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We had the kids down from Bangalow for an early Mother's Day lunch so could not participate but briefly called in and met Donna, Stewie, Rabbit and Scratchie (onyah Scratchie for travelling all the way from Port Stevens) and picked up a cap and a beanie. What a lovely spot for a picnic.

It sure looked like everyone was enjoying themselves. Sorry I did not get time to meet more members.

And Stewie, as I said when I met you, from your posts I thought that you were 9 feet tall and 150 Kg's. But what do they say," its not the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog that counts".. Good to meet you and thanks to you and Donna for running a great site.



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It was great to meet you too Witha. Yeah the young fella was itching to practice his casting not long after we arrived but I explained we are here for a 'fishing lesson' then we will have the chance to fish later. Then when he does finally have a cast he casts his line straight over yours .... good thing we are Raiders!!

Good luck with the kayak and great looking new outfit mate and looking forward to your future reports.


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Nice going ryder good to see you land some flatties for the day

Great stuff Andrew :thumbup:

It was nice to meet you at the Social yesterday and good on you for getting maximum out of the day and cashing in on some nice fish on the way home.

Keep up the top work!


It was fun and great to meet you guys

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Thanks to all your were involved in the organisation, ESP Donna and Stewie. Thanks Peter for instructing my group. Learnt HEAPS. Can't wait to put it into practice. Had an awesome time

Cheers, looking forward to your future reports.

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I reckon this was one of the best SOCIAL events that we have ever had and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Donna and myself are really happy that everyone had such a good time and that will make us do social events just that little bit more often I think.

Great feedback from all the raiders and guests and that's what makes FISHRAIDER a great place to be.

Not just a fishing forum but a social place to meet people and make friends for life.


Great effort Stewie and Donna, instructors, helpers and everyone who attended. Would have loved to attend to help out and catch up again but gee, as my boys get older, free time on weekends is all taken up with sports! :thumbdown: They're still hoping for another Botany Bay social one day ... :D

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For the previous 4 months had never caught a thing on SPs. First session AFTER the social, the results speak for themselves. Once again thanks Pete

Great stuff Richard, you did it! Especially after trying for 4 months, you've now cracked the code. Congratulations. The confidence the first fish gives will ensure many more to come. Love the photos, you looked stoked!

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 For the previous 4 months had never caught a thing on  SPs. First session AFTER the social, the results speak for themselves. Once again thanks Pete

you the man!!!!!! richard well done, pete's lesson worked wonders. :P

Tight lines!, Shakeel

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I would just like to put some further prospective to the great day had by all raiders on the day and the rewards that follow. You can never stop learning about fishing and with having kids SP's are great entry level to learn to cast, retrieve, fight and catch fish. Not to mention there is no need to bait their lines constantly. Here are a few captures of a couple of sessions since the social.


My 10year old boy.


My 4year old boy


My 13year old boy

My daughter actually caught the biggest of them all, but a netting error resulted in the fish lost.

All fish caught were done so without any help other than netting.

Just thought I'd share our experience!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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No more socials for any of the scratchies as they are now professionals :clapping:

That's not fair stewy! They all want to come to the hairtail social now but I told them it's a mans fishing comp! ???

Need some fishing time to myself!

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