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Great work on the reds and the vid.

Thanks erroll.. been fishing lately?

Great work guys, love the vids. I totally agree with your quote in the vid, nothing beats being on the ocean, its a nice part of the world! Then add a few snapper and your almost in heaven!

Hey Mike, There is something special about being offshore and still see the mountains in the back ground. it is a top place. I am out there for the scenery , the fish is a bonus.

Try as we may, we cant top your beast yet. :)

Great footage guys, well done, got me wanting to go out fishing, good stuff..

Thanks Sillek70, glad you like it.

What a great video!

Thanks Vince.

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Well you got pretty dam close!! Theres still time to top the beast, they are still on the chew going off Petes last few trips.

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