Rock fisher saved by lifejacket

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Rock fisher saved by lifejacket

A fisherman has escaped death after being swept off rocks in Sydney's southeast.

THE angler was one of three fishers who were casting from a rock pool at the north end of Maroubra beach on Saturday afternoon.

A set of waves about 1.5-metres high washed the man, whose age was not immediately clear, into the sea.

His lifejacket kept him afloat long enough for local lifeguards to race to the scene on a jet-ski and haul him out of the water.

A Randwick City Council spokesman said the lifejacket almost certainly kept the man alive.

"He spewed up a bit of water and he seemed to be doing all right," he added.

"Obviously they called an ambulance for him and took him off to hospital."

The spokesman said quite a few fishermen have been swept into the sea from the same spot - but many were not wearing lifejackets.

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After reading the article it sounds like they were fishing just north of mahon pool.I wonder if they were fishing the spot called the stakes thats where I think they were.Pretty dicey spot in anything but flat seas swell was a solid 4 to 5 foot today.At least he can go home to his family tonight and lets hope he has learnt his lesson.

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Thanks Pete for posting

Here below is the Police Update

Rock fisherman rescued from water – Maroubra

Police have issued a timely warning to rock fishermen to be vigilant following a near-drowning at Maroubra earlier today.

About 10.30am (16 June) two men and a woman arrived in an area just north of Mahon Pools for some rock fishing.

All three people approached the rocks near the water’s edge, with one of the men, aged 28, putting on a life jacket.

He then walked closer to the water to assess whether the group could start fishing.

A short time later the man was hit by a large wave and washed off the rocks.

The second man, aged 27, has tried to assist but was unable to enter the water due to rough seas.

He sustained deep cuts to his left hand after slipping on the rocks, during the rescue attempt.

The 27-year-old contacted Triple Zero for assistance and police arrived at the location.

Police and other emergency services commenced a rescue operation and the 28-year-old man was located a short time later.

He was placed onto a jet ski and brought to shore, where he was treated by ambulance officers.

He was taken to Prince of Wales Hospital in a stable condition and remains under observation.

Eastern Beaches Local Area Commander, Superintendent Gavin Dengate said this could easily have ended in tragedy.

“Fortunately the man was wearing a life jacket in accordance with safety directions,” Supt Dengate said.

“There is no doubt that this saved his life, enabling him to remain afloat until emergency services could effect a rescue.”

“This highlights the importance for all rock fishermen to prepare for the conditions and be dressed in the appropriate and approved safety gear.”

“I’d call on all rock anglers to exercise extreme caution and common sense before going fishing,” Supt Dengate said.

Rock anglers are urged to follow these safety tips if they do venture out:

• Make enquiries and check conditions before you leave home. There are various web sites and channels where you can obtain this information, including the Weather Information Line on 1900 937 107.

• Observe first/fish later: watch your intended fishing spot to get an idea of the conditions over a full swell/wave cycle.

• Never fish by yourself – fish in a group of at least three people and within sight of each other.

• Make sure you let family and friends know where you are going and when you’ll be back.

• Wear light clothing.

• Wear appropriate footwear; with non-slip soles or cleats.

• Carry safety gear; head protection, as well as a float and line to help anyone else who might be washed into the water.

• Never fish in exposed areas during rough or large seas and be aware that conditions may change dramatically in a short period of time.

• Stay alert. Do not ever turn your back on the sea: if waves, the weather or swell threaten your fishing spot then leave immediately.

• Always wear a life jacket.

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The way the police report reads the guy who got washed in was pretty much doing the right thing. He probably should have stood back for a little longer to see if waves broke where he was fishing, but he was still pretty unlucky. Just shows when rock fishing that you've got to be careful...

Glad to hear he was wearing a life jacket, just more evidence that they're a good idea. I bet his mates will have them on from the start next time too!

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