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Beach Fishing, Mona Vale To Nn

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Hey guys

Me and a few mates were thinking of hitting up the beach tomorrow. Anyone have any good feed back from the beachs along the northern beaches around Mona vale to north narra area?

If anyone has any tips they would like to share about beach fishing that would be great.

Thanks Heaps :1fishing1:

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thanks mate.

we were thinking 4 till around 8 with the tide change, i went down to mona this morning to see what it was like there are about three gullys about 20m apart and its really flat so hopefully there will be some luck this arvo.

we'll be probally using triple gang hooks with pillies and try our luck. also have a rod set up for black fish, ive heard there good around mona pool?

thanks :1fishing1:

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hey raiders

we went to mona basin and there was quite a fair few snags untill my rod went flying, i chased it, grabed it and on the other end was a aprox. 1m / 5kg portjackson shark. it put up a fair good fight but not good enough to get away, we reeled him in, got the gang hook out and let him go... other than that it was quiet. :1fishing1:


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yea just got back from fishing too, and about 5-6 port jacksons were reeled in. most of them are approx. 1.2m or so. they're like stubborn heavy rocks which refuse to move hence not easy to reel in, but they don't really try hard to run away either.. huge buggers they are (and not suprising since we didn't get any other fish, and we suspect these buggers ate all the fish in the surrounding area) :ranting2:

o well, all in all, it was good to be out there fishing although it was a bit windy today.. :1fishing1:



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