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[SYDNEY HARBOUR] North Spit / Fisher Bay

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Name: North Spit / Fisher Bay

Type of ledge: rocky shoreline

Parking: heading towards manly theres a carpark just after the spit bridge. $16 for 10hrs. Coming from manly theres a turnoff just before you enter the spit bridge. Theres a footpath under the bridge so both sides are accessible

Public Transport Accessible: ?

Walking Distance: 100m

Ease of Access and how to access: easy. park and follow the paths. also can walk along the rocky shoreline towards manly, where the current doesn't rage too much

When to fish: anytime

When not to fish it: -NA-

Has it knowingly claimed lives? N

Target species: kings, trevs, bonito, squid, bottom dwellers etc

Recommended Rigs/Baits: float livies - quite hard as the current rages through the narrow pass. few snags but not too bad for bottom fishing. fish the pylons also

Phone reception: good

Angel Rings accessible: N



Safety tips:

-good footwear

-lots of sharp oysters / barnacles

Check the weather before you go !




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