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Hello Raiders!

Just thought I would post this to all those Squid freaks out there...

Went out on Sunday last week during the day got to my squidding spot around 3PM and setup my rod and jigs ready to cast and blast them out of the water.

The wind had picked up even though I had checked Willy's weather AND Weatherzone which both claimed there was going to be little WIND that day but I wasn't going to let a little wind spoil the fun. So I continued casting my jigs, I would cast straight and they would end up to the left, my first hookup on a 15cm calamari which was tiny was weird because I had crossed lines with the guy next to me and at the same time pulled this little one up haha.

I continued working my jigs until finally the sun decided it's going down, as soon as the light started fading I hooked up 3 nice sized squid and one of them being an Arrow Head within the 8 casts I made. I decided that was enough and I packed my things up and left!

Just goes to show that they are still out there but you will come across the small ones which can go back to be the next monsters. I don't have any photos of them as my phone was dead at the time!

Cheers Squidders,


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Sounds like a great session and an excellent feed!

Yep sure was! Froze them up though might cook them on the weekend. I'm going to try and get out there this weekend!

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I'm only knew to this game. Do you mind me asking where is the place where you can go squidding

Botany Bay produces some nice squid. Try going to La perouse in front of bare island or you can try the harbour I would say around Rose bay and Watsons bay wharf. Keep working the weed beds and make sure you go where there is sufficient lighting or even take one with you, I also take a can of Egimax with me as it tends to drive them insane or you could rub a pilchard on the jig. There's still some out there and I need to find the time myself to go out and get some more.

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been getting quit a few at jeffrey st wharf under the harbour bridge got 6 arrows and 3 southerns for a 2 hour session using 2.5 yamashita natural colour the other night.

Yea apparently that place is very productive at times. I just hate going towards the harbour and try to avoid it as much as I can, too many idiots that fish there and ruin the whole feeling of it. Might head down back to the Hacking tonight if I get the chance and see if they're still around!

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