Black Marlin From A Kayak

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Totally bloody speechless that's just unbelievable :1yikes: :1yikes: Keep up the good work :thumbup:

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We are heading up again at the end of February - it has become a yearly thing now. With the influx of smaller marlin up there just now, we are hopeful that some of our guys will be into marlin for their first time.

Grant is up there now & has already hooked a few!!

Anyone wanting to join us, anytime, from Feb 20th thru to March 3rd, just PM me & I'll give you the details

You need an offshore yak (the Hobie Sport tho it WILL go offshore is not a comfy ride!) Usually the longer yaks, around the 14ft mark, with full offshore kit - VHF, night light, flag, MAJOR fishing rod & reel & tackle, PLB if you have one. The boys can go MILES offshore in their quest for marlin & other pelagics



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That was the most amazing thing I've ever read, I can't even contemplate how much of an incredible experience that was. Thanks for making my day at work a little better :-)

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Paul never in my life have I read a fishing report from the very soul of a fisherman or re-lived another fisherman's experience like I have with your Marlin in a kayak conquest.All the forces behond our imagination have come to together to make this capture possible.Thank you Sir Paul for giving me and my family lifetime memories of an unbelievable fishing achievement and for your pure grit and determination in allowing this remarkable feat to happen in our lifetime.Jewgaffer

I concur, epic! epic! epic! I'm going to buy a hobie! I think

you are going to have to apologise to my misses and tell

Why I am never home any more!

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