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Reef Magic Saturday report

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After 3 weeks off with Mike & myself both away we were gagging to get out and see if any tuna were still about. Today was a day of firsts for me and our crew on board for the day. Jigged up plenty of bait and headed to the 12 mile. No sign of any kings so we set a line for the shelf. Did a lap of browns and headed for one of our favorite spots a little wider. While making lunch the shotgun got smashed and we were on. After a strange fight we had a mako beside the boat around 30kg put a gaff in him for a feed and tailroped him ( a first 4 me a mako on lure that hasn't bust us off). We kept heading wide and started a trail.. first cube in we were on in 30 seconds and after a nice fight we had a 35kg yellowfin aboard. Shortly after we had a run on the livie and soon had a 20kg dolphinfish doing cartwheels across the back of the boat only to have him throw the hook. (another first- a dollie in 17.8 deg water). We then had a double hook up on albatross which got tangled in our lines and whilst untangling one he gave me a nice bite - another first and not recommended. We marked a big fish at 20 fathoms and we set the last cube in the water within 20 seconds in the water we saw 200 meters of line get peeled off to a suspected shark. We set off after him and got him to within 25 meters from the boat when he bit us off. We set a course for home with the wind starting to pick up from the south east.

Anyway we had a great bunch of blokes from the shire on board and we hope they all enjoyed themselves.

Cheers Damo

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A very big thanks to Mike and Damo for the day out,these 2 gentlemen worked extremly hard and did it with a smile and a chat all day. Reef Magic the boat is nothing short of oustanding to fish out of and when it was time to go home it just powered thru the swells with an amazing smooth ride. We will put up a more detailed post with some pics later.

Many thanks

Kevin and the guys

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I was out there to and Mike & Damo worked their butts off to get us fish

and showed us some some techniques that we will try next trip out

Great guys running a top rate charter service on a superb boat that delivered

a fun day and some good fish

Thanks for the day guys :thumbup:


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