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Yamba Offshore

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Hi Raiders,

I have never been to Yamba but I just saw a "River to Reef" episode that was filmed there and it was fantastic. The guy spun up snapper, wahoo and spaniards on the same soft plastic outfit - all hooked neatly in the top jaw. However, I also read it was home to the largest professional fleet on the east coast.

I don't know a single soul who has fished it so any inside knowledge would be appreciated. Also, is the bar reasonable most days?

Thanks in advance

The Poacher

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i have never fished offshore but have fished the river heaps and that is an amazing fishery!! i have also seen heaps of guys clean up off the beach, so if thats anything to go by Id say that offshore would be pretty good to!

From what I have seen it is a very easy bar most of the time, i have done it in a 4.5m pollycraft before and another time in a ski boat!

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Thanks Dicko,

Thats encouraging - it will be interesting to see what other info comes in. If the bar, is good, then it could be a great option.

The Poacher

The bar is good except in sea you may not like to fish in anyway and there has been a lot of days like that in the last twelve months. In those months you could expect more northern speices. I read this and waited for R to R to come on and watch it , as I know the guys they where with. Instead got some really crappy episode where they took a bar crusher trout fishing :( . Obviously different programming up here.

P.S. that fishing fleet is mainly concerned with prawns and those poor blokes are struggling with the running cost

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I agree with gooster

it was probably fishin trip with jason kennedy because rob lang from "Yamba sportfishing Adventures" is one of the sponsors of the show

might be worth booking a trip with them for when you first get to yamba then go your own way afterwards

they probably have a website

good luck

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Hey Poacher,

have you changed your mind about coffs early next year.

TDH is right about the bar,as you know I beach mine the bars don't worry me then.

It is a very good spot or Iluka and as TDH said the pro's are Prawnies,and really doing it hard.anywhere from SWR to ballina best fishing east coast,plus 200 k's on south coast,most fisho's at iluka will give you gps marks. Cheers Rick.

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Thanks for all the posts.

Yes Rick, Sounds like Yamba is a better option. I saw the episode with Jason Kennedy. He caught a spaniard and a wahoo on a soft plastic with mono leader. Both were caught in the jaw!! Bring on summer - I cant wait to get up there.

The Poacher.

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