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[EASTERN SUBURBS] Maroubra Beach

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Name:North Maroubra

Type of ledge: Low

Parking: Good but crowded

Public Transport Accessible: Yes

Walking Distance: 100 metres

Ease of Access and how to access: Easy access straight down the steps and onto the beach

When to fish: Half tide in half tide out in low NE swells

When not to fish it: Any swell from the south over 0.5 metre and big NE swells over 1.25 metres

Has it knowingly claimed lives? No

Target species: Whiting, bream, luderick, Tarwhine, salmon

Phone reception: Yes

Angel Rings accessible: No but surfclub is 500 metres away

North Maroubra Beach Rocks is a safe spot best fished from either the NE ledges in the corner behind the breakers or if the swell permits the ledges near the stormwater drain, be aware this may be on the beach but IT IS STILL A ROCK LEDGE AND ALL PRECAUTIONS ARE TO BE TAKEN CLEATS ARE A MUST AS THESE LEDGES ARE COVERED IN CABBAGE WEED. If you don't want to fish off the rock ledges there are spots on the sand where you can cast to the fish.


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