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Maintenance question

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Hi raiders, finally finished the last bits and pieces of my winter maintenance. The last thing i did was install a new impeller and grease the prop. When i started it after this i seemed to have excess white smoke (more than normal), being my first impeller change i am just looking for a bit of reassurance as im thinking it is normal when installing a new impeller that you will get a bit of burn off. Please tell me my hunch is right or any ideas of why would be appreciated. Thankyou and tight lines.

Ps i did put a fine coat of grease inside the impeller case for initial start up as recommended from boat mechanic

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Hi, you are way off the mark and an impeller will not contribute to smoke and usually white smoke is more steam. Blue smoke on a flusher is what happens with old tech engines and more so with excessive oil rato at start up. If you are confident you did the job right I would water test in the water and if a late model engine you will have an overheat warning of some sort to indicate an overheat situation. An impeller that runs dry will never smoke or least you will never see it come from the prop hub so that is not the cause-what engine do you have and if you have run it dry for even a short time it will have damaged the impeller.



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Luke , can you give us some more info on your engine?




Seeing that this is the coldest time of the year , you may notice more water vapor (steam , white smoke) coming out .

As Huey said , the Impellor has very little influence on exhaust smoke , unless it has failed completely.

If you have a good stream of water of water flowing out of the tell tale , the impellor is probably OK , and doing its job.

If the white "smoke" has a distinctly oily or burnt smell , take it to Huetts Marine for analysis !!!


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Ran it with water, blades set properly, boat been sitting there since start of winter and had a good flow. Its a 2006 75 hp Mercury. Thanks for the replys guys and clearing that up for me, will run again tomorrow and see how it goes.

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