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Sharks in the Harbour


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On ‎23‎/‎12‎/‎2016 at 7:53 AM, Burger said:

I remember back in the 70's, sharks used to bite the sculls of private school boys rowing on the Lane Cove river.

I remember that also a lady rowing in the Iron Cove was hit by a shark years ago . Dogs have been taken also in the Iron Cove and numbers of Bull sharks being seen in the Parramatta River .

bull shark.jpg

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An eye opener here !!!!http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3246954/Australia-fatal-shark-attacks-world-men-likely-die.html

Been over to your great counry now on 5 trips.  All I can do is relate my own experiances about sharks around Sydney.  Back in 2012 fished Little Manly Point Park with me ozzie fisho mate Ollie.  He was livebaiting and hooked into a big bronzie there.  Managed one shot of it before it bit him off !!!


The same year we were fishing for kingies at 40 baskets and the boat next to us hooked a hammerhead.  Later on the same trip was fishing off the shore at 40 baskets and a local told me that the day before an angler had caught a 7 foot shark off the shore there.

On our next trip the wife and I were fishing at Davidson Park - a lovely setting and sharks were the last things on our minds. A lovely place to fish.  Just by chance got talking to another angler there and he said that the day before he was in his kayak at the top of the creek and seen about 10 large bull sharks milling about there.



On our last trip over seen a large bronze triagular shaped shark fin just off Collaroy Beach.  On a trip over to Watsons Bay talking to a local who said "a massive tiger shark has just swam past"

They are about,stay safe folk :D


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