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Hi guys,

I know this thread is more for boat theft and such, but I was wondering about general theft from cars whilst fishing. Is it possible to compile stories (if there are any others), and see if any good comes from it. My mates car was broken into at SNAPPER POINT at munnmora conservation state park. After research I found this was common in the area, apparently there was even an arsen attack!!! Then the other day I was at bass point (down south) and talking to some locals there. Car break ins are netorious down there! So does any one have details on these spots, or others, about the perpatrators or get away cars??? Im sure there are more people out there with knowledge and experiences. At least list know hot spots as a warning to fellow raiders. Hopefully we can stop the little buggers!!!

Cheers boys

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Hi mate,

First of all theft of property doesn't discriminate between young/old,rich/poor,or location.

If there's scumbags about that want your property more than you,they'll find a way to relieve you of that possession.

The only thing you can really do is secure your property using whatever means possible and being observant about your surroundings,hoping others do the same.

Having said all that there is NOTHING on this planet that cannot be disarmed/bypassed with the right knowledge and equipment with some being easier than others.

I've seen/heard on several ramps where boat owners have come back in to find these things:

Whole car/trailer stolen.

Trailer stolen.

Spare tyre from boat/4wd stolen.

Winch from 4wd/trailer stolen.

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There are some low life's about that do these sorts of things but you can scrub port Stephens off any potential list. However, anywhere else I travel, I lock my trailer onto the towbar just as a preventative measure and at this still doesn't stop them from stealing my rollers. This has happened at parsley bay Brooklyn and Apple tree bay Cowan creek. Really annoying!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Yep, I got done because the car was the only thing for miles and an easy target. I am now the most cautious and sus person ever and wont park anywhere suspicious. But there, sadly, are spot this is more common and less random, either because of the location, or the local population. Either way, like I said, if people know spots where its notorious, give others a heads up! Doesnt hurt to share that sort of info

. And scratchie, got to agree, you could leave your car unlocked at in parts of port stephens and people will come tell you that you left the car open! Nice place, nice people.

Cheers boys

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As much as this sucks . . . . . like the raffle boat recently stolen . . . it is a part of life these days.

I know up here on the Central Coast i have heard of complete vehicle and trailers stolen at Terrigal & also Cabbage Tree bay - Norah Head ocean ramps in the 35 years i have lived here

The whole stretch from the Entrance bridge to right to Norah Head if you park anywhere along those beach access stops . . . the opportunity has presented itself for the less desirables . . . . to at their leisure do as they please.

Pelican Beach use to be the worst of the lot and the old tip before they built Magenta Shores on top of it.

I was fishing with my father one day at north entrance and we left our vehicle and trailer at the ramp by the co-op

after we had our fun , we retreived the boat and jumped in the car (which was still locked) and the glove compartment had been riflied through and some its contents were left on the passenger seat.. . . there was only change in the glovy . . nothing more

The thief had even gone to the trouble to lock the vehicle afterwards . . .but we noticed . .. never parked there again

If you go up that way occassionally you will see shattered glass on the ground . . .which brings only one thing to mind.

When i have shot on the beach along there i always park my vehicle on the roadside in the hope that this deters them somewhat.

But as we all know this can happen anywhere . . anytime no matter what your doing.

Regards Gibson

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