the river at Brooklyn with Chris55 last weekend.

The boat ran well and the motor has heaps of get up and go out of the hole ,is quiet and very little smoke

even with the half a tank of pre mix that was still in it.

All we need now is some reasonable weather and I can take it out for a serious run and some fishing and see what the fuel economy will be like compared to my old carby motors.

Thanks again to Craig and the team at Huett marine.

Regards Kevin

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Hi Kev, thanks for the kind words and I am glad you like the new outboard, it did look good on the back of your old girl. I was pleased with the way the transom modification worked out, much better than B4 and I am sure you will be rapt with the outboard after you get a chance to use it some more, especially the savings in fuel comprared to the Force.

All the best,


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Hi Sorro. it is a 4 cylinder in line Force outboard. These were made by Mercury for about 15 years and were based on the old Chrysler design with many Merc components replacing the older and some cases flawed Chrsyler designs. Mercury inherited Force when they purchased Bayliner and they are honest no frills outboards, which when they were new we were selling a 90HP Force for the price of a 60HP Mercury or Evinrude/Johnson-good value in my books.

This particular engine has failed due to pre-ignition caused by the magnets having moved in the flywheel which has changed the timing and that is not good. It could of been alot worse if the engine had continued to run.

We are rebuilding with new pistons and rings becasue the condition of the internals are very good with no damage on the bearings or the crank and it has been looked after in terms of flushing because there is no corrosion anyway in the block or mid section.

Hope this answers you question,



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Thanks Huey

For answering Hariklias question about my ex motor :thumbup: ,as you already said it was a very basic motor and good value at the time I purchased it. Apart from faulty stators, in the past it had never failed me . I am glad to hear that it had been looked after as that is what I always tried to do :biggrin2: .Remembering it is along way back from the shelf ,to be towed or swim if it was to fail :wacko: .

Thanks again for your help


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