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[SYDNEY HARBOUR] Fishermans Rock

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Name: Fisherman's Rock

Type of ledge: High rocky outcrop

Parking: plenty and free

Public Transport Accessible: ?

Walking Distance: about 500m from the car

Ease of Access and how to access: easy walk through some scrub. Park in the 2nd car park, walk through the picnic area and there are some steps at the back on the left. There are heaps of walking tracks around here so its a bit of a maze, but at any intersection if you always go down you'l be all right. If you cant go down then go left and that will get you to the rock. The rock itself is fairly small. 2-3 people max and it gets a fair bit of traffic, but if you manage a spot there is some good fishing to be had. The rock can get quite dirty. Lots of mess gets left behind, even though theres a bin 10m away. I try and clean up as much as i can when im there

When to fish: anytime

When not to fish it: n/a

Has it knowingly claimed lives? n

Target species: In front of the rock is some really deep water and bottom bashing is the way to go here: good bream, flatties, small (legal) snapper. Apparently a good place for jewies although ive never caught any.

Recommended Rigs/Baits:

Phone reception: good

Angel Rings accessible: n



Safety tips:


Check the weather before you go !




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