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Syd Harbour Hoodlum

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Hi Raiders,

My mate Bill my 17yr old neighbour and I hit the harbour for a fish today. After seeing

Netic and co downrigging squid for Kings so successfully last week, we thought we would

give it a try today, however we planned to use a dozen Garfish we purchased from the fish

shop. We went to the same spot south of Syd heads about a km, and proceeded to downrig

our Gars. We were on to Kings straight away, in the next hour and a half we had 3 keepers

in the esky 66-72cm, got busted off 3 times on bottom structure and we threw back 4 under

size specimens. While downrigging we also had a Halco lure out the back which accounted

for 5 Bonnies. When the fish went off the bite we trolled around North head to Bluefish

for zip, then a few markers and the Wedding Cakes in the harbour, our last 2 Gars remained

untouched on the downriggers. We decided to spend our last hour of fishing at Clifton

Gardens and soak some prawn and pilly cube baits. It was a little slow at first as we

only managed a Bream and a Trev. While I was chopping up more cubes and throwing them over

the side my Stradic 5000 burst into life and sang that tune that every fisho

loves to hear zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This fish took off like a rocket and at first I thought

my 5.5kg mono may not be able to handle the weight and pull of this fish, but I was ready

to play the easy does it waiting game. At this point the fish has changed direction and

gone around the white drum, Im standing on my esky trying to get my line over the top

of it, but I can not, my line is now rubbing on the white paint so I release the drag and

let the fish run. Bill and Jono have reeled in all the other lines. Bill has now tied

off our anchor rope to a fender and throws it overboard and then starts the motor. We

quickly get around the drum and I get my line back, the fish is still there, but now

runs towards the shore. We are in the shallows 1.5mtrs when he turns and runs towards the

Navy wharf we follow him then get in front and slowly angle him away from the pylons into

open water. We now have a chance and our tug of war lasts a total of 45mins, thanks to

some great boat manouvering skills by Bill, I get the King boatside where the gaff is

sunk in, up he comes over the side. Woohoos and high fives all around, what a Sydney

Harbour Hoodlum :1yikes: 104cm and fat, just shy of 10kg on the scale back at home.

A fight I wont forget for a long time.

Hers a few pics




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:1yikes: nice king

well done :thumbup:

thats an awesome effort with the hoody :yahoo:

its good to see someone win against the odds as its usually other way round


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Well done on cracking the metre this season John, particularly on such light gear and a float bait!

There are plenty of big fish around at the moment, I was wishing I was out today while studying for uni....


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Thanks for the great read what a experience that would have been I bet you felt very relieved once the fish was on the boat as that would have been one nerve racking experience. at least you know how to fight a fish that's for sure!!!!!!




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Great report on a very nice session Penquin. :thumbup:

Congrats on cracking a metre Harbour hoody.

Fantastic effort on 12lb line!!! :1yikes:

Did he fall for the the old PPP?



No Grant, I was using the ppp but only managed the Bream and Trev, after throwing a

a heap of pilly cubes over the side and my prawn was not getting touched any more, I

told the guys there has to be something down there eating all those cubes. At this

point I switched to floating a pilly tail down the cube trail, and by the time my

pilly tail got to about 10ft down it was hit by that brute. :yahoo:


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Anyone who goes to those extraordinary lengths to land a fish deserves a beaut fish like that, John! :thumbup: What a great fish to top the morning off with. Great report mate



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Well done Penguin :thumbup: ,

Top fish on the light gear :yahoo: , A king with lots of structure would have made some scary moments whislt connected . When anchored up like you were always have a bouy or fender already tied on , then you just have to dump the rope and drive .

Cheers Dogtooth..... :1fishing1: John..... :beersmile:

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All i can say is...your a bastard!!!!! in a nice way coz im jealous!!!!!! i have been chasing kingfish for 2 years,,,only got 2, 66cm and 68cms,,, you got the prize fish there!!!!!,,,you know the posts on here only make me think Im still a learner!!!!

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