Stolen Custom Outboard Cover by OCA

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Hi Raiders,

Never posted before but love the site and all the good info from fellow members. Went away with some mates last week and the misses picked me up from the city when we got back to Sydney. Came home and said to her had she been in the boat as the ropes for the full boat cover were untied and on the ground at the rear. Then went shit, bastards had taken the custom made cover for the outboard that was made by OCA in Perth. It's pretty unique as it had the fin enclosures fitted to it for the "Stingray" hydroplane. Was on a 75 Merc 2 Stroke, so unless someone has one of those motors with that hydroplane fitted it will be pretty much useless to them. Neighbour reckons the ropes were off the day before but didn't worry as he thought I was working on the boat, didn't know I was away. He said the cover was deffinately on though, so the scumbags have come back the next night to complete their handy work. Also I have a strong feeling I ran into the 2 scumbags about 2 weekends prior when I was packing my ute for work on a Sunday arvo. Live in a small culdesac and friend has wakeboat in front yard 2 houses down, well these 2 guys were just standing on the road staring at it for ages, i was going to ask them what they wanted when they saw me and just walked off cool as. 1 x mid 50's around 5'10" medium build other probably son around 30 6' plus and solid. Old guy said hello but a bit cagey as they walked back up the street to their car which was parked on the main road. Both in thongs shorts and singlets, scruffy hair and unshaven. Anyway Police came and were pretty good about it and mentioned a name of a person not long out of jail matching decription who they say is known to them and has a liking for other peoples boats and gear. So Raiders if your in the Sutherland Shire area keep a close eye on your gear.

If someone trys to flog you an outboard cover that's one peice, has black sides with blue insert stripe all around the centre of it with winglets for the hydroplane to fit into and it's own serial number on a tag inside it, it's probably mine, and if the tags been ripped out then you know it's deffinately stolen. Only minor to what some guys have lost but just ticks you off that these turds won't go and buy their own stuff.

Cheers to all.

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Mate that sucks... To be honest I would tell your neighbour with the wakeboat to keep his eyes peeled and at the very least put a trailer lock on it with a heavy duty shock resistant padlock so they can't tow it off... I suggest you do the same. Shifty mongrels. I hope they get caught and your cover is returned.



Welcome to fishraider.

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How infuriating!

Its not exactly something they can offload at the local cash converters, lucky they didn't take the boat cover too! keep an eye on ebay as it could be one of the few places they'd find the niche market required to offload something so specific.

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My mate had his whole canopy stolen including clears and they broke into the cabin and stole all his gear too. The canopy was specific to his boat so like your theft, there is not much they can do with it unless they have the exact same boat. I've also had it done to me and have even had a boat stolen outsider place. I hope you catch those scum bags and teach them a lesson.

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