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Out of Port Hacking

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Hi Raiders

Left the port early, with the intention of fishing off Garie beach for Flathead.

About 1km past Jibbon Bommie I passed over what appeared to be a very large bait school, so out went a bait jig. It soon loaded up and in came 4 leather jackets and 2 missing hooks. Dropped the jig down again to catch another 4 Jackets. Not looking good so moved on. Checked out the Marley wreck but 3 Seals were cruising around so didn’t fancy my chances of bringing anything up past them. Stopped a couple of times on the way to Garie but each time I lost rigs to the Jackets. This was repeated many times between Garie and back to Jibbon. Each drop came back minus hooks, sinker and Swivel. Returned home early frustrated and fishless. There’s never a Super Trawler around when you need one.


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We went out on Thursday around Garie and down south and ran into the dreaded jackets also .

The first small spikey I brought up looked like he had been filleted on the way up,when I threw what was left of him back in ther were literaly hundreds of 15 cm jackets attacking the remains under the boat. We tried moving around to different spots between 30 and 60 metres and was met with the familiar instant attacks of jackets as soon as the baits hit the bottom.There were a couple of other boats around and they also seemed to be moving around alot as well and finally left.

We did manage to find a patch of very nice flaties and for about 40 minutes did catch about 20 good fish until the jackets found us again ,at this point we gave up and went home after losing several rigs .


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The jackets were all just about 150 mm long, too small to bother about. They would follow a bait up from the bottom and then school under the boat and follow your next bait down biting you off before you reached the bottom. Will try going north tomorrow and fish off Kurnell, will see if they are up that way.


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thanks for the reports guys.

We gave inside the hacking a try friday night.

Fished opposite yowie bay for a few bream and tailor, only one keeper.

Got the bream on a whole pillie.

Moved to the sand flats off lilli pilli where we thought we might've been onto a jew or two as my brother, then me were both busted off after a 5 or so minute fight.

My bro finally got what the probable culprit was, about a 3 foot shovel nose ray. DOH!

Even tho they are supposed to be a good feed we let him go.

He went pretty hard on light gear with 6lb braid.

We decided to go for a troll before heading home and the owner of the boat got onto a kingy while weaving in and out of the moored boats close to shore inside gymea bay.

He was trolling a white 130mm squidgey like slick rig.

Unfortunately he fiddled with the drag as he got him right to the boat and the pause was just enough to let him shake free.

It was only a rat of 60 or so cm but spewing.

I dont think it realised it was off for a few seconds as he kept gliding on top of the water alongside the boat for about 10 feet with mouth wide open, then took off.


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