Bradbury Family Appeal - A Personal Request

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Hi Raiders,

Most of you will have seen or read news stories this past week regarding not only the death but also the unfathomable manner in which Lynette Bradbury was taken from her friends and family. Lynette was the Sister of my Dear Friend Suzanne, who some of you will have heard me mention over the years that I have had the honour and privilege of being 'adopted' by their extended family.

As you can see in the attached news release, it has been just over a year since Lynette's warmth and courage, friendship and kindness, love and cheekiness were replaced by a gaping emptiness in not only the lives of those she touched, but our world as a whole.

Today, we celebrated Lynn's amazing presence and how she touched our lives, although at this stage there is no explanation as to why this heart wrenching act took place, or who was responsible for causing such grief. Our hope is that someone, somewhere may have information that may help Lynette's family and friends reach some form of closure. It is not expected that any semblance of closure will be a form of consolation - the love of a Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, Aunt and Friend can not possibly be replaced, however, any information provided to police may help bring the person(s) to justice and save another family the pain I have seen my dear friends endure over this past year.

Those of you that know me well will know that I am a private person, and not one to make public displays or requests. In this case, I would consider it a great personal favour if fellow Fish Raiders would forward/post this message with the attached link to the news release to your contacts/social networks in the hope that someone may come forward with information that may help.

News Release - October 31, 2012 - 4:30PM

To view the entire video, click on:

I am happy to field questions regarding comments in the media that may seem conflicting or confusing.

Your help is truly, and deeply appreciated in advance - thankyou.

Scotty B

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Thankyou Scott,

This will be pinned until such time as you direct Admin otherwise.

Regards Fishraider Administration

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Thanks everyone - Suzanne and the remainder of the family are extremely grateful, and touched by the support and big hearts of so many people - many that they have not even met.

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