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Alex catches some more Kings!

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Sorry for the late post (this all happened last Sunday) which happened to be one of the most spectacular days on the water that I can remember for a long time! Great weather, great sea conditions, and lots of fish everywhere. We went out of the heads at around 10:00am and went to the Colours where there was lots of bait but no Kingfish. We then went to North head where we caught some Yakkas, slimies, and some massive squid, and (there were also massive schools of slimies just on the surface). We then fished near the shore off South Head and then North Head and ended up catching 4 nice Kingies (the 2 bigger ones are in the photos, we released the other two.). Alex also hooked this nice Bonita on a small surface slug in the middle of a school of slimies....! All in all, a great day on the water and worth leaving the Harbour for.





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Nice work there. We were downrigging live yakkas last Saturday near Bluefish point and got 2 goodKings.

There was heaps of bait on the sounder too.


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Great work buddy!

Its nice to see someone whose plans come to fuition.

Great squid there.


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