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Hey Raiders,

James Ibrahim used our Scent Blazer trolling lures in Samoa on a recent trip. The Scent Blazer lure that he used out-fished the other trolling lures in the spread by a long way.

James wrote us a great report and sent over some pics. He used the lures the exactly the way they were meant to be used with the bait chambers full of bait so the lures tasted and smelled like a real bait fish.

In his report he mentioned that he caught a fish cut it open, took out its stomach content which was small fish and placed it inside the bait chamber of the trolling lure. That’s perfect James, that’s exactly what we do, that way you are 100% matching the hatch and pelagic fish in the area will aggressively take the lures because the lures contains the actual fish type the fish are feeding on.

He also mentioned that the lure was still catching fish even after the skirt had been mangled by the toothy fish he had caught which says a lot about the value of having bait inside the lure.

Read the full article and view the pictures at:

Link to the lure he used:

Happy fishing!

Scent Blazer Lures

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