Para River Bream

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Hey guys,

Iv been fishing in my backyard, at the local jetty just a walk away. It has heavy structure! Pontoon encrusted with mussels and 4 wooden pole that surround the pontoon. I have to say, when extracting the fish with limited walking space is somewhat challenging! Thats what makes it fun i guess.

Friday morning, i was flicking lightly weight bread baits near the poles and the surrounding area. Was using my softplastics rod, with 4kg mono and 2kg fluro. Got monstered in the 5th cast...BAM! and straight into the pole. No control at all! The drag was tight, rod tip bent and rod was pointing towards the fish. It was the 'perfect' situation to extract the fish...

Well, that was that, done and dusted on the pole, with the 2kg leader shreaded.

Over the next 30min i caught a few undersized ones and 2 other that were around 28-30cm. That was great fun. Untill i realised there was still a bluenose still around the area.

I cast sideways close to the pole (quite an awkward position to be fighting a fish in)...just had to wait about 15sec and had a very solid take. The fish went ballistic upon striking and went straight for the adjacent pole. Couldnt turn it!!!!! i was exasperated....

However, the fish had actually bypassed the pole and didnt manage to rub my leader onto it. However the 4kg mono...was still rubbing against the pole. Must have stripped 20m off my reel! I was quite pleased that the fish had swum back the right way and not around the pole. :thumbup:

With a perfect net shot, and a few snaps. This fish was going to the neighbours...they dont seem to mind the 'dioxin contaminated' fish. All the better :biggrin2: All the other fish were released.

post-6561-070933200 1286109327_thumb.jpg

40cm Yellowfin Bream

Justin :1fishing1:

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nice bream justin next you will be getting squid and maybe a jew off your jetty

peter :1fishing1:

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That's a nice bream Justin. Your lucky you were using mono and not braid. Still with the light leader you did well not to have it shreded on that pole .

Regards Jeff

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Lovely big blue-nose bream, Justin!! Well done on getting him out on the light gear!! Bad luck on the bustoff!! Keep it up!!


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