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Abu 6500C3

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ABU's classic C series reels are a dream to work on. Wherever possible the engineering is similar between models, parts are often interchangeable between models of the same size and spares are readily available for most... even quite old... models.

I can't imagine how many 6500C3's are out there but its a whole lot. These 2 reels I acquired recently from another Fishraider and even though they were already well looked after, I decided to give them the treatment. One is a 6500C3 Daintree - model #06 00, the other is a slightly earlier #99 10.

There are only minimal differences between them... mostly around the clicker. If you have a 6500C3 of any model, I hope this service tutorial will help. Just open up your specific schematic and otherwise the general approach should be similar.

Here's the reels... for the tutorial I've focused on the 'Daintree' model.

post-6175-089066100 1293058964_thumb.jpg

Back out the 2 right side plate assembly captive retaining screws and remove the side plate assembly... put it aside for later

post-6175-042853400 1293058966_thumb.jpg

post-6175-024131100 1293058968_thumb.jpg

Remove the spool (Ref #970387)

post-6175-005037700 1293058970_thumb.jpg

Now we can service the spool beginning by removing the spool shaft (Ref #802631) and the spool pinion gear (Ref #19373)

post-6175-057323500 1293058971_thumb.jpg

post-6175-001767500 1293058973_thumb.jpg

Remove the brake assembly (Ref #19372 & #'s20211) from the other end of the spool after first removing the c-clip (Ref #13084) that secures it.

post-6175-054528900 1293058977_thumb.jpg

post-6175-022101900 1293058988_thumb.jpg

Now the spool bearings (Ref #13472 - size 3x10x4mm) and bearing spring washer (Ref #13104) can be removed. For some reason, this reel had a second spring washer beneath the 2nd spool bearing that isn't shown on the schematic. With some testing, it became really obvious that this washer was badly impeding freespool so I left it out. (maybe someone thought it was missing in the past so put one in??)

The best tool for removing small bearings is simply a bent paperclip...

post-6175-087221100 1293058989_thumb.jpg

post-6175-048195500 1293058974_thumb.jpg

post-6175-004231300 1293058976_thumb.jpg

The bearing shields can be removed, the bearings cleaned (I use Carby Cleaner), oiled (I use Corrosion X) and replaced unshielded.

post-6175-056716800 1293058991_thumb.jpg

post-6175-031043400 1293058993_thumb.jpg

Reassemble the spool and give it a spin to make sure everything is running well... sweeeeet, sweeeeet spin!!

post-6175-045333700 1293058996_thumb.jpg

Moving on to the left side, back out the 3 side plate screws (Ref #13582) and remove the side plate (Ref #23049).

post-6175-027479400 1293058998_thumb.jpg

post-6175-012466000 1293059000_thumb.jpg

To clean the inside of the left side plate remove the level-wind idler gear (ref #21800)... it's secured to the shaft by clips molded as part of the gear itself. Slip out the spool clicker assembly (ref #'s 21805 & 21807)... then give the inside of the side plate a good clean with a lint-free cloth and cotton buds (to get into those hard to reach areas)

post-6175-086444900 1293059001_thumb.jpg

post-6175-074544700 1293059015_thumb.jpg

I like to brush on a fine coat of grease to the inside of side plates to protect against corrosion. Then the right side plate assembly can be put back together with a single drop of oil going on the idler gear shaft.

post-6175-069289900 1293059017_thumb.jpg

post-6175-067910300 1293059019_thumb.jpg

To service the level-wind begin by moving to the left side of the reel frame plate (Ref #803204) and removing the level-wind retaining clip plate (Ref #5178)

post-6175-041716200 1293059021_thumb.jpg

Unscrew the pawl cap (Ref #5177) and remove the level-wind pawl (Ref #5177)

post-6175-037727200 1293059023_thumb.jpg

post-6175-008347900 1293059025_thumb.jpg

Now the worm screw (Ref #5205), worm screw cover (Ref #2496) and line guide (Ref #5174) can be slipped out, cleaned, oiled and reassembled.

post-6175-078203700 1293059026_thumb.jpg

post-6175-040542400 1293059028_thumb.jpg

post-6175-067341500 1293059030_thumb.jpg

post-6175-048838700 1293059032_thumb.jpg

post-6175-083105300 1293059053_thumb.jpg

The left side plate can now be returned (with a tiny dob of grease on the thread of each screw) and the spool replaced in the frame.

