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Beware! Silverwater Bridge Boat Ramp

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2 hours ago, jeffb5.8 said:

Yep and my tail lights are recessed so I can actually touch park it with damaging anything.

my tail lights are the light bar, which slots into the back of the boat at the top, just in front of the motor,  and is removed, then locked in my car. So no plates or lights on the trailer while its parked, and Ive never had an issue with police about it either, as long as they can see a light board, there is no problem. Ive had cops behind me and ive never been pulled up about it.


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heres something from last weekend

from Marine Area Local command, Sydney

"On Saturday 24 October 2020 afternoon, a 4WD with boat trailer attached was seen to be driven into the Parramatta River at Silverwater boat ramp. Fortunately, the sole male occupant was able to swim free of the submerged vehicle without injury and has organised salvage. This is a timely reminder for all boaties to take care when at boat ramps and always monitor tide conditions as they can quickly change and surprise you."

the 4 x 4 was driven, not backed in. 
and the jetski is suspicious as well...as no PWC allowed on Parra river.



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