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Another angler lost

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A ROCK fisherman is missing on Sunday off the notorious southern Lake Macquarie rock shelves which has already claimed 13 lives in less than five years.

Friends have told police the 22-year-old from San Remo slipped and fell into the water at Snapper Point, in the Munmorah State Recreation Area, just before 7am on Sunday.

His friends threw life rings towards the man but to no avail, police said.

The man, who was not believed to be wearing a lifejacket, soon disappeared.

Lifeguards were joined by the Hunter Westpac rescue helicopter service, marine rescue, water police and Tuggerah Lakes police in the search for the man. His friends and family were holding a vigil at the site where he fell on Sunday afternoon.

It comes only a week after a Sydney woman was washed off the same rocks while her friend was fishing.

There have been at least 13 deaths after people were washed off rocks at several notorious locations along a three kilometre stretch from Flat Rock, south of Catherine Hill Bay, to Wybung Head.

The search for the latest lost fisherman continues.

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Mandating lifejackets etc is all good but some people simply just don't think it can happen to them. I mean I watched someone come off a kayak in flat calm in Gunnamatta bay no more than 10m from a sandbank they could stand on. They could not swim to keep their head above water, so why were they on a kayak with no lifejacket if they can't even swim a 10m dog paddle let alone what would have happened if they fell in further out where no-one could have heard them to come to their rescue. Same applies to rock fishing - some people are either oblivious to the risks or just consider themselves immune to it.

The signs are a good idea - multilingual, clearly diagrammed showing required equipment, conditions to avoid, and as SaltWaterDog suggests listings of people killed at the spot, and possibly the numbers of people who were rescued. It might make some people take a second thought about what they are doing, but then again probably not.

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