Greenwell Point

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G'day people,

Heading down to Greenwell point down south just off the shoalhaven river. Got a place for a couple of days with a jetty and plan to do a little boat fishing. Got gear for all sorts and would be happy with any sort of info so I might get my family into some fish. Anything goes and any help is appreciated.



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hi andrew i fished this area some years back outside is best but if you fish the river try the sunken wall or drift the sand flats opposit the main wharf i found the best bait is live poddy mullet easy to trap i also found the run out tide best good luck the bull

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I haven't been there for years, but just around the corner from the pool (and main jetty) is a channel that goes around to Goodnight/Midnight? Island and Orient Point. It is in between the oyster leases. We had a run in tide and it pushed us around the corner in this channel and we picked up a heap of flatties, a few bream and flounder.

If you drift the main river you can pick up flathead, etc.

If you go upstream past the punt, there are big blackfish that haunt the retaining wall on the north side.

Up towards Crookhaven Heads (river mouth) you have the retaining wall opposite the boat ramp and around that area is a good place to look for jewies, bream, tailor, etc

If you head straight out from the lighthouse there is a reef with snapper - but you will need a sounder as I don't have any marks.

If you head over to 7 mile beach there are flatties all along there, unless the prawn trawlers have dragged the area.

If you head around to the right, the beach between Crookhaven Heads and Culburra has a lot of reefy areas, so the prawn trawlers can't drag that area. It is worth a try for flatties, snapper, trevally, etc

The bay area between the Crookhaven Boat ramp and Orient Point has mud flats where you can pump nippers. Flathead & flounder, etc all haunt this area as well. At Greenwell Point, around the corner between the jetties we used to catch our poddy mullet in traps for bait.

I don't know whether they still net the river or whether the Government bought back the licences. Last time we were down there (years ago) they were netting the river and it was hard to get anything. If the netting has stopped it should be good down there.

If you put the boat in at Callala Bay, you are in Jervis Bay, so there is good fishing there as well.

I hope this helps



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