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Hey Guys,with my job coming to an end on saturday and having some time off {hence my post in desperate and boatless] I was keen as to get out and do some :1fishing1: .Sunday first light hit the water got my livies at shark island then trolled the livies around jibbon for a few kings rangeing from 60 to 75cms then to port hacking fad,only got few keeper dollies.Monday 6.00am on the water and out to shark island to get livies and from there to port hacking fad.The fad was no good so we headed NE on our way to browns when we spotted 2 fish traps. As soon as we stopped there the dollies were everywhere with some nice bulls amongst them. My mate andrew through out his livie first and 2 seconds later he was on,after a good fight he lands a 93cm dollie :thumbup: .I through in the next livie and ended up getting a 105cm dollie. :yahoo: Dont no why but the fish turn off a little but we still managed 2 more fish,a 87cm and 97cm. The other fish trap only had little dollies so we headed to browns.As we arrive at browns saw a mate and he gave us 4 gemmies then we started cubing for 3 hours with no result. Trolled back of marlin for a while with no result till we found another fish trap and got 6 more dollies around 70 to 85cms mark on livies again,sorry no photos as we didnt take a camera. Tuesday same again livies at the island but this time we could see kings swimming around under the yakkas,ended up catching 3 kings all 65cms. Through the all the kings back and headed to the fish trap again with another mate josh but this time with a camera.On arrival we we greeted by the dollies again ended up catching about 12 fish rangeing betwween 60 to 105cms :thumbup: but only keeping a few.Nexted off to browns with my alvey king,with great shows on the sounder we ended up with 4 gemmies and 2 blue eye.1 blue eye was only about 2 to 3kg but the other was 15kg :1yikes: , we had enough of bottom bouncing and decided to try our luck trolling.We put a spread out and headed NE of browns 10 minutes later 1 of the reels started screaming but not for long,we dropped him :mad3: .Done a few more laps with no luck. Ended trolling NW till we got too the shelf east of the 12mile where we found 5 fish traps but just trolled past them with only getting 1 more dollie.Headed SW and got 4 stripeys then saw botany wide fad with 1 boat on it, turn out it was dogtooth but I didnt no it was him at the time. Wednesday went out in a mates boat but we only managed 2 kings,1 bonnie and 7 dollies between 3 of us. Thursday went out by myself only to get one under size king 60cm all day. Heading out tomorrow [saturday] with another raider [Mcfishn],andrew is bringing a camera and hopefully will put up another post tomorrow.Jim77 is going to post some pictures of tuesday fishing.

Cheers Mike

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Hey Fishbones,

"What a week", you are definately not wrong. All i ask just half what you caught in a day i will be very happy man. Good luck to you tomorrow and hope to see some photoes.


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Here's the pictures guys... Very jealous i wasn't getting in to them with you Mike!





Great too see you again posting a great result Mike, :thumbup: wellone on the great catch. see you beefed up alittle Mike...lol :biggrin2:

Cheers LALA

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