Broker 410 Safari - Stolen

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday (02/09/2012) my boat was stolen from out front of my house in Bankstown at 7pm after I came back from a fishing trip (I went inside for 5 minutes before I intended to wash it).

It is a 2009 Brooker 410 Safari, 40HP Mercury 2 Stroke and a Brooker trailer with skids.

Some unique characterisics of the boat are:

* It has a custom made centre console (see pictures attached) which the 4.10 Safari does not ordarinily have as it is a tiller steer boat;

* It has had the front two seat pole mounts infilled with carpet (see attached) with the back two remaining;

* It has a metal plate at the back of the boat covering a hole where the electronics use to be (see attached);

* It has a number of redundant bolt holes where the engine is mounted to the boat as I had the engine changed from a 30HP to a 40HP (its only a relatively new boat).

The chances of locating the boat are obviously quite low but if you could keep an eye out and contact Police if you happen to see it on the road or the water it would be greatly appreciated.

Some advice I would give to fellow boaties - have the trailer locked to the car at all times when the boat is unattended!!!!



post-24353-043122900 1346675653_thumb.jpg

post-24353-032980100 1346675775_thumb.jpg

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I noticed your poster the other day when whilst dealing with a job nearby involving another boat stolen on the same day in that area.

I'm investigating that incident on behalf of the insurer but I was wonder whether you could get in touch via email if possible . as your left if possibly related to the other boat theft

Many thanks


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turn your back for 5 min and its gone !

serious bunch on lowlifes!!! - hope you get your boat back

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Guest Aussie007

wow 2 boats same are same time? have the thief's been caught yet?

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