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First legal King


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We get to middle habour around 6.00am friday and potter around all day for doughnuts so we head back to anchor up for the night.

Drop in a couple fresh squid and pillies and sit back with a cuppa, nothing for a couple of hours. I'v got the whiting flasher rig down on a 2kg combo looking for a couple of livies to change our luck and then BANG goes livie rig, takes of at a hundred miles an hour.

I look at my brother and you just have to laugh, around 25 mins later up comes the fish. WHAT the, I look at the bro and nearly fall over, you'v got to be kidding me, it's a kingie and whats more it's my first legal at 68cm. We stayed until around 10am sat when the wind started to get up. Yes I did keep it as I hadn't tasted one and I'm sorry to say I'll have to keep a couple more if & when I get another. And now the boss rechons it's allright to go out again.





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Thanks guy's. I'm far from being an expert as I mainly just prospect a bit here and there so guess it's mainly luck.

Water was around16.5 from memory and I don't know anything about the kingy habits he just turned up.

Tasted great and will go back looking for more. I have found a nice spot in middle harbour which produces just about everthing you want to catch and normaly plenty of yakkas, slimies and squid.



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