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With the increased number of record claims recently, there have been a few questions around size estimates.

The Fishraider records section is first and foremost, meant to be a fun recognition of member's memorable captures... it's not for sheep-stations. So we've always been open to submissions with estimated sizes rather than enforcing a 'tape measure or registered scales' approach. Mostly, the submissions have been awarded records although a few possibly optimistic ones have been turned down.

For any fish submitted, estimates will only be accepted as long as the photo is taken alongside something to help with a length comparison (fishing rod, esky or with big fish... your body). Extremely large fish will still be accepted based on weight.


Where sizes are close, precedence will be given to fish on some form of measure.

E.G. A measured 30cm record fish will not be knocked off by a fish with an estimated length of 32cm!! Yes, I know... there will be a grey area in the middle when a big fish with an estimated length will get a record over an obviously smaller measured fish.

All I can say is that the judges decision (moderators and admin) is final and put those sheep-stations out of your mind.

Cheers, Slinky

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