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Just spent 40 mins writing up info only to have it disperse.

This time the short version.

Caught lots of Jews on Sydney's northern beaches. Small schoolies 10-12 kg on fresh yakka and the bigger 20kg + models on older refrozen soft yakkas from previous trips.

Gear used double hook rig with a 6/0 at the tail end and 10/0 coming out of the opposite side like you would for sharks only this is with 50-80 lb mono. Rod in holder with plenty of drag set unlike most people recommend but it worked very well for me.

Dark of the moon has always been best for me with wet and windy conditions that often push bait out of lakes.

Tough going for Jews down here on the south coast.

Took my teenage daughter to the northern NSW coast who wanted to land a decent sized jew. Wet and windy conditions were perfect for her first nice schoolie of around 10 kg, closely followed by a second about the same size. The third was a much bigger fish which was lost in the surf due to me not changing her trace over after a 4 kg tailor.

Second night played out much the same before the weather turned good and we used our boat offshore instead. Found a patch of Jews in 50m but had to stop fishing for them as they wearnt releasing very well. Took on kings instead!!!







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Amazing thread, speechless TBH..

Thank you to all that have contributed their trade secrets..

I have never caught a Jewfish, but I now feel as though nothing is stoping me except for time and effort ...

Cheers Gezza

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Here are some tips. Use salted tailor, salmon, or mullet strips ONLY on the beach, use fresh ones anywhere else. Fish for mulloway only when there is a tide. Heavy rain is ESSENTIAL for catching a big jewie. The worse the weather the better. Just don't fish in a thunderstorm, though!  Lightning may strike your rod! :wacko: For real and intense jewie action, try fishing off the rocks with a 12-foot rod. Middle Head is the way to go, also Parramatta river, Georges river, and the Sydney's Northern Beaches have plenty of mulloway too! Octopus hooks are a common option, but it could easily hook'em in the gut or gills! :o For the safety of the fish, use circle hooks as they normally get stuck in the mouth. It doesn't really matter what weight your line is, to me, it's all about the bait, and the most important to me, the hook. 

Quote: "It doesn't really matter if your line is bad, your rod is cheap and your reel is worn out, all you need is a good hook and fresh bait, and let everything do the rest."          




Cheers, amberjack :D FISH ON!                                                          



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My advice for those Big Jew is timing and keep terminal rigs simple brother :D Live bait cant be beaten thats a fact, at least 20-30cm for the big fellas (tailor or poddy mullet/squid if its in your area), smallest sinker you can get away with, 1m mono trace 40lb and two snelled circle hooks size 4/0

Location - Any deep holes/back eddys on the run in and run out tide

Tide- Hour before high and first hour of the runout- 1.8m tides and above seem to produce more fish in the estuaries especially if theres a bit of colour, tide changes around 'magic hour' sunset and also before sunrise can produce that larger specimen.

I have sat for many cold nights on breakwalls and ledges with low quality baits from the servo just getting smashed baits by  small peckers and wasting my money. As soon as i started catching live bait or using fresh not so live bait my hook up rate went straight up!

As an old fisho said to me once ''Its your ability to catch the right bait that makes you a good Jew hunter''  and this is what i had to learn to crack the Jew code!

Good Luck guys the weathers looking good the next few days so get stuck in! 

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I'm still a real rookie when it comes to jewfish but I'll share my experience with u, might help who knows.

I've had the luxury of nailing a few on a little berkely gulp shrimp. Only soapies but a great bycatch to flatties n bream! Was up at Coffs Harbour. My guess was there were a few holes along the weed beds there or they were actively feeding...middle of the day...who knew it.

Down in Sydney I've had a few landed (again mostly soapies around 5-7kg) a few from Lane Cove river and the hawkesbury. Same method for both mullet or yakkas suspended under a balloon allowed to drift on the outgoing tide (live squid never gets touched when I use it ?). Usually around Eddie's formed at a bridge pylon or rock wall adjacent to deep water or a creek entrance. Usual by catch will be noahs (you'll get bitten off right at the end). I only ever seem to catch jewies on the first half hour of the run out tide usually on sunset.

As far as dead baits go, eels and big rays seem to be a pain in the butt so I never bother with dead baits anymore, live bait all the way. Tailor are good...especially off the beach - sambos too.


Hope it helps your hunt for the elusive jewfish ?

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Ive had loads of success on big Soft plastic wrigglers. bloodworm or black gold seem to be the most successful for me. i generally use larger jigheads but pretty much whatever you need to hit the big deep channels full of baitfish. for retrieves i stick to a slow roll with a few twitches and pauses and land them pretty consistently, they vary in size but the big ones are always on these lures

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