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Name: Old Mans Hat

Type of ledge: low wet ledge

Parking: $4 a day. 1st car park you come to which is next to a bus stop and opposite a cafe

Public Transport Accessible: Y

Walking Distance: takes about 15min to the ledge from the carpark

Ease of Access and how to acess: Fairly easy hike. Theres a rock wall (part of the old Q-station i believe), follow the wall to the clif face. theres a path just past the bus stop sign. walk along the cliff face till you get to the cutting. theres a obvious path down the rocks. some loose boulders so WEAR GOOD FOOTWEAR.

When to fish: E or NE swell 1-1.5m. Wind E, NE, NW

When not to fish it: Any southerly type swell. very exposed in these conditions

Target species: blackfish, luderic, bonnies, kingies, salmon, trevs, squid

Recommended Rigs/Baits: quite a rocky bottom so use a float - livies, pillies. spinning metals / poppers works well too

Phone reception: good

Angel Rings accessible: No


Big view:

zoomed in

Safety tips:

-Ledge is SLIPPERY. wear cleats.

-very exposed in any type of southerly. don't fish. period

Check the weather before you go !


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