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Bendalong Boatramp


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Hi raiders,
just a report on Bendalong boatramp. There a 2 boatramps at Bendalong

Condition: The One on the left has concrete all the way to the water and is suitable for 2wd vehicles. The other is concrete but it finishes at the sand and has a drop off at the end. This would only be suitable for 4wd. You need to be careful during a north east swell as the surge can be pretty tricky.
Parking is not very good during summer so you need to get there early

Amenities: There are no toilets. There are a couple of dodgy cleaning tables.


UPDATE 18/7/2014 from member dogbox

This ramp should not be underestimated as a 2 wheel drive ramp, there are a number of safety issues that will catch out the an unsuspected user.

1. At low tide the concrete ramp ends well above the low tide line causing you to have to retrieve your boat on the sand.

2. Low tide increases the wave height at the ramp causing the rear vehicle to be inundated by salt water

3. The water action will cause you trailer and car to sink very quickly

The best advice I can give is only use a 4 wheel drive and make sure you have a fishing buddy with you. Be prepared to launch and retrieve quickly.post-869-0-44272100-1405688674_thumb.png

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