post-6175-063754000 1293059055_thumb.jpg

post-6175-036632900 1293059057_thumb.jpg

Time to sort out the main mechanical workings of the reel. Begin by removing the handle nut cap screw (ref #15652) and handle nut cap (ref #20934)

post-6175-001184500 1293059059_thumb.jpg

Now remove the 'e-clip' (ref #4490) and handle nut (ref #15359) allowing the handle (ref #20931) to be lifted off.

post-6175-082114900 1293059060_thumb.jpg

post-6175-076714000 1293059062_thumb.jpg

post-6175-059342300 1293059064_thumb.jpg

Next remove the handle spring washer (ref #5115) and drag star (ref #20680)

Now... you're all lining up your parts in order as you remove them right?

post-6175-044700100 1293059066_thumb.jpg

post-6175-075834700 1293059068_thumb.jpg

To get at the internals of the reel, now back out the 2 right side plate screws (ref #13584)

post-6175-030508700 1293059081_thumb.jpg

Lift off the right side plate (ref #23052) and carefully put aside the 2 belleville washers (ref #5131) that sit atop the anti reverse bearing. (this is one area where you might find significant differences between ABU 'C' series reels... some have anti-reverse bearings, some have anti-reverse dogs)

post-6175-004810900 1293059084_thumb.jpg

post-6175-089995400 1293059085_thumb.jpg

Now gently remove the drive gear assembly consisting of the drive shaft (ref #22079), main drive gear (ref #212000), drag washers and the anti-reverse bearing collar (ref #22001)

post-6175-080600100 1293059087_thumb.jpg

Changing the drag to Carbontex is pretty much automatic for me... it's worth noting that these days, most ABU reels come new with carbon washers!!

The drag assembly is separated and the Carbontex washers are greased (with Cal's or Shimano drag grease) and used to replace the corresponding 4 originals (ref #'s 13169, 20907)

post-6175-088468300 1293059091_thumb.jpg

post-6175-077399200 1293059093_thumb.jpg

post-6175-048823200 1293059095_thumb.jpg

To disassemble the clutch first lift off the clutch position holder (ref #22808), then lift of the pinion yoke (ref #20664) and pinion gear (ref #20848)

post-6175-039682400 1293059097_thumb.jpg

post-6175-023484800 1293059099_thumb.jpg

Lift off the clutch slider (ref #22807), clutch lever (ref #20671) and clutch link arm (ref #20685)

post-6175-028641000 1293059248_thumb.jpg

post-6175-012373100 1293059250_thumb.jpg

post-6175-093033700 1293059251_thumb.jpg

Finally, lift off and put aside the main gear thrust washer clutch button (ref #5189).

post-6175-082467100 1293059253_thumb.jpg

Now all the components can get a thorough clean, the outside surface of the brake plate a coat of grease, a sparing smear of gear grease on the drive and pinion gears and it all goes back together.

post-6175-060397100 1293059302_thumb.jpg

post-6175-056543000 1293059304_thumb.jpg

post-6175-043364900 1293059306_thumb.jpg

post-6175-025948800 1293059308_thumb.jpg

Reattach the right side plate and reassemble the drag star and handle (adding a protective light brush of grease to all the 'hidden' metal surfaces as you go)

post-6175-073952400 1293059311_thumb.jpg

post-6175-041230700 1293059313_thumb.jpg

post-6175-012609700 1293059315_thumb.jpg

post-6175-044168800 1293059317_thumb.jpg

A drop of oil on each handle knob and we're done.

post-6175-020101600 1293059327_thumb.jpg

post-6175-004980500 1293059331_thumb.jpg

Just a quick final note... when I serviced the other C3 I discovered that the splines securing the spool pinion gear had been stripped, allowing it to turn and thus rendering the level wind inoperative. Most level winds use a 'sacrificial' nylon gear somewhere in the system so that should you get a finger stuck, the gear will break before bits of you!!

I also replaced one of the brake blocks (ref #20211) on the casting brake since it was sticking.

This is where good after-sales service is important for any reel. I don't think I've ever waited for more than 72 hours for any ABU part I've ever ordered to get to me on the Gold Coast from Pure Fishing in Sydney.

post-6175-071541500 1293059332_thumb.jpg

post-6175-037169200 1293059334_thumb.jpg

And there you have it. One of ABU's most popular and enduring reels... and for good reason. The 6500C3 is simple, well engineered, easy to maintain, easy to modify to suit particular tastes and performs beautifully.

See you on the water, Slinky

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