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[EASTERN SUBURBS] Julianne’s Rock (Little Bay)

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Julianne's rock is well known for being a dangerous area to fish in anything but the smallest swell; cleats are a must and never fish it alone as the rocks are quite tricky and as there is no protection from swell of any direction.

Locality - Julianne's rock (little bay), northern side of little bay low and moderately high ledges

Parking - Good - park at the access gate near cyclone mesh fence on Randwick Golf Course in Bilga Cres, or through murra murra place ample parking available.

Public Transport Accessible - Yes get State Transit Buses to Bilga Cres

Distance from civilization - 15 to 20 mins to nearest residential houses

Ease of Access and how to access - an easy but precarious climb down a gully wear your cleats or spike boots then it is a scramble around the cliff line to your right over boulders pack light and minimise what you need to carry you may get a little wet coming bavk at high tide as you need to cross a low reef near Julianne ledge, its okay in a NE to E swell anything from the south makes access difficult!

When to fish it - All year in low swells from the East to North East or no swell at all fishable in a NE swell up to 1.25 metres its a low to moderately high ledge depending where you stand here and can get wet and dicey best fished on the run out but can be fished on the run in.

When not to fish it - In any swell above 0.5 - 0.75 metre from the South or South East,

Has it knowingly claimed a lot of lives? No but there have been a few fatalities here by anglers fishing alone in adverse sea conditions

Target species - From mack tuna to bonnies to slmon and kingies its the estern suburbs premier spinning ledge with deep water but it also turns on massive amounts of trevally, bream and luderick and even the odd snapper, it gets busy when the fish are on here so be early! Also can be reliable for live yakkas and squid at times

Phone reception - Its okay I recommend being with Tels

Angel Rings accesible - Not on the main ledge there is a metal spike driven in to the rock in the event of an unexpected wave but do not use this as an excuse to fish it in adverse or dangerous seas.

Ease of escape - not easy you have to make the scramble back around the boulders, if the weather or swell turns here I recommend you pack up and leave because it is not one place you want to get caught there is a series of high ledges above the spot on the cliff line if you do find yourself stranded high you can safely sit out any turn in the weather but it is not recommended either get off while you can and go home or to another safer ledge.

TIP for Julianne - fish it in the right conditions and it will reward, summer is the best for surface species and winter for the bread and butters respect the ledge and it will pay dividends .

Recommend taking A PFD, cleats are a MUST and a 20 metre life line this essentially is 20 metres of rope with a tennis ball on one end if someone does go in the ball is thrown to them and they can then grab the rope and be hauled back in when the waves subside! But then should you be there in these conditions, I strongly advise to stand at the top of the ravine and watch the spot for 10 mins to ensure that it is fish-able, and don't go down if you unsure about it even if others are going down, being unsure leads to making mis-informed calls and could cost you your life theres other spots!

Safe fishing at this spot folks and check these links before going

Safety tips:


Check the weather before you go !




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