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A Fantastic Day With Fellow Raider

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Sorry it has taken so long but finally my report!

With the end of the school holiday's and some days off up my sleeve my wife, kids and I launched ourselves down to Tuross Heads for some well deserved R&R and fishing.

Our own Lizard Guru and allround top bloke Hodgey offered to come out with me one morning to show the how's and why's of flathead fishing.

We met at the ramp just after 6.00am. Being so excited and nervous at the same time, I got there early, launched the boat and had her idling away near the small jetty awaiting the master.

Out of the corner of my eye, a man surrounded by a bright halo of white light walked down the ramp towards the jetty. I immediately :1worthy: and started chanting "I am not worthy"............

Although this was not the first time we had met, it was the first time I had the opportunity of taking Hodgey out on my boat.

Motoring away from the jetty and along the "channel" I was too busy looking at the sounder for a depth reading when Hodgey pointed out a large school of Taylor busting up the surface. It did not take much convincing for me to tie on a Starlo and Bushy popper (FRV - White) and cast into the melee.

First cast and I was giggling like a school boy as I watched taylor hitting and chasing the lure on the surface. Within seconds I here Hodgey say "I'm on" and not long after so was I! The taylor were only of average size, but they put up a fantastic fight on light gear. We followed the marauding school around with a number being landed in the boat :yahoo:

Unfortunately the school went deep and I lost my lure. The most fantastic part was that it was the VERY FIRST TIME I had caught any fish on a popper! :thumbup:

From there we motored no too far away to a shallow area of weed and patches of sand. Said a good morning and hello to Dene and started to flick plastics into the water. Unfortunately the overcast and sun were playing havoc with sighting and alot of weed was being caught :ranting2:

We decided to have a quick coffee and for me brekky at the boatshed cafe, then motor towards the none existant mouth of the river where fairer conditions and less weed was the go. I handed command of the electric to the master and he then started to explain the do's and dont's of catching flathead, where to cast, what to look for and retrieve styles and techniques. It wasn't long before I was on, with my soft plastic getting smashed by a big girl. Unfortunately in my eagerness I pulled the hooks :thumbdown: . The master though hooked and landed quite a few, excellent table size, to which I put two in the live well for the nights dinner :biggrin2:

It was quite busy, with another boat in the area and 3 people wading the same spot. As time was getting on, Hodgey asked if I would like to have a quick flick in the oyster racks, although he was worried about removing bark off my almost brand new boat :1yikes:

I didnt take long to get to the oyster racks, but the wind had already started to pick up, which made it dificult to position the boat and cast at the same time. Hodgey again took over the electric and allowed me to cast a retrieve a small pencil popper along and near the racks. It was awesome to see large bream munching away on the posts. Hodgey suggested I change to a sammy 65 and try walking the dog style retrieves. What a laugh! I was never any good a rubbing my stomach and patting my head at the same time and it showed. Instead of walk the dog, it was more like skull drag the pooch :1prop:

After explaining the technique and breaking the retrieve into parts, I was soon "getting there".

Unfortunately the wind was really starting to pick up and it was getting late so we decided to call it a day.

It was a great experience, fantastic instruction, many laughs and many many firsts for me as a fisherman. I will always be in debt to Hodgey for giving up his personal time and showing me the way to enlightenment. THANKYOU MATE! I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately I didn't carry or bring a camera so no pictures, sorry.

I look forward to putting my instruction and techniques into practice and catching more fish!



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Nice one, well done to you both. Hodgey for his time & efforts in helping out a keen fisho, brilliant mate that's what this world needs more of. And well done to you to Rob for firstly having the guts to put your hand up & say "Help" and secondly for getting amoungst them with your new found techniques. I'm sure it won;t be long before we see some great catches in your posts.


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Well done Rob.

You wont have to give me the boat after all.

It is amazing how much you can pick up in such a small time from someone in the know.

Hats off to you Hodgey.

Bet your keen to get out there again. But only after you go back to local tackle shop and try and replicate all the lures u tried.



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That's Gold!! Congrats on your PB Popper trophy - fun, isn't it!

He is the master of all forms of fishing & a bloody nice bloke to boot!

Next time you go out with Hodgey - have a video camera fixed on the boat to gather all the secret information that is being imparted, so you get to listen to it again & again & again ...... at will!!

Well done on hooking a big girl - even tho she pulled the hooks ....... you know how you got her!

Also the Sammy - it is one of the easiest pencils to cast & retrieve ...... half the time, you don't even have to do much of a retrieve at all!! If there is a bream there, just the splash landing will have them climbing all over it ...... like they did to mine today in the racks here ..... and I am afraid the bream won!! :( I was pulling it across the water top to get it away from the damn fish & it chased after it, grabbed it & dived under a fixed oyster rack! :1badmood: GORN in a split second!!! Ah well, I was just congratulating myself that I'd had it for over a year & hadn't lost it! :wacko: All covered in bite marks, too!! It sure didn't owe me anything!!

Now you are home, you'll be able to use all your new techniques on home waters! Nothing so exciting as having a fish climb all over your lure ........ Yes there is ........ WHEN IT TAKES IT!!! :thumbup::yahoo:

Cheerio & tight lines


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Well done on getting out there :) Nothing better than fishing with a top bloke that knows his stuff and is willing to help.. well done Hodgey :)

And dont worry mate im starting out with lures myself .. Im sure you will get that big flattie soon :)

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Great report there Rob, must have been a treat to catch up with Hodgey and score a few fish.

Good onya Hodgey for sharing your vast knowledge of techniques and fishy spots.

I reckon you will be out and about now Rob casting and jiggling all sorts of lures.

Congrats on a great session and a top read.. :thumbup:

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Great report Rob. What was the halo of light you saw???... was Hodgey bending over at the time? :074:

He's a great bloke and an awesome fisherman. Fantastic that you got the chance to fish with him and learn from Fishraider's very own Crocodile Hunter. :thumbup:

Cheers, Slinky

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What an enjoyable day on the water! Rob was willing to have a crack at everything and anything :biggrin2:

His boat is very well set up, with ample room for casting. The leccy was a pleasure to use, especially when Rob produced a remote control :thumbup:

The weather conditions conspired against us a little but we still managed to be entertained. We bumped into Deno on the water, and Rob experienced first hand some of the 'witty repartee' that is exchanged between Dene and I on the water :074:

Thanks for a terrific morning, Rob. It was great to see you get into so much fishing action using different techniques, equipment and lures! It's only a matter of time and you'll be braining 'em on plastics, surface lures and divers. Fingers crossed, next time you visit, the winds will be kinder and we can launch a full-scale assault on the leases :yahoo: That'll give the Loomis/Luvius outfit a workout! ;)



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Top report Rob!

Good onya Hodgey for showing a fellow Raider around your waters. :thumbup:



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Welldone Rob....I too have had a outstanding day on the water with the master in the past and it's great to have the local knowledge and someone to refinement your technique on he's not a bad bloke either....

Good work 'Team Tuross' !!!!

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