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[CENTRAL COAST] South Avoca rocks

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LocalitySouth Avoca Rocks, southern end of Avoca, large ledge with low and moderate high areas to fish.

Parking - Good – Parking available on Avoca drive.

Public Transport Accessible - Yes trains run from Sydney to Gosford, and bus services are available from Gosford to Avoca.

Distance from civilization – 5 to 10 mins to nearest residential houses, and local business

Ease of Access and how to access – Access to the ledge is easy, walk to the beach end of the car park turn right and follow the steps down to the sand then back up the rock ledge, best to wear cleats from the start of the ledge as there is a lot of red weed on the rocks which can make walking rather difficult.

When to fish it - All year in low to moderate swells once the swell, best fished in a north easterly swell of less than 1.7metres, in southerly swell the rocks can get quite wet and the odd larger wave can wash the entire ledge, there are a few high points to fish from along the ledge but these do not offer complete safety from the swell.

When not to fish it - In any swell above 1.6- metre from the South or South East,

Has it knowingly claimed a lot of lives? Over the years yes Avoca has claimed lives, both from anglers and swimmers using the ledge as a diving point, the plaques on the wall are a tribute to those who have died here.

Target species – From fishing the washes for Luderick, Drummer, Bream, Snapper to live baiting for Salmon, Tailor, Kingfish, Long tail Tuna and Cobia, it is also worth noting that there have been remarkable catches of both Spanish and Spotted mackerel and Marlin over the years, spinning from the rocks is also a viable option from here with captures of Bonito and Salmon quite a regular occurrence.

Phone reception – The phone reception is quite good

Angel Rings accessible – Yes there is an angel ring available for use on site, the beach is also patrolled by the Avoca beach lifesaving club.

Ease of escape – As the ledge is quite flat an angler can see a wave coming from a distance, each wave should be judged on it's own merit, if the weather turns foul it is advisable to leave the ledge for a safer location and walk back to the car along the cliff face as waves can and do break over the ledge and flood it in adverse seas.

TIP for Avoca – When fished safely and in the right conditions it will be worth the crowds, once the warmer currents start to push down around November/ December the live baiting and surface spinning action for cruising pelagics really comes into it's own with the cooler months of the year being the time for the finesse of the wash fisherman taking home good bags of Luderick, bream and drummer. Cleats are a must at this location as previously stated the ledges are quite slippery here due to the amount of red weed growing on the rocks and when the weed is dry it can still cause a nasty slip! Always fish with a friend or group and never take risks as the formation of the rocks can cause swell activity to be unpredictable at times.

Safe fishing at this spot folks and check these links before going





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