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Essential features of Go Pro Black

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I have almost convinced the Boss that I need a Go Pro Black for Christmas to take great videos of our granddaughter and new arrival due mid January.

Now I have to admit that whilst I am ok with a normal digital camera the only things that I know about the Go Pros has been gleaned from reading various posts on the subject on this site.

A recently received advertisement for camera equipment quoted a bewildering range of specifications and features for the Go Pro Black model but left me wondering whether the quoted price actually included the features that I think I would like to have.

I would appreciate Raiders who have experience of the Go - Pro Black confirming whether they include the following features or whether some of the features would be add on extras.

1) Can be used underwater? Depth range?

2) Does the standard battery supplied with the unit support maximum extended usage or will that require a longer life battery. (total time?)

3) Curved or flat lens fitted as standard?

4) Mounts supplied with the unit?

5) Extra batteries available and easily fitted?

6) Does the standard unit come complete with remote on-off switching?

7) What would be the most desirable "add-ons" when using the unit for making fishing videos such as some Raiders seem to excel in?

Thanks for any advice



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1) yes, to 60meters. they have the flat faced housing for better underwater focus.

2) best to get a battery pack and additional batteries

3)flat on housing

4)depends on what kit you get ie, surfing or biking, chest harness etc. the bike mount kit is best as you can mount them everywhere



7) suction mount, handle bar mounts.

also turn off the bluetooth/wireless as it drains the battery. the bluetooth does not work underwater.

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I went for the Sony Action Cam over the Go Pro Black, due to the fact that its over $100 cheaper, has all the same features, plus anti shock, and actually has bit better colours when you compare the two online.

Not to mention, the battery life is around three times that of the Go Pro when running at the highest specs.

The Go pro Black & the Action cam both have wi if, however you can't stream underwater to either of them, wifi doesn't work under water.

Do your research Mate, they're both good, but in my book the Action Cam is better, and I'm glad the shop attendant talked me out of the Go Pro Black.

Very happy with the Action Cam.

That's my two cents worth!

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