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Mate, I went through the same process as I wanted to get wider and fish Browns. I am by no means an expert and have only just started fishing browns and beyond to Heatons. I like glass myself for the ride and finish (the misses did not like seeing welds everywhere!), wanted a wide beam for a good sized cockpit but with a deep v and also wanted a walk around with decent shelter below for my gear or the kids. I ended up with a seafarer voyager 6.8. Very happy with it. Like the other guys how have replied, towing capacity is key so I went to the limit of what I could tow both in width and weight and manage on my own. I had a 5.5m cuddy before the seafarer and the extra size make a huge difference on a foul day. When you are taking a green one or two over the front, a cuddy is better I reckon but the walk around makes the boat so much more versatile. I had to walk a 60kg bluefin around the boat this season east of Heatons and could not have done that in a cuddy. Especially as my mate was hooked up too so chasing my fish was not an option. The walk around is also excellent inshore for casting plastics, drifting and jigging work so you can fish the whole length of the boat. The kids sit up there too. I have huge drains on my walk around so if it is getting messy, the water drains off in an instant and I have a sealed deck too. I also wanted big underfloor kill tanks and large fuel capacity (400ltrs) to range wide. I also have 100ltr of fresh water also which is great for cleaning up on the way home. I reckon you should get your wish list of attributes together and that will narrow down the field possible brands and go from there.

I hope this helps a little.


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