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Has Anyone Attempted To Build Their Own Boat Trailer?

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Hi again..i just got off the phone to the RTA, I spoke to an Technical support person and ask this question about the wieght and brakes..

It seems that it has nothing to do with the towing capacity of the vechical.. It is about the TOTAL GVM OF THE TRAILER.

If the trailer is going to wiegh(with the boat) more than 750kg It will need brakes..

However, it doesnt mean it will have to have 2 axles..One axle is fine as long as it has brakes..

Also, after you have made the trailer, and you get the blue slip.. If you have wieghed the trailer without the boat, it may have to be modified to be legal..

In saying this, it would seem to me that alot of trailers with boats, in this case would be incorrect...Specialy single axle trailers with fiberglass boats..Most trailer, even factory made ones that have only one axle, are blue sliped before they are sold with out the boat on them. and made to correct specs.. Which means most of them would be under the 750kg, which keeps the rego at a low cost, and doesnt need a roadworthy every year..

The likely hood of being pullover and asked to wiegh is unlikely though..

I will be wieghing mine this week, and would guess I am about double that wieght, which mean i will need to put a double or maybe even a tripple axle under her..? My boat is a fiberglass 4.7m.. I have seen much bigger boats and even cats with only a twin axle and have smaller wheels than mine, which does limit the wieght bearing...

This all seems ridiculous...... :ranting2:

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Can get Gal RHS easily so I think I will go with that, then just coat the bits that get cleaned and welded.

I called a local trailer place earlier this week to get a price on a axle, hubs and springs.

He said if the boat and trailer weigh over 750kg the trailer will need brakes to be legal, now I have been looking and asking around and have not found one trailer carrying a similar or bigger (16' etc) that has brakes fitted.

My brothers 17' Haines Hunter's trailer doesn't have brakes and that would be way heavier then my boat.

Has the rules changed or is this guy full of it??

I have near new 2 axles, 4 hubs, 4 sets of bearings, 4 x 7 leaf slipper springs, U bolts, fish plates, wheels and tyres at home. They all have only been used a handful of times and have a a maximum carry capacity of 2800kg. i bought a bigger boat not long after so i have to upgrade everything to take take the extra weight. If your interested in the just send me a message mate.

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyones attempted to build there own boat trailer with success?

I'm looking at bigger boats and some don't have a trailer.

Chris I have built a couple of boat trailers and it is not that hard.

The reason most people build their own is to improve ease of launching and retrieval.

After you have worked out how much you have to carry and the size of the trailer think about

Where am I launching my boat how bad is the boatramp (is there a boat ramp)

Am I launching by myself or do I have a cast of thousands.

Can you get into the back of your car when the boat is attached (is the draw bar long enough).

Do I need a walkboard in the center of my trailer to hitch the boat or the automatic drive on hitchs.

Where can I strap my boat to the trailer.

What type of winch do I need a electric with remote or manual steel cable or strap.

How easy is it to get into my boat when on the trailer (A step on the side of the trailer)

How about maintenaince LED lights bearing buddies and hot dip galvanising (remember if you have to weld after the trailer has been hot dipped you will remove the protection for your trailer so measure twice cut once and think hard about your design before the trailer is dipped.

How many rollers or skids do I need.

Longer springs give a softer ride and will not bounce your boat all over the road.

Put your number plate on hinges so the water pressure does not snap your number plate going in and out of the water.

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