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rod tube and flying issues

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Flying out of Sydney next week up north and taking rods with me in tube 220cm.

Fly up with virgin and no issues, book return flight with qantas and they say no issues but then find out it's a jetstar and there's an issue. They have a max length of 190cm so I trim tube to minimum I can of 198cm and am told its up to check-in if they allow extra 8cm.

So if they say no it seems the rods and tube stays there. Well not happy at all and I think its a disgrace, I was expecting it from virgin but good old aussie flight are so bad.

Hopefully they will allow extra 8cm, will let you know outcome but suggest flying virgin over jetstar if you want to take rods.

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I fly to the Gold Coast twice a year for a fish and have done, for the last five years.

Virgin Airlines will ALWAYS get my business for this reason.

Three year ago I was in Coolangatta airport, Sunday night, Very tired after a week on the water, and that other airline refused to fly my rod tube even tho they flew it up from Sydney the week before. Trying to explain there was about a thousand bucks worth of rods in that old tube fell on deaf ears.

After about an hour of stressing out and a few different so call customer service people they eventually flew the tube.


I did how ever write a letter to virgin saying they will always get my business whilst they take the longer rod tubes. Also thanked then for there great service.


PS Good luck getting your gear away and Good luck fishing!

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yep my tubes are 220 & never had issues nsw or Qld long as its virgin it has copped a few dings but thats what its for "protection " i cant say anything about some cheaper carriers as i dont fly with them ,& dont think they take the same duty of care with items ,wondered how they go with the larger surfboards then .

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Well i've cut my tube down to 198cm, it's now 8cm over length and after a phone call to their useless call centre overseas as you can't get anyone in Australia anymore I was told "it's the discretion of the check-in if they allow the extra 8cm or not, will wait n see on the return trip if Jetstar are flexible and IF i lose my poop at them. If all else fails i'll donate them to tackle store at Airlie Beach, already spoken to them haha.

Never again will I fly Jetstar though, worst service I have ever experienced.

